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China Telecom's "SIM digital ID card" was officially launched

2022-05-07 18:28:14It information - it home

IT The home of 5 month 7 Daily news , China Telecom officially announced , China Telecom “SIM Digital identity ” The official launch , At the same time “ China Telecom digital identity ” Wechat applet 、“ Telecom Business Hall ”App、“ Wing payment ”App Three entrances , Users can quickly complete the application, opening and authentication of digital identity , In online and offline scenarios, the consultation and handling of affairs can be completed conveniently and quickly through digital identity .

China Telecom “SIM Digital identity ” service , Set SIM With identity function , Built by China Telecom “ cloud SIM card ” As a carrier , Through cooperation with the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security “ Internet + Trusted identity authentication platform ”(CTID) Interconnection , Integrated with digital identity claims 、 authentication 、 Bright code and other functions , Provide users with authority 、 Security 、 Convenient digital identity authentication service . The user is in App Password free login 、HTML5 Page identity information supplement 、 Identity authentication and local number authentication , Can be called in time “ Digital identity ” Verification function , Provide more possibilities to facilitate digital life .

China Telecom not only provides application and opening channels for individual users , At the same time, it faces customers in government and enterprise industries , Provide an integrated identity authentication solution , Provide API And standardized plug-ins , Help customers access quickly , Establish industry safety and credibility 、 Easy to use digital identity system .

China Telecom cloud SIM The card adopts the state secret algorithm , Has reached the EAL4 + Certified financial security level , Realize local secure encrypted storage , Protect user privacy data . cloud SIM Card combination “ Digital identity ”, The network ID can be 、 Relevant electronic licenses and operation CA The digital identity information such as the issued personal digital certificate is integrated into SIM Carnet , And can flexibly call , Further promote the development and application of digital identity authentication .

China Telecom SIM Digital identity will support multi scenario applications in the future , Including government affairs 、 Financial certification 、 Business travel certification 、 Medical services 、 Travel 、 accommodation 、 Freight logistics and other scenarios . By introducing digital identity verification , China Telecom SIM Digital identity provides “ people 、 Prove 、 Number ” The basic ability of three in one , Get through the online and offline information , Make it more secure and convenient for users to use digital identity .

China Telecom SIM Digital identity also supports “ Visitor authentication ”. When users visit the company , You can make an online reservation through wechat applet in advance , On site by scanning QR code or NFC Quickly complete identity authentication .

In the scene of Chengdu Universiade , Based on China Telecom “SIM Digital identity ”, Users can quickly complete identity authentication , Complete information registration online 、 Event booking 、 Online ticket purchase, etc . secondly , Users through mobile phones NFC Or bright card function , mobile phone “ A brush ” or “ scan ”, You can quickly complete your identity verification , Get in and out of the venue quickly .

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