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How to create your own encyclopedia in Baidu and the skills of doing Encyclopedia

2022-05-07 18:46:54A5 Huang Zhong

The creation of encyclopedia has gradually become the focus of many people's attention over time , Everyone wants to create their own encyclopedia , And is encyclopedia really that easy to create now ? It's not , Because it has been more than ten years since encyclopedia was launched , If it was done at that time , As long as there is no advertising information , You can do it , And without any material , But not now , Without supporting materials , It can't be done , Because of this “ prove ” Very important , How does the encyclopedia create itself ? Follow Jin suitui to have a look !

First , There must be a process for encyclopedia to create itself , Prepare an account first , This account is a ( account number ) If you have a post bar or library number , It's fine too , Because the accounts are universal , If this doesn't , Just register yourself , Not too many steps .

After preparing the account, you can prepare the copy , And this copy also needs to be prepared according to the plate , It's like creating your own encyclopedia , First of all, the section generally includes a personal profile , Personal experience , Personal honor, etc , Of course, there are also representative works in this aspect , It also depends on the actual situation , It's hard to say , Because it involves many aspects , Copywriting only needs to be written according to the real situation , Don't add contact information , Just go in the ads , Don't add irrelevant ones .

After having the copy, you can prepare the relevant supporting materials of this character , Many people are not clear about the supporting materials , Because as long as it's relevant, no matter where the article is , It's not , If it is a library or blog and other video websites , None of that counts , Because there's no authority , There must be some doubt at this time , So what kind of website articles are authoritative ? give an example : tencent , NetEase , Phoenix , Yangguang , Sina, etc , Of course, it's better to start , Stability will be better .

With the supporting materials of these authoritative websites , Log in to your account and directly edit the entries in encyclopedia , First, enter your name , Then choose other characters , On the main page , Fill in your profile , Just wait , And as long as it's clear what needs to be certified , Basically, there's no problem of success , And specific words also see personal experience operation , If you don't have much experience, it may take more than a dozen times , If you have experience, it will be done in a few times !

So it's not difficult for encyclopedia to create itself , It mainly depends on how the copy is written , And whether the supporting materials are hard enough , If that's ok , It's easy to make your own encyclopedia .

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