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Iphone14 family photo exposure no mini version

2022-05-07 18:38:36TechWeb

5 month 7 Daily news , In recent days, ,iPhone14 Suddenly boarded the hot search . An overseas informant revealed that the machine was all made up of four new machines “ You and your family ”. new iPhone14 The series will still contain 4 Models , Completely abandoned mini edition , Instead, a large screen is added to the standard version ,iPhone14、iPhone14Max、iPhone14Pro、iPhone14Pro MAX, The sizes are 6.1 Inches and 6.7 Inch .

among iPhone14、iPhone14Max Will continue to continue the banged screen design , And does not support high brush , Is still 60Hz Low refresh rate , And two Pro The version will adopt a unique “ Exclamatory mark ” Dig Kong Bing , And support 120Hz LTPO Adaptive refresh rate .

Hardware configuration , This time, iPhone14 Standard edition and iPhone14Pro The gap between the series has also been further widened , Even chips are completely different generations , The standard edition continues to follow the contemporary A15, And keep 60Hz Low refresh rate banged screen .

It is worth noting that , this iPhone14 Series prices will be raised uniformly 100 dollar , According to past practice , Bank of China Version to rise 1000 It's about the block .

It is reported that , all-new iPhone14 The series is likely to be in shape 、 Big changes will be made in photography and fast charging , It may be the biggest update for consumers in recent years , Prices will also be raised uniformly .

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