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In January, when the powder rises 40W, @ you can't eat enough and become a new top stream of little red books?

2022-05-07 18:40:5736kr

lately , A new way to lose weight is popular in little red books : Follow 70 My sister learns to eat .

The story begins with a pair of 70 Jinhe 120 My best friend , They all want to adjust their weight to 90 Jin , So from 3 Month begins , Two person Appointment With each other “ Exchange Dry meals ”, Try to use each other's eating habits to help yourself lose weight or gain weight .

After the launch of the series , The little red book has attracted a lot of attention and discussion , Each video note can have tens of thousands of likes , Blogger's account number @ Even if you don't have enough to eat, you'll get powder quickly , from 3 Month end 15w All the way to the present 55w, A rise in January 40w. besides , Kath also observed their Tiktok accounts , Also ushered in the peak of rising powder in April , The monthly powder increase reaches 104W.

Picture source :@ Just because you don't have enough to eat, screenshot of little red book

@ If you don't have enough to eat Why can it quickly rise in the short term on the little red book ? How far has the popular food notes on Xiaohong Book developed ? See together .

70 Jin VS120 Jin , What kind of powder rising sparks are produced by collision ?

It is not difficult to see from Liu Jianhong's explosion , Girls' persistent pursuit of perfect figure . One by one “ Liu Fuhong girl ” In addition to working on Sports , I don't let myself go in my diet .

In little red book , Input “ Fat reduction meal ” Yes 125W+ Related notes , Input “ Low calorie ” There is more 192W+ piece , and @ If you don't have enough to eat Can stand out from many food bloggers , It is entirely due to the novel operation of the sisters .

The account manager is 120 Jin's hero mai , At the beginning “ Exchange Dry meals ” Before , Also is a “ serious ” Food Blogger , Share some interesting recipes with you on little red book , The theme is also often related to low calorie meals , It can be seen that “ bitter 120 It's been a long time ”.

Picture source :@ Just because you don't have enough to eat, screenshot of little red book

3 month 7 Japan , They launched “ Exchange Dry meals ” Of the A video . On the first day , The order of both people is quite “ Self - ”, Mai Mai to 70 Jin's boss is ready 4 A steamed stuffed bun plus 1 A cup of soybean milk for breakfast , And the boss only prepared for mai mai 1 Cup of coffee .

Their carelessness soon makes each other pay “ cost ”, Mai Mai drank up the latte in one breath , And the boss was 4 A steamed stuffed bun startled out dirty words , Try your best and just plug 1 A steamed bun , Exclaim : I haven't eaten anything to chew in the morning before .

Until noon, Maimai Two points The clock finished half a bowl of noodles , And drink the bottom of the soup , The boss didn't start today's second steamed stuffed bun until 3:30 p.m ; It's time for dinner , The boss came out again “ Strange trick ”, Excuse me to take Mai out to find food , In fact, take each other for a walk , Until Mai Mai was hungry “ to one's heart's content ” Go home .

Picture source :@ Just because you don't have enough to eat, screenshot of little red book

After video release , The fattening of this pair of living treasure sisters / The weight loss story attracted many netizens to watch , Like up to 3.7W. The comment area left many netizens' discussions , Everyone's doubts are particularly focused on 70 How much sister Jin eats and how she eats , such as : Does she never have an appetite ? So she ate two steamed buns a day ? I was stunned when I just finished a dozen bags of snacks ……

After a good start ,@ If you don't have enough to eat The account has started the continuous update of this series , The enthusiasm of the little red book sisters increased instead of decreased , And more and more people have put forward such suggestions : This 70 Can sister Jin eat and broadcast , She really seems to have no appetite when eating , That's what I like to eat and broadcast , Good for weight loss !

Although the blogger's eating and broadcasting business has not made more progress for the time being , but Everyone to “ use 70 Jin sister's way of eating to lose weight ” With unprecedented interest , Many fans spontaneously began to use text or video to imitate the leader's way of eating to lose weight , There are some people we are familiar with .

such as @ Audrey Houben The direction of daily creation is funny plot , stay 4 month 14 In the video released on May , Once I imitated the way the boss ate :

First , Before dinner, shake your arms and shout “ I eat just to live ”, Although I was drooling , Or choose to continue to hypnotize. The pizza in front of you is not delicious , Then pick up the pizza in front of you , Let's hope for a while before we talk , Take another very small bite reluctantly , Chew it many times and show a disgusting expression .

Picture source :@ A screenshot of Audrey's thick Tiktok

Because the whole eating process , Full of thick books and “ Original intention ” The struggle of the people , A hilarious expression and “ End of imitation ” After eating a corner of pizza , Attracted fans to praise .

According to karth's observation , April @ If you don't have enough to eat Suck powder in little red book more than 40W, Related notes in the station, such as “70 Jin Yu 120 Jin ”“70 Jin's way of eating ” super 20w piece , It can be said to be one of the top streams of the recent little red book . The performance on other platforms is also brilliant , Accumulated powder in April of Tiktok 104W, Although not settled yet B standing Well quickly Such as platform , But some enthusiastic fans edited the video clip and released it , The data performance of playback volume is also very good .

If you want to explore @ If you don't have enough to eat The secret of your popularity , Maybe you can get a glimpse from the feedback of fans .

“ One really wants to be thin , One is really want to be fat ”“ Compared to the beginning , The boss's hair is more shiny ”“ Seeing the boss's appetite getting better and better ”…… Similar comments can be seen under almost every video , From the tone of the fans, we can obviously feel the trust in the blogger .

You bet , Compared with all kinds of exquisite delicacies on the platform 、 Weight loss content ,@ If you don't have enough to eat, choose the simplest and intuitive way to record , Missing a trace of deliberate , More real . Remove the filter video , Let fans see the real change of blogger , And from it Feel more company 、 Develop a sense of , These will make the links between the two sides closer . So we see , After the popularity of little red books , There are many bloggers trying to shoot videos with similar themes , The effect is far less than the original .

secondly , The positive second creation of fans has won more attention and discussion for this series of videos . In addition to the video imitation written above , There are more people in the form of words , Record this alternative “ Ways to lose weight ”. Sigh 、 Looking out of the window 、 Chew slowly 、 Swallow painfully …… The boss's performance at dinner , It was disassembled and imitated by everyone one by one , It seems to have become part of people's hearts “ Don't eat fat ” The secret of .

Picture source : Screenshot of little red book

in addition , In the video The two sisters have a humorous conversation , Everyday with a smile , Enviable friendship , Including the theme of the hottest weight loss nowadays wait , All add more highlights to the video , It also allows their content to be recommended and disseminated on multiple platforms .

What are the popular food notes in little red book talking about ?

@ Just behind your hunger and popularity , We can also see the growth and changes of xiaohongshu food content .

from 2020 To 2022, An important change in the Little Red Book Community , Is the continuous growth of the content of the food sector .

Public data display ,2020 In, the number of food notes released by xiaohongshu community increased year-on-year 230%, That year 2 month , Food consumption DAU Even more than makeup , Become the largest vertical category in the community .

According to the red business school 《2021 The little red book Gourmet Shop Industry data report 》,2021 year 1 month 1 Japan -11 month 20 During the day , In xiaohongshu's market of grass planting flow in the whole industry , The number of notes of food track accounts for 10.53%, Number one , The proportion of the total interaction generated is 9.58%, Number three .

And this year 1 month , The little red book was released 2022 Among the top ten life trends ( Resurgent entrepreneurship 、 Ice and snow are in the tide 、 Air fryer frying everything 、 Interest sideline 、 City roam 、 Environmental protection at hand 、 Immersive experience 、 New Chinese style wear 、 Sober Buy buy buy 、 Mountain life ), You can also see the figure in the field of food .

All these prove the great potential of food track in xiaohongshu , that , In the recent popular @ Except that you don't have enough to eat , What are the hot food notes on Xiaohong book sharing now ?

1、 Exquisite recipe tutorial

Food shows 、 Food tutorial notes have always been a hot content on the platform , Because of its strong practicability 、 High operability , It has attracted a lot of users .

Turn to the food channel in the station : Sweet and sour pork ribs course won 4.8W give the thumbs-up 、 The tutorials of garlic chicken wings are 9.4W give the thumbs-up 、 Stewed pork tutorial 15W give the thumbs-up …… Behind the high praise notes , Is hiding the traffic password of xiaohongshu food track .

Cass found , One obvious thing these explosive tutorials have in common is : Deliberately create such “ Big dish ” In fact, it's easy to use , Stimulate users' desire to do things , Improve the interactivity of notes .

Picture source :@ Screenshot of little red book of dynamic cake man

2、 Planting grass to food Amway

In xiaohongshu community with strong grass planting atmosphere , Choosing to do Amway with everyone is always a choice that won't go wrong . Can see : stay xx See, be sure to take 、 KFC's same corn 、 Low calorie popsicle recommendation and other topics , Have obtained good data of breaking 10000 points of praise .

Picture source : Screenshot of little red book

Here's the thing to watch ,“ Seeking Amway ” Such reverse operation , It seems to achieve similar or better results . such as , Many bloggers will put an exquisite food screenshot on the cover , And highlight your doubts and eagerness to find it in the title .

such “ Design ” Next, there will be two types of sweet potatoes attracted to blog posts , One is eager to help others and want to answer questions , The other is that you are also attracted , Want to get the answer from . After a wave of reverse operation , The number of people the notes are aimed at is virtually expanded .

3、 Yes, hunting food 、 Roast at the scene of the rollover

Curiosity 、 Rollover to the content because of its own “ A sense of humor ”, It has always been popular on all entertainment platforms , The little red book is no exception : I found the disposable gloves at the bottom of the box , A small snack that looks like a brick , Oddly shaped Dora A Dream cake 、 Noodles glued into a whole piece ……

Picture source : Screenshot of little red book

Such notes are often nothing special “ really ” The content of , The main purpose is to bring fun to the audience . An elusive cover , With a slightly meaningful title , It is incompatible with the overall style of the platform with a full sense of delicacy , But it can arouse the curiosity of users all at once , Uncontrollable place into it , And stay “ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ” The figure of .

Of course, in addition to the above major content directions , Karth also observed some popular trends in xiaohongshu food track recently . such as , Combine delicious food with the most popular nowadays Lose weight and keep fit 、 Air fryer And so on , There are often wonderful chemical reactions ;

Picture source : Screenshot of little red book

Another example is to use “ food VLOG” In the form of Shoot a short video and publish it on Xiaohong book , On the one hand, it can get additional traffic support from the platform for video notes , On the other hand, it is more in line with the current viewing habits of users , Thus, it is easier to generate explosive text .

Because of its universality 、 Rigid demand and other characteristics , It has always had strong vitality on the Internet platform , What kind of content will appear in the future , We'll see .

The cover of this article comes from @ Whether you eat or not Screenshot of little red book .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ Cass data ”(ID:caasdata6), author : Slight frost ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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