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5g RF manufacturer Fuman micro: at present, the company's wafer capacity is still in short supply

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Set the micro net message ( writing / Chen Wei )5 month 6 Japan , Fullman micro responded to investors' concerns on the investor interaction platform “ Estimate when the wafer capacity shortage will last ” When asked, he said , At present, the company's wafer production capacity is still in short supply , But the company is still trying to find a solution .

It is reported that , Fuman micro is a company that focuses on high performance 、 High quality analog integrated circuit chip design and development 、 encapsulation 、 Testing and sales of national high-tech enterprises and integrated circuit design enterprises within the national planning layout . Currently owned 4 There are three major categories selling products , It mainly covers video display 、 telecommunications 、 Storage 、 Power management and many other fields .

recently , Fuman micro said in the performance statement that , company 5G Chip product series can be benchmarked with international giants such as skyworks,Qorvo etc. , In addition, proprietary technology is used to improve the performance of some specific product parameters , company 5G In addition to mobile phones, chips can also be used in communication modules 、CPE、 Router 、 Positioner and other related products ; At present, the company 5G The chip has been mass produced , The delivery of some products will be affected by insufficient wafer capacity .

in addition , Fu Man Wei also pointed out , The company has mass produced RF chips . company 5G RF chip belongs to analog RF class , The design process belongs to special process , Generally, more attention is paid to the RF performance of the process itself , The process platforms selected by the company are the top processes in the industry , company 5G RF chip includes RF switch , RF tuner , RF module chip ( Including filter integration ) etc. ; The company has added a leased plant for the production of RF chip products , Subsequent plants under construction will be used for 5G Capacity expansion .

Fu manwei emphasizes , The company will continue to maintain and enhance the advantages of its products in the consumer electronics market , With all its strength 5G RF correlation 、 Smart Family 、 The Internet of things 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Market expansion in emerging markets such as high-power industrial chips .

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