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Jia Yueting's microblog IP territory shows that Beijing netizens say "President Jia has returned home"

2022-05-07 18:38:20TechWeb

5 month 7 Daily news ,Faraday Future published 2021 Financial results for the third quarter of . Micro-blog users @ Jia Yue Ting Send a message to say ,“ Through this 10-Q Submission of financial report documents , We are one step closer to realizing our original vision . We are confident that we can 、 High quality finish FF 91 Futurist The production of . Thank the team for their hard work , Also thank our users 、 Shareholders and partners have always supported .” This microblog shows that it was published in Beijing .

in addition , On Jia Yueting's personal microblog home page IP The territory is also Beijing .



Some netizens commented that ,“ President Jia , Back to Beijing ”,“ He has returned home .”


Recent microblog 、 Tiktok 、 You know 、 Wechat official account and other platforms have announced their opening or have started IP Territorial display function . And account number IP The territory shall be subject to the information provided by the operator , The user cannot actively open or close the relevant display for the time being .

Based on IP The display of territory can only represent that the person who tweets is in Beijing or has used IP Agency service , But it doesn't mean that Jia Yueting really returned home , It may be necessary to wait until next week to return home .

According to the e The company learned from relevant people , Just like most celebrity accounts are run by professional operation teams ,“ Jia Yue Ting ” Your social media account takes into account the time difference , Some contents are released with the assistance of domestic operation team .

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