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Sell spoiled overnight fruits. This is the "more delicious fruit" that Baiguoyuan wants to make?

2022-05-07 18:37:44TechWeb

【TechWeb】5 month 5 Daily news , Baiguoyuan, which has just submitted its prospectus for listing in Hong Kong , On today's microblog hot search list . however , It's not a good thing to be on the list , But because of an apology issued by the sale of spoiled fruit .

For fruit retailers , Quality is the top priority . And for the hundred orchards ,“ your ” Is the first impression of most consumers , But you didn't get peace of mind and worry , Baiguoyuan made a mistake this time “ Taboo ”, Selling overnight fruit , It also attracted many netizens' roast .

It is worth noting that , Baiguoyuan's apology was not recognized by all consumers , In the comment area of apology microblog , Many netizens print pictures and accuse the fruits in Baiguoyuan of not only quality problems , And often short weight .

Cut the fruit to spoil it Deceive customers with fishy eyes

recently ,“ The inside picket Bureau ” Secretly visited all over the country 5000 The fruit chain brand in every store — A hundred orchards , Found the store involved , Cut the spoiled fruit into pieces , Moldy apples are ignored , Continue to sell , The headquarters also turned a blind eye to the request to ban the sale of overnight fruits , At the same time, there are also small pineapples to be sold as large pineapples , The sham as the genuine , The act of deceiving customers .

From the video of unannounced visits, we can see , The staff of Baiguoyuan labeled all the small pineapples as more expensive big pineapples , The staff also said :“ No problem , Anyway, people have money .” meanwhile , Beer pears that have been put for a month and a half are also normally sold in Baiguoyuan store , Regarding this , Store employees said ,“ It's none of your business if something goes wrong , Who sells it is who's , Other stores are still in place for a long time , Some for two or three months .”

And for some fermented and alcoholic fruits , The staff will put it on the table to dry the smell , When there is no taste, it is made into fruit, cut and sold on the shelf . In order not to be fined , Hide the melons that didn't sell that day , The headquarters of Baiguoyuan stipulates that it is not allowed to sell cut overnight melons .

about “ The inside picket Bureau ” The secret interview was exposed , Baiguoyuan responded early this morning that , The store involved is Baiguoyuan Jianhe Road store, Chenghua District, Chengdu 、 Wuhan Jianghan North Road store , There is a problem of classifying fruits in violation of regulations 、 Sell overnight cut fruit 、 Deliberately avoiding problems related to the inspection of the headquarters .

In order to prevent similar behavior , The orchard is undergoing rectification , This includes re inspection of the operation and quality management of stores across the country 、 Request the stores involved to suspend business for rectification 、 Punish the relevant person in charge of the region according to the rules and regulations and further strengthen the store SOP Job training .

Besides , Baiguoyuan said it would strengthen supervision 、 Inspectors and mystery customers inspect and guide the store for fruit freshness from time to time , Strictly prohibit any spoiled fruit from being cut and sold .

Committed to making better fruit ? Whether the quality of 100 orchards can stand scrutiny

According to official information , A hundred orchards 2001 Founded in Shenzhen , Is a collection of fruit purchasing 、 Planting support 、 Postharvest preservation 、 Logistics warehousing 、 Standard grading 、 Marketing development 、 Brand operation 、 Store retail 、 Information technology 、 finacial capital 、 A large chain enterprise integrating scientific research and education .

You can see from the introduction on the official website , Baiguoyuan is serious about doing fruit business , claim “ Do one thing in your life , Concentrate on making fruit ”. meanwhile , The orchard will also “ Committed to making better fruit ” Be your own ideal .

From Baiguoyuan's response this time, we can see , The shops exposed are more about the employees involved , The above regulations are very clear , But the following employees did not strictly implement it for profit and not being fined . And Baiguoyuan also punished the relevant personnel , And also deeply reviewed himself , Training and supervision will be strengthened in the future .

In terms of attitude alone , The orchard is very sincere . But behind this , It will also further expose the hidden dangers of the orchard .

5 month 2 Japan , Baiguoyuan submitted its listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Impact on domestic “ The first share of fruit retail ”. The data published in the prospectus shows that , The income of Baiguoyuan mainly depends on franchise stores ,2021 In, the revenue from franchise stores reached 81.25 One hundred million yuan , The proportion of revenue is 81.3%. meanwhile , at present , Have a hundred orchards 5351 Offline stores , among 5336 For the franchise store , Proportion is as high as 99.7%.

The way of joining , For Baiguoyuan, whose contribution to the income of first tier cities has declined , It saves cost , It also accelerates the expansion speed . But problems also arise , That is how to ensure more efficient management . Consumers choose to pay higher prices , Is to believe in the quality of Baiguoyuan , Enterprises also have the responsibility to strictly manage franchisees .

however , From the black cat complaint, we can see , It's not once or twice that the fruit in the orchard has quality problems .

recently , There are consumer complaints that , From Baiguoyuan in Xuhui District ( Kangjian Road store ) Bought an apple 、 blueberries 、 The oranges 、 Ugly orange , The ugly orange goes bad , Failed to contact the merchant , Platform messages do not reply 、 The phone is out of call. . And in the subsequent processing , Consumers don't seem very satisfied , Processing progress is slow , The compensation also exceeded the time limit .

besides , There are still many complaints about the quality of water ghosts in Baiguoyuan . What's interesting is that , In the comment area of Baiguoyuan's apology , There are many netizens make complaints about them. , call “ A few days ago, I bought the fruit of changchong , The store was also joked by the clerk in various dialects , Ignore , The complaint was not accepted and followed up ”. In addition to the quality of the fruit itself , Some netizens pointed out , A hundred orchards “ Often be short of weight ”.

as everyone knows , Fruit itself is difficult to preserve , It's hard for a hundred orchards to be perfect . It's just , As a fruit retailer pursuing high quality , Strict control is the most basic requirement , Otherwise, why should consumers pay for the “ your ” And pay for it ?

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