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13 years of Alibaba e-commerce: Zhang Yong's merits and demerits

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5 month 3 Japan ,“ Ma Mou ” The news makes the market value exceed 2 Trillion Hong Kong dollars Alibaba Evaporate all at once 10%, about 2000 Million Hong Kong dollars , It can be seen that the public lacks confidence in Ali , As soon as there is a disturbance, the share price will plummet . We don't have enough confidence in Ali , One of the reasons is the business on which Alibaba makes its fortune —— There is a problem with Alibaba e-commerce .

Dolphin society pointed out according to the financial report data of the National Bureau of statistics and listed companies , from 2018 - 2020 year , Ali's share in China's e-commerce market has increased from 66% Down to 56%, Direct slump 10%, Market share is A lot of spelling 、 Tiktok and other platforms devour . With another e-commerce giant JD.COM comparison ,2021 In, the growth rate of Alibaba's e-commerce business has fallen to less than 10%, Jingdong still has 20% Growth rate of the above . There is an old e-commerce player Chen Zhong ( alias ) Tell blue shark to spend , Since last year, the traffic of Taobao and tmall has declined , On Taobao 、 Tmall is pessimistic about its future .

As early as 4 month ,50 Alibaba chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the board of directors CEO Zhang yong , Leaving Taobao ( China ) Software Co., Ltd 、 Title of legal representative and chairman of Zhejiang tmall Technology Co., Ltd , By Ali “ Eighteen Luo Han ” Daishan, one of them, took over .

E-commerce has always been Alibaba's core business , until 2021 In, he also contributed to Alibaba 84.43% Revenue , The change of the position of its legal representative and chairman almost bodes well for Dai Shan's reuse .

If Jiang Fan cheated, Zhang Dayi 、 Hot search events such as sexual assault on female employees by executives have made Alibaba's values questioned by the outside world , It's Zhang Yong's management “ error ”; that , Alibaba's e-commerce business performed poorly , Is he responsible ?

13 Years ago , Zhang Yong, who has just joined Alibaba for two years , Make profits by helping Taobao , From Taobao CFO Successfully transformed into a business trader .2009 year , Zhang yong a move Created the world's largest shopping festival “ A double tenth ”, Successfully launched tmall Mall , He is also upgraded to tmall's CEO.“ Cat dog battle ” Sniped Jingdong , Tmall has become Alibaba's biggest cash cow .2014 year , Rely on the bold reuse of Jiang Fan , Zhang Yong made Taobao succeed in PC A thrilling leap to mobile . Zhang Yong has made great achievements in the main business of Alibaba e-commerce , Let him 2015 Took over Alibaba Group in CEO, Become Ma Yun's successor ,2018 In, he took over as chairman of the board of Directors , Ma Yun retired .

so to speak , Zhang Yong is the hero of Alibaba Group's e-commerce business , But Zhang Yong's success may also be the root cause of Alibaba's current dilemma , Even the burden of future changes of Alibaba e-commerce .

this paper , Blue shark consumption will comb Zhang Yong's achievements and mistakes in Alibaba e-commerce in detail .

01  Tmall , One will succeed

Zhang Yong is not under Ma Yun's banner “ Eighteen Luo Han ”, I joined Alibaba halfway .2007 year , Under the headhunter's needle , Zhang Yong and Cai Chongxin, the God of wealth of Ali, took advantage of their business trip in Hong Kong to have a meal , Then he resigned from Shanda and joined Ali , The first position is the CFO of Taobao . New to Ali , Zhang Yong's job is to do a good job of accounting , For Zhang Yong at that time what the heart wishes one 's hands accomplish .

at that time , Taobao is developing faster and faster , But the prevalence of fake and parallel goods has also been repeatedly criticized .“B2C” The pattern of ( Alibaba's main business is B2B) Put on the agenda . Ali wants Taobao “ Split ” Become Taobao Mall .2008 year 4 month , Taobao has set up an independent mall business department , Huang Ruo, then vice president of Taobao, was responsible for . But that's all 6 Months , The division was dissolved . Zhang Yong was appointed to take charge of Taobao Mall ( The predecessor of tmall ), He said :“ At that time, it was easy to go to the mall , Not what I want to do , But I can't watch it die .… I firmly believe B2C It's a big trend , It is a piece Alibaba cannot lose . Nobody cares , Then I'll take care of it myself .”

Zhang Yong, who wants to make a career , I won the opportunity for Taobao Mall to operate independently . Zhang Yong said :“ The second year of Taobao Mall's birth , Many customers don't know this brand , We want to go through an activity , Let customers remember ‘ Taobao Mall ’”. He studies Again , Found that from national day to Christmas , There are no festivals in between , At that time, most of the groups who were keen on online shopping were “ Netizen ”. therefore , Zhang Yong chose a festival born on the Internet ——“ Singles Day ”.“ A double tenth ” And so was born .

Zhang Yong persuaded 27 Three merchants participated in the promotion , But the final result is unexpected , The first “ A double tenth ” The total sales amount to 5000 Ten thousand yuan .

adopt “ A double tenth ”, The buyer and the seller get together , Ali made a lot of money , Taobao Mall has become famous all over the country . This bold attempt , Let Zhang Yong have a complete foothold in Ali ! This has also attracted many small and medium-sized businesses to rush into Taobao Mall , Counterfeit goods 、 Parallel goods are inevitable .

In order to ensure the quality of Taobao Mall , Avoid repeating the mistakes of Taobao , Zhang yong in 2011 I did a big thing in : That year 10 month , Zhang Yong announced the official upgrade of the merchant management system , Once consumers buy fake goods, they will get “ Leave one for five ” The compensation , The original merchant needs to pay 6000 Annual technical service fee of yuan , Up to 3 Million and $ 6 Ten thousand yuan . These measures will undoubtedly benefit big sellers and brand merchants , This makes the majority of small and medium-sized businesses that help Taobao rise feel hurt .

2011 year 10 month 11 Japan , near 5 More than 10000 netizens gathered YY voice 34158 channel , Organized , For some big sellers of Taobao Mall , The implementation of “ Shoot goods 、 to Bad review 、 Refuse to pay ” Malicious operation of . meanwhile , A small merchant raised a flag to besiege the headquarters of Taobao Mall . This was Taobao, which caused a sensation all over the country at that time 10.11 event .10 month 12 Japan , Zhang Yong said with an iron hand :“ For malicious attacks on other businesses , We will not tolerate , And I will never compromise because of this .” Zhang Yong called the police at the first time , At the same time, it is announced that the interests of the damaged businesses will certainly be compensated .

Finally, with the intervention of the Ministry of Commerce , Although tmall has given a transition plan , Halve the expenses of small and medium-sized businesses , But the general trend is irreversible , Most small and medium-sized businesses can only return Taobao “ Internal volume ”.

Small and medium-sized sellers of Taobao , In the era of free Taobao traffic , Rely on the source of goods ( Even parallel goods 、 Counterfeit goods )、 Price and users gain development advantages .“ Tmall and others are building brand direct sales ( Or self operated ), Small and medium-sized sellers do not seem to be needed by this era .” Once opened a shop on Taobao to sell car perfume , Later, Xiao Shanglue, who founded a group of entrepreneurs, was accepting Entrepreneurs &i Dark horse revealed in an interview , Brand stores can invest a large team to buy traffic and advertise , The sales volume is large , Cost advantage , It also has the ability to set up sub warehouses throughout the country and deliver goods nearby , Better user experience . Brand stores have seriously squeezed the living space of small and medium-sized businesses on Taobao ,“ We have grown from one year 80%、100% become 10%、20%. More and more investment , Less and less revenue .”

Under the blood transfusion of Taobao traffic , Tmall soared into the sky .2011 Year of “ A double tenth ”, Taobao's turnover rose to 52 One hundred million yuan , Tmall contributed 33.6 One hundred million yuan . Tmall sellers and brands gather .

thus , Following B2B( Alibaba )、C2C( TaoBao ) After the pattern , Ali's B2C The model has finally taken shape . more importantly , Ali raised the threshold for businesses to settle in through tmall , The increase of technical service fee and deposit makes it earn more money . so to speak , Behind the success of Zhang Yong's first war are millions , Who have made great contributions to Taobao “ Small and medium-sized businesses are hurt ”. This incident and the follow-up of tmall “ draw blood ”, Causing a large number of Taobao small and medium-sized businesses to be sad , Finally being 2015 Pinduoduo and social e-commerce platform, which rose in, picked up a bargain .

02 Taobao mobile , Meritorious high position

After tmall succeeds , Ali sat down PC The dominant position of China's e-commerce in the era .

However , from 2007 Apple founder Steve Jobs launched Iphone Start , A mobile Internet revolution is quietly coming . millet (2010 year )、 Bytes to beat (2012 year )、 Meituan (2010 year ) Born in this era .

PC The successful Baidu of the times 、 Ali 、 Tencent is facing the challenge of mobility ,2013 Baidu smashed 19 100 million dollars to buy 91 The assistant continued his life , tencent 2011 In, relying on Zhang Xiaolong's wechat to reverse the trend , Become the king of the mobile Internet era . Alibaba has also suffered from poor progress in mobile , You can only buy to offset your inner panic :2013 year 4 month , Strategic investment microblogging 5.86 Billion dollars ;2013 year 5 month ,2.94 $billion acquisition of gaodeyue 28% shares ;2013 year 8 Monthly strategic capital injection UCweb, One of the entrances to the mobile era ……2013 year 9 month , Alibaba makes social products “ Dealings ”, At that time, Alibaba Group CEO Lu Zhaoxi ( Zhang Yong's immediate boss ) Take the lead in the project , Ma Yun personally went into battle and shouted . The relationship between Alibaba e-commerce and strong operation gene has been in a mess .

At that time, all entrepreneurs thought , Mobile Internet can be engraved again PC The business model of the times , For example, mobile search / Information ( Headlines replace Baidu ), Mobile social networking ( Wechat replaces QQ), Mobile e-commerce . As PC E-commerce overlord , Alibaba invests or buys Weibo 、 Gao de 、UC Youshi hopes to master the users and traffic entry in the mobile era , But if the strongest e-commerce , Not mobile , That would be a fatal blow —— The foundation is not protected .

When Lu Zhaoxi was socializing , The mission of Taobao's mobility was entrusted to Zhang Yong .

Zhang Yong's approach is to find a capable person .2013 end of the year , Ali 8000 Buy Mobile for $million APP Distribution Platform Alliance , The founder was only 28 Jiang Fan, 18 years old .2014 year , Jiang Fan was appointed as the product operation director of Taobao mobile . This time, , Zhang Yong is right again . Jiang Fan's team has completed the mobility of Taobao system “ Great migration ”.2015 year 9 month , Average daily active users of mobile Taobao (DAU) exceed 1.1 Hundreds of millions of people , Same year “ A double tenth ”, Mobile Taobao has more than daily users 1.8 Hundreds of millions of people . The success of mobile Taobao , Alibaba has become the world's largest mobile e-commerce platform , At the same time, it also kept the basic plate of Alipay mobile . The success of Taobao's mobility , The failure of communication , Let Alibaba Group CEO Lu Zhaoxi 2015 The year came to an end , Zhang Yong succeeded .

A few years later , It's Zhang Yong's highlight moment ,“ A double tenth ”GMV New high :2016 year -2021 year , Alibaba e-commerce “ A double tenth ”GMV Respectively :1207 One hundred million yuan 、1682 One hundred million yuan 、2135 One hundred million yuan 、2684 One hundred million yuan 、4982 One hundred million yuan 、5403 One hundred million yuan . Ali's annual revenue also increased from 2017 Year of 1583 Billion yuan soared all the way to 2021 Year of 7173 One hundred million yuan .

Ali, who believes that the mobile e-commerce campaign has been completed and invincible ,2015 year 6 In May, it united with Alipay to make public praise ,2015 year 12 Monthly investment 12.5 Billion dollars to become the largest shareholder of hungry , Fight with meituan for takeout and local life service ( Seize the service e-commerce market , At the same time, it supports Alipay and wechat payment to snatch local life service payment scenarios ); Invest in Suning cloud merchants (2015 year 8 month ,283 One hundred million yuan , The second largest shareholder )、 Sun Art ( Big run hair ,2017 Annual investment 224 Million Hong Kong dollars ) Enter the traditional retail industry ( Grab offline retail share , Support offline scenarios of Alipay ); In the acquisition of Youku 、 On the basis of shrimp, etc ,2016 year 6 In June, Alibaba entertainment was established ( Import more traffic for e-commerce ).

Local life 、 The new retail 、 Great entertainment and other seemingly perfect multi-point flowering , The foundation of Ali and Taobao has been quietly buried !

03 Loss of social e-commerce dividends

2012 After year , Taobao small and medium-sized businesses are gradually fleeing Taobao ,2014 Years later, through wechat ( Wechat payment gets through ) Selling goods ( The so-called wechat quotient ), But Tencent has no e-commerce gene , This decentralized e-commerce model cannot form the mainstream .2015 year , a “ Put together the goods ” Social electricity APP available , Broke Ali 、 Jingdong's e-commerce bipolar pattern , Especially for small and medium-sized businesses .

But this model makes Ali a little “ Look not to understand ” And don't like .

because , If traditional e-commerce wants to obtain traffic , Drainage should be carried out through various channels , It costs a lot of advertising money . Social e-commerce is not , It uses the mode of group social interaction , Through a friend's recommendation and credit endorsement , Make an order , So as to save a lot of advertising expenses . The platform can save advertising expenses , Return part to platform merchants and users , Finally, many parties benefit . However, the growth of users in this mode depends heavily on Tencent wechat ecosystem , Social e-commerce platforms such as pinduoduo and Yunji have been strategically invested by Tencent . and 2014 After year , Wechat payment ripped open the payment market monopolized by Alipay in one fell swoop by the Spring Festival red envelope . Tencent and Alibaba are using local life services 、 Travel and so on . How could Ali work on a track where his biggest opponent has stuck his neck ? This may be an important obstacle for Alibaba to end up as a social e-commerce .

in addition , When pinduoduo rose (2015 year -2016 year ), Zhang Yonggang is in charge of Alibaba group CEO, Jiang Fangang has preliminarily completed Taobao mobile , Zhang Yong needs “ Anne ”, Jiang Fan needs to expand the mobile achievements to Alibaba businesses such as tmall , be too busy to attend to other things . what's more , Pinduoduo can only attract small and medium-sized merchants of Taobao , What that brings to pinduoduo is not just GMV, And fakes and parallel goods .

Whether Jingdong or Ali , I don't like the goods very much LOW A lot of spelling . Besides, , Pinduoduo, an e-commerce model, has no benchmarking enterprises abroad . This makes you spell a lot 2015-2018 In, Ali was hardly affected 、 Jingdong's crackdown , It's crazy 3 year ,2018 year 7 In June, it was listed in the United States .

If JD ignores pinduoduo, it is because its target customers are the middle class , The main player, make up quickly ; Then Taobao focuses on DUOHE Province , It's the feeling of wandering , The rise of pinduoduo has a greater impact on Taobao . A lot of spelling 2018 After going public in, active users soared all the way ,2019 year Q4 After the introduction of 10 billion subsidies , It is accelerating to catch up with and surpass , To 2020 year Q4 Already reached 7.88 Billion , Surpass Ali , From then on .2022 year 3 month , Pinduoduo announced 2021 Annual pinduoduo active users reach 8.69 Billion .

Mobile Taobao is the largest traffic pool of Alibaba e-commerce , If the hand Amoy is impacted , Then tmall and Alibaba's e-commerce ecosystem will not be easy .

Ali e-commerce has been to 2020 I didn't react until the beginning of the year , Launched Taobao Special Edition ( Taote ),18 Users are active for... Months 2.4 Billion . unfortunately , It's a little late for taote , Pinduoduo has passed because of fake goods 、 Parallel goods have become the target of public criticism 2018 year , Become with Jingdong 、 Alibaba is the third pole of e-commerce .

04  Mistake Taobao live as the future

Alibaba e-commerce didn't snipe and fight a lot on social e-commerce early , In addition to the reasons mentioned above , Also with Ali 2016 Years later, they mistook live e-commerce for the future .

Taobao and tmall, as e-commerce platforms , Even Alipay , There is always a dream , Because that can grab the attention of more users , Increase the usage time of users . Zhang yong in 2014 When Jiang Fan Made Taobao mobile in , Jiang Fan also reserved a team to make pictures and texts 、 Taobao content ecology including short videos .

Jiang fan does content Ecology , It may be due to 2013 Years later, Weibo 、 WeChat official account 、 Today's headlines APP The impact of the rise . and 2015 In, Wang Sicong and other players entered the game and broadcast live , The thousand broadcast war broke out , Let Jiang Fan see the possibility of combining live broadcasting with selling goods . Xuande, general manager of Taobao content e-commerce division, once said , At the beginning, Ali tested the water live broadcast and brought the goods , The internal reason is that Taobao is a master of content Ecology 、 The graphic performance is not satisfactory . obviously , Zhang Yong and Jiang Fan believe that live broadcasting is a content form that is easier to attract users .

2016 year , With the support of Jiang Fan , Taobao launched live e-commerce internal test , The first anchors were mainly from Amoy girls . Official data ,2016 year , Taobao live broadcast exceeded 10000 An anchor settled in ,120 Sign up with an organization , Launched 70 The rest PGC The column , complete 65 Ten thousand live , service 80 Ten thousand businesses , The cumulative viewing time of the user 1.4 100 million hours . Zhang Dayi was the most popular anchor with goods at that time ,2016 year “ A double tenth ”, Zhang Dayi 2 Hours live with goods 2000 Ten thousand yuan .

Maybe Alibaba e-commerce judged that live e-commerce was more competitive and could better represent the next generation of e-commerce ( Jiang Fan said publicly that the anchor is a new way for brands to build trust with consumers ), Alibaba e-commerce supports Taobao live broadcast , Start making festivals 、 spin , Row anchor live GMV A list of , Start making gods , Especially the creation of viya 、 Li Jiaqi, the two live broadcast goddesses and male gods , It pushed Taobao live broadcast to the position of boss .2019 year , Taobao live GMV reach 2000 One hundred million yuan . That year , Well quickly 、 Tiktok live with goods GMV Only 500 One hundred million yuan .

Taobao live broadcast because it was done early , Indeed, it was ahead for a time . But Alibaba e-commerce may not realize , studio , Whether it's selling beauty talent for singing, dancing and telling jokes (YY He Mo Mo ), Or sell the teacher's courses ( Ape counseling 、 Who do you want to learn from ), Or sell the performance of the game anchor ( Fighting fish 、 Tiger tooth ), Until the live broadcast brings the goods ( Taobao live 、 Well quickly 、 Tiktok ), It is essentially a trading scenario , All consume traffic , The higher the flow rate GMV The bigger it is .YY And Momo can rise because it is backed by a network with 100 million users YY Voice and Momo APP, The traffic learned from who comes from the wool of wechat , Back to back YY, Kwai e-commerce and Tiktok e-commerce are the two daily activities of Kwai and Tiktok 3 Eva 7 Billion ( Also have say 8 Billion ) Short video APP Users of .

The traffic of Taobao live broadcast mainly comes from mobile Taobao , It's like tmall , It will consume the traffic of mobile Taobao , In the studio . Decide to broadcast live e-commerce platform GMV The ranking is the flow .2020 year , Taobao live GMV by 4000 One hundred million yuan , Kwai Kong Electric provider GMV Soar to 3812 One hundred million yuan , Tiktok GMV super 5000 One hundred million yuan . To 2021 year , Kwai Kong Electric provider GMV reach 6800 One hundred million yuan , Tiktok e-commerce is over trillion yuan , Taobao is the only live broadcast 5000 One hundred million yuan , Has become the third .

It's even scarier , Alibaba e-commerce has cultivated two new strong rivals .

If Alibaba e-commerce fails to pass 2016-2018 The exploration of , Run the path of live e-commerce through , Kwai e-commerce and Tiktok e-commerce will not rise so quickly . According to the consumption of blue shark , Until 2018 year , The core business model of Kwai is advertising + Show live . Tiktok is more 2020 It was only in that year that it entered the bureau to broadcast live e-commerce . Blue shark consumer has in-depth communication with the Kwai e-commerce and Tiktok e-commerce teams , On live e-commerce , Both of them are Ali's best students —— Like jewelry live broadcast , Where does Taobao live broadcast open a live broadcast base , Kwai e-commerce and Tiktok e-commerce follow directly “ Copy homework ”, Even directly dig the service provider of Taobao live broadcast .

In order to continue to improve GMV, Alibaba e-commerce needs more traffic . To get traffic , Alibaba e-commerce has to report to Weibo 、 youku 、 Today's headline 、 Tiktok 、 Kwai and other tools and content platforms . Tiktok 、 Short video platforms such as Kwai have also made amazing contributions to Alibaba's traffic .QuestMobile Release 《2019 double 11 INSIGHT REPORT 》 Show ,2019 year “ A double tenth ”, Tiktok is in the form of short video content 11 Must buy list 、 Recommend popular products , The user turns off Tiktok App after , The number of times to go to mobile Taobao accounts for 38.9%.《 A bit late LatePost》 Reports said ,2019 The advertising revenue of Tiktok in 800 One hundred million yuan , Taobao official direct mining accounts for 70 One hundred million yuan , About occupy 10%.

According to business marketing notes , Before Taobao and Tiktok, there were two main ways of cooperation : A kind of direct flow purchase by Amoy officials , Then assign it to different businesses ; The other is to pay according to the effect of sales , It's the short video and live video that we often mention . If Kwai and Tiktok don't learn to live broadcast and bring goods , Then they will be like microblog 、 Baidu is the same , Willing to be a traffic platform , Happily earn your own advertising expenses .

When Tiktok and Kwai realize , It's possible to make a GMV Trillions of dollars of e-commerce platforms ( Then there is logistics 、 Finance 、 More heavy businesses such as enterprise services ), After adding trillion yuan to your valuation , It is inevitable to gradually cut off the diversion to Alibaba e-commerce .

2020 year 10 month , Jitter announcement tiktok , The goods displayed by Tiktok live broadcast can only come from Tiktok store , You can't turn to Taobao anymore 、 Jingdong and other e-commerce stores .2022 year 2 month 22 Japan , Kwai, electric supplier announced ,2022 year 3 month 1 From zero o'clock , Taobao alliance commodity link will not be able to shop in the Kwai live broadcast. 、 Short video shopping cart 、 Business details page and other links to publish goods and services . It means , Ali e-commerce comes from Tiktok 、 The flow of Kwai is cut off . Tiktok e-commerce and Kwai e-commerce are ready to fight against Alibaba e-commerce in an all-round way .

Tiktok is based on Algorithm and massive short video , Has become the largest number of users in China ( Diurnal hyperactivity 7 Billion ), Highest viscosity ( The average daily use time of users is longer than 73 minute ) Short video applications for , Even wechat is trembling . Tiktok e-commerce parasitic on Tiktok , It can constantly label users according to the short video content consumed by consumers , Then accurately push the goods and directly promote the transaction , Or drain it to the live studio to make a deal . The traditional e-commerce platform is a shelf e-commerce , Consumers need to buy , The platform should give users enough labels , Far more difficult than the content platform , Naturally, it is difficult to achieve accurate recommendation .

Li Chengdong, an e-commerce analyst, once said , The categories of Tiktok e-commerce are mainly clothing 、 Luggage and bags 、 food 、 Beauty makeup 、 Jewelry and so on , With tmall / Taobao has a high degree of coincidence . If Tiktok e-commerce rises , It will cause great pressure on Alibaba e-commerce . According to the present Tiktok 、 The valuation of Kwai ( Market value ), Ali can't be hungry anymore 、UC Like Youshi , Take the two traffic giants as their own by means of acquisition .

Tiktok now 、 The business infrastructure of Kwai e-commerce is not perfect yet , Tiktok has not launched an independent Tiktok e-commerce APP, Even Tiktok e-commerce is put in Tiktok APP The location of the has not been decided yet , Ali e-commerce is still stable , Once Tiktok e-commerce is in the supply chain 、 Business operation and other aspects are improved , It's very likely to be like pinduoduo , Give Alibaba e-commerce another impact .

05  Conclusion

Zhang Yong is at the helm , Alibaba's net profit is rising year by year ,2017~2020 The net profit for the year is 614.12 One hundred million yuan 、876 One hundred million yuan 、1324.79 One hundred million yuan 、1719.85 One hundred million yuan , Alibaba once became the first in Asia , The top 10 technology companies in the world . However , With the increase of Alibaba's net profit , Ali's market value does not increase but decreases , Once fell below 2000 Billion dollars , Insufficient Tencent 4300 Half the market value of $billion . Of course, there are reasons for the turbulence in the capital market , But it also reflects that investors still account for more than 80% Alibaba has doubts about the development prospect of e-commerce .

In Zhang Yong as CEO Of 7 Within a year , Ali has developed the traditional e-commerce model to the peak .

A lot of spelling 、 When new e-commerce models such as Tiktok e-commerce appear , Ali may be difficult to understand , Even if you understand it, it's hard to win . As an e-commerce platform that is not good at making content , Buying traffic is its normal choice , After Tiktok e-commerce and Kwai e-commerce became rivals of Alibaba e-commerce , Alibaba e-commerce is also in a situation of no traffic to buy . On the mobile Internet 、 When the traffic such as short video reaches the top , Ali's box horse for many years 、 Whether new offline retailers such as RT Mart can contribute more users and value ? unfortunately , The epidemic is raging here 2 In the year , Offline new retail is still difficult to become a new shoulder of Alibaba e-commerce . After the outbreak , Can Alibaba e-commerce reverse the trend ? Let's see .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ Blue shark consumption ”(ID:lanshaxiaofei), author : Chen Shifeng , edit : Li Ye ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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