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Lixun precision: East China factory is now in the process of orderly resumption of work and production

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Set the micro net message 5 month 7 Japan , Lixun precision pointed out in the newly disclosed record form of investor relations activities , Except for some factories in Shanghai , The factory in East China is now returning to work in an orderly manner .

For the impact of the epidemic in Vietnam , Lixun precision said , The epidemic in Vietnam this year 3 Production will not be affected since mid month , At present, the impact on Vietnam's production is the land transportation of domestic materials to Vietnam, which is subject to the export restrictions of friendship customs , Although by air 、 Ocean Shipping 、 Train transportation eases some , But it still affects the operating rate and transportation cost to a certain extent .

When it comes to company involvement VR And the plan and strength of cars , And the progress of cooperation between the company and Chery , Lixun precision scale , The company will not be absent from the excellent consumer electronics market ; Automotive industry companies focus on Tier1 Building , At present, it is advancing normally .

It is reported that ,2022 year 2 month , Lixun precision and Chery Group signed 《 Strategic cooperation framework agreement 》, The company plans to establish a joint venture with Chery New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd , Specializing in new energy vehicles ODM Vehicle R & D and manufacturing , Through the business platform of building cars for brand customers , Provide cutting-edge R & D and design for the core parts business of Lixun precision automobile 、 Mass production platform and sea port , Deep development company Tier1 Business .

Lixun precision has been deeply cultivated in the field of consumer electronics for many years , With profound industrial accumulation and ODM Ability , be familiar with ODM Operation and management mode , Chery has rich experience in the field of traditional cars , Have a deep technical foundation . The company will have advantageous products from ODM In the business increment of the joint venture platform and Chery itself , obtain 0 To 1 The opportunity of , And participate in the competition through their own advantages , Make the company Tier1 Products are better verified by brand customers .

Lixun precision emphasizes ,Smart EV It's the chance for Chinese Autobots in a hundred years , The company should seize this opportunity , Strengthen and expand the automobile industry Tier1 The plate of , The best window period is also the future 10 About years ago .

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