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Apple has officially integrated icloud "manuscript and data" service into icloud cloud disk

2022-05-07 18:38:14TechWeb

5 month 7 Daily news , As early as last year 5 month , Apple announced that it would 2022 year 5 Month will be its  iCloud“ Manuscripts and data ” Merge services into iCloud Cloud disk . Now? , The merger has been officially completed .

Apple has updated its support documentation today , I used to use iCloud“ Manuscripts and data ” Users who synchronize files across devices , Now we need to open iCloud Cloud disk can view their files .


Apple provides... In its support documentation iOS equipment 、Mac and Upper iCloud Cloud disk instructions and minimum system requirements .

most iCloud The user has enabled in use iCloud Cloud disk , So it won't be affected . But for in  2014 Launched in 2013 iCloud Cloud disk previously owned iCloud Account but never enabled , Now you need to reopen 、 To get access to relevant files .

When the user switches to iCloud Cloud disk time ,iCloud The occupied storage capacity will not change .

IT Home learned ,iCloud“ Manuscripts and data ” The service will save the cloud synchronization data in the folder of a specific application , Only allow access to data from this app . And with the iCloud The progress of cloud disk , All files can now be accessed in one place :iOS / iPadOS File application on 、macOS Visit da da (Finder) Inside iCloud Cloud disk 、 Web side .

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