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The second echelon is the banner of anti growth. What enlightenment will the sales of new energy vehicles bring in April?

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Shanghai offers two resumption of work “ White list ” after , New energy vehicle brands have also given an expected sales and delivery report card . In summary, it is ,“ If you fall less, you win ”. among , The performance of some second tier car companies is better .

4 Mid month , Li Bin 、 He Xiaopeng 、 Yu Chengdong said one after another , This has also prepared the outside world for the Waterloo of the automobile industry . The second quarter will be more than half , It's probably not the lucky season for new energy vehicles . however , What can car companies learn from these two months , It is likely to be related to the industry in the second half of the year , And even longer .

The supply chain pushes the brakes on orders

By the end of time , Mainstream new energy vehicle enterprises 4 The monthly report card is as follows ( The caliber of some car enterprises is the order quantity ):

Zero run 9087 car 、 Xiao peng 9002 car 、 Which zha 8813 car 、 Wei to 5074 car 、 Ideal 4167 car 、 Co creation 3084 car 、 Polar krypton 2137 car 、 Polar fox 1140 car .

obviously , The malaise of the new forces is reasonable , Xiao Peng still has the strength , Ideal and Wei come under more pressure . In case of supply chain interruption , Ensure that the production of products does not “ drops ” It's an almost impossible task , In particular, the automotive industry will not make a large amount of excess reserves for parts inventory under normal circumstances , It is mainly the manufacturing industry that hoards 、 Inventories are sensitive .

There is also a lot of unexpected information , For example, Zero run, first delivery to the top , And the falling trend , He Chuang is basically the same 3 month , Krypton's performance is still rising .

Starting from the three traditional powers of the new forces ,“ Wei Xiaoli ” Delivery volume fell month on month 49%、42%、62%, The year-on-year changes are -29%、75%、-25%.

Xiao peng P7 deliver 3714 car , Xiao peng P5 deliver 3564 car , Xiao peng G3 deliver 1724 car . Xiao Peng obviously maintained the greatest stability , But the hottest P7 The impact of production reduction is the most serious , It fell by nearly 60% month on month . therefore , Although the decline is small , But the loss is not low . Need to know ,3 month , Only Xiaopeng P7 Just delivered 9183 car .

by comparison , Wei to CEO Li Bin is 4 Early warning was issued at the beginning of the month :“ A car can't be produced without one part .” Affected by the supply chain ,4 month 9 The whole vehicle production of riweilai is suspended . from 4 month 15 The day begins , Hefei production base is gradually resuming production . Compared with the current supply chain situation 4 The month is slightly better , The overall pressure is gradually reduced .

most “ blue ” Should be ideal , Ideal L9 On the line, interrupted by the epidemic , Ideal ONE Still favored by consumers , But from ideal founder and President Shen Yanan to 4 In response to the decline in monthly delivery, we can see the difficulties :“ Ideal car Changzhou base is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province , Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta , The ideal auto parts supplier exceeds 80% It is distributed in the Yangtze River Delta , And a large part of them are located in Shanghai 、 Kunshan, Jiangsu Province .”

“ Affected by the epidemic situation in the Yangtze River Delta , Some suppliers located in Shanghai, Kunshan, Jiangsu and other regions are unable to supply , Some suppliers even shut down completely 、 Outage , As a result, the existing parts inventory can not continue to maintain production after digestion , This pair of ideal cars 4 The production in January has a great impact , The delivery of new cars of some users is delayed .” He said .

by comparison , The second echelon is 4 Moon won a small victory .

Zero run delivery volume fell only month on month 9.7%, Zero run Technology CEO Zhu Jiangming said to the outside world , It's just “ In the first half of the month, when the epidemic was not too serious, we caught it tightly ”; Polar krypton 4 Monthly orders increased month on month 19%, And officials revealed that new orders in a single month hit a record high .

Co creation 4 month 3084 Order quantity and 3 month 3016 Taiwan is basically flat , The reason is with Xiao Peng P7 Similar explosion strategy —— Co creation Z03. stay 13 Ten thousand yuan -17 Within the price range of ten thousand yuan , Co creation Z03 Is the “ hexagon ” warrior , Car engine 、 dynamic system 、 The endurance is at the first-line level , And cost-effective . It is worth mentioning that , By 2022 year 4 End of month , A total of... Stores have been built 179 home , Cover 120 city , Demand and channel guarantee have decentralized advantages .

Zero run 、 Polar krypton 、 He Chuang and even Xiao Peng , These players who are still robust against the trend , What enlightenment does it bring to the industry ?

The Enlightenment of stress resistance

The car companies with the most serious decline , Just because supply chain problems are “ Around Shanghai ”. In turn to see , Car companies with less tension , First of all, the location distance keeps the vehicle production capacity .

The specific term , Xiaopeng's main base is Zhaoqing, Guangdong , Zero run No. 1 Factory is located in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province , Nezha's factory is in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province 、 Yichun , He Chuang and Xiao Peng belong to Guangdong Department , Production capacity and reserve capacity are in Nansha, Guangzhou 、 Hangzhou, Zhejiang .

It must be admitted that , Supply chain has natural agglomeration effect , Therefore, the whole vehicle still needs decentralized supply chain enterprises to complete production . for example , Some of Xiaopeng's motor related suppliers are located in Shanghai , Therefore, the production capacity will be affected after the inventory is exhausted . And ideal, even if the factory is not in Changzhou , Will also be like Wei Lai , Facing supply disruption .

For all that , Based on the consideration of ensuring more capacity , The expansion of automobile enterprises is still a potential guarantee , Especially in the face of capacity climbing, card position war and longer-term development after the end of the epidemic . The first quarter of this year , The second phase of Guangzhou intelligent ecological factory of gac-e'an was completed , newly added 10 Annual production capacity of 10000 vehicles ; Dongfeng Honda signed the annual production capacity agreement in Wuhan 12 Investment agreement for a new electric vehicle factory of 10000 vehicles ; Annual production capacity of FAW Audi 15 Jilin new energy plant with 10000 vehicles has also been put on record .

The king in this respect is BYD , According to the officially disclosed information such as production , BYD has Hefei at least this year 、 jinan 、 zhengzhou 、 Xiangyang and other places 、 Serve more than... Of its different models 6 A new factory is put into operation . BYD, which does not compete with the new forces at the same level , It was sold in April 105475 Passenger cars , Year on year growth 136.5%, among DM hybrid 48072 car ,EV Pure electricity is 57403 car .

And BYD's Enlightenment , Namely “ Double redundancy ”, One is capacity redundancy , The second is supply chain redundancy .

Ideal founder Li Xiang 4 Month sent a circle of friends , Call on auto brands to go deep into the supply chain , Focus on 、 Aid often overlooked low-level suppliers . They are most vulnerable to external intrusion , But it is also an indispensable part . The epidemic has made car companies more certain , Need to strengthen communication and cooperation with suppliers , Mutual support 、 Resist risk .

On the other hand , There is only a rich supply chain Ecology , In order to give car companies more choices , The profits will not be diluted by the industrial chain . Rare things are precious , technology 、 resources 、 Industrial relations are like this . For a business , If you give up something because of short-term interests , It may become a shackle or even a threat to itself in the near future , Then it needs to think twice .

For manufacturing , Stability concerns life and death , The fluctuation of one node will affect the whole network . Nansha District where hechuang automobile is located , We are actively promoting the integration and innovation of the third generation semiconductor and new energy vehicle industry . From wafer production to chip design 、 Packaging and Application , Whole industry chain “ Near the door ”. When car companies expand their layout , With the local government 、 It will become a clearer focus for Industry institutions to cultivate regional supply chain Ecology . With the spark of scattered clusters , Burn out the haze of the epidemic .

meanwhile , This is also the time to strengthen the core technical force . BYD's blade battery is still unique in the industry , It is also the only one in China to have IGBT Automobile enterprises with complete industrial chain . Whether it's daily or under special circumstances , Manufacturers with stronger autonomy , Development will be more comfortable .

The focus of industry pressure may be in the second half of the year

although 4 Affected by the epidemic in January , For many new energy vehicles Q2 Sales performance poured cold water , But this will also be a season with recovery and energy accumulation as the main melody .

Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the Federation, said , The car market was under great pressure in the second quarter , The situation is extremely grim , Its trend is closely related to the recovery speed of Shanghai under the epidemic situation , Retail sales are expected to achieve zero growth throughout the year .5 month 5 Japan , He wrote again that ,“ As the only consumer goods that are not popular , Passenger car consumption continues to be depressed , More measures are needed to promote car market consumption .”

In the way , Due to the pressure of government funds , Therefore, we should give full play to the tax reduction effect of individual income tax on car purchase , Drive the growth of automobile consumption .

The consumer end , The policy is already in action , hope Q2 Can have a positive effect .4 month 25 Japan , Issued by the general office of the state council 《 Opinions on further releasing consumption potential and promoting sustainable recovery of consumption 》, Propose to support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles . Jiangxi Province in 4 month 28 Announced Wednesday ,5 month 1 solstice 7 month 31 Raise policy funds 7600 10000 yuan to support Automobile Exhibition , Individual consumers can draw lottery subsidies .

4 month 29 Japan , Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced the policy , from 5 month 1 solstice 6 month 30 Japan , Ceiling subsidy for purchasing new energy vehicles 10000 element / car , Guangzhou and Shenzhen will add 4 10000 car purchase indicators .

The recovery of the production side requires the active cooperation of enterprises and various parties . Chen Yudong, President of Bosch China 5 month 1 Said Monday , There are two problems with returning to work , One is the lack of closed-loop management staff , The output of the factory is not enough ; Second, the resumption of production by suppliers at all levels is too slow . In short , Insufficient total capacity recovery , And the conduction is too slow . He suggested canceling “ White list ”, Speed up the resumption of work and production .

Huaxi Securities Cui Yan, chief analyst of the automotive industry, believes that , After the resumption of production, the capacity elasticity of the factory is still relatively large , Work overtime 、 Two shifts are expected to fill the supply gap in the early stage , But capacity recovery will also be in 6 About month .5 month 6 Japan , Many media reports , Tesla is hoping to start from 5 month 16 A two shift system has been implemented in the factory in Shanghai since August , Let the production capacity return to the policy track as soon as possible .

If you refer to the first quarter and April , Cost effective brands run like zero 、 He Chuang et al , Maybe get back to your rhythm faster . Weilai, which is more luxurious, is working with its partners to meet the demand of orders , And the ideal of closer relationship with the Yangtze River Delta , We need to pay more attention to epidemic control and resumption of work and childbirth . But anyway , Car companies will not let the crisis be just a crisis , Check for defects and make up for omissions 、 Consolidate foundation , Everything is unfolding silently , This is also a different kind of competition .

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