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Hualin securities broke the Bureau's fintech dolphin stock app and upgraded it to securities trading software

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“ No technology 、 No, finance ”. The digital transformation of the securities industry was accelerated , Fintech is changing from service business to leading business and enabling business .

In recent years , Hualin securities adheres to the strategic transformation of financial technology , Continue to increase investment in information technology ,2021 year , The year-on-year growth rate of information technology investment of Hualin securities ranks first among listed securities companies , The investment in information technology has reached 3.47 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 293.78%. since this year on , Although affected by the shrinking market transactions , The wealth business of Hualin securities rose against the trend in the first quarter , The overall wealth management business revenue increased year-on-year 16%, Among them, the online business increased year-on-year 44%.

Join hands with volcanic engine to improve digital capability

In order to improve digital capability , Hualin securities has made frequent moves this year .2 month , Hualin securities is transferred to Wenxing online 100% equity , And apply for the establishment of an information technology professional subsidiary . And then 4 month 29 Japan , Hualin securities issued an announcement , The company signed technical and commercial cooperation agreements with Beijing volcanic Engine Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Juliang engine Network Technology Co., Ltd , Cooperation amount 5 One hundred million yuan .

5 month 1 Japan , Hualin securities will join hands with volcanic engine , Hold dolphin stocks App Upgrade press conference , New dolphin stock App For the first time ,App From one paragraph “ Stock market ” The software is officially upgraded to a new generation “ Securities trading ” Software . meanwhile , Hualin securities officially announced its relationship with volcanic engine 、 A huge number of engines have reached a cooperation agreement , The future will be at the traffic inlet 、 Massive information 、 Content quality inspection 、 Accurate customer acquisition 、 Intelligent Computing 、 Carry out in-depth cooperation in digital promotion and other fields .

Lin Li, chairman of Hualin securities, said , Hualin securities hopes to sell dolphin stock App Make into “ Have to see 、 Have to play 、 There is something to learn 、 There's money to be made ” Financial management that meets the needs of the new generation of young people App. Through intelligent technology , Continue to provide customers with the ultimate service , It has always been the direction of the company , Hualin securities is on the road of transformation and upgrading of science and technology finance , Only the starting point , No end point .”

Hualin securities CEO Zhao said , New dolphin stock App Not only upgrade to securities trading software , It is also a wealth management platform , At the same time, it is also a social one-stop operation management platform . Here's the thing to watch , The platform will also provide investors 、 The listed company 、 Financial institutions 、 Fintech companies are fully open , It can enable listed companies to maintain investor relations , Let financial institutions provide customer service , Let fintech companies carry out secondary development and other technical services , Form a multi-party co construction 、 symbiosis 、 Shared ecological platform .

Tan Dai, general manager of volcanic engine, said , The three solutions provided by the volcanic engine are connected IaaS、PaaS and SaaS, For the new dolphin stock App Provides a complete end-to-end solution for the needs of . In terms of intelligent content operation , Volcanic engines rely on today's headlines 、 Tiktok and other contents are ecological and AI Quality testing 、 Recommended algorithms and other leading technologies , For dolphin stocks App Build a user life cycle growth system from content construction to content operation . The intelligent experience solution provided by volcanic engine is through a variety of leading special effects 、 Video cloud technology , Help stimulate users to actively participate in community interaction , Bring innovation to users 、 A refreshing experience .

In stock trading , Relying on strong data processing and algorithm ability , Dolphin stock App The intelligent staring at the disk has reached the millisecond level , Can realize real-time push , At present, it has covered the rapid rise of share price 、 Super large order selling 、 Stop profit and stop loss, etc 50 A number of accurate tracking Events , Leading the market with similar functions ; meanwhile , Dolphin stock App Have 42 A fast trading channel , Support fast trading , Price condition sheets can also be set 、 Up and down conditions list 、 Stop profit and stop loss conditions and other intelligent transactions . Besides , The volcano engine is also a new version of dolphin stock App Provides financial cloud solutions , Provide the computing required for securities on the cloud 、 Storage 、 The Internet 、 Security 、 Research and development 、 Business risk identification and other services .

Adhere to the strategic transformation of science and technology finance

In recent years ,5G、 Artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies are developing rapidly , Gradually penetrate into various application scenarios of the securities industry , Become the first driving force to promote the high-quality development of the securities industry .

In order to keep up with the trend of the times , Hualin securities actively embraces change , Take the lead in launching the financial technology transformation strategy , Committed to building a customer-centric 、 Driven by technology 、 Transaction based 、 A new generation of young technology finance companies characterized by agility . Under the financial technology transformation strategy , Hualin securities continued to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development , Attract Internet talents to join , Drive organizational change , Become the first in the industry to implement tribal system reform and OKR Securities companies with assessment mechanism .

According to introducing , Current dolphin stock App The number of customers downloaded in the application market exceeds 7000 ten thousand , Platform users are about 1300 ten thousand . With the support of volcanic engines , Hualin securities through quantifiable 、 Diagnosable 、 Can be optimized 、 Multi dimensional intelligent algorithm , It can further accurately enrich the existing dolphin stocks App User's portrait ; On the other hand , On this basis , The company will follow the planned operation structure , Tiered operations for customers , Promote the transformation of key customers .

At present , Digital transformation requires synergy between business and technology to produce maximum value , This is also the pain point of the transformation of the whole securities industry . So how does Hualin securities use technology to drive , Truly achieve the development of enabling business ?

Regarding this , Hualin securities CTO Liu Yameng yes 《 Securities daily 》 The reporter said ,“ The scenario of business and technology integration , In fact, it is not only the pain point of the digital transformation of securities companies , It is also a common pain point in other industries . First , To achieve the integration of technology and products , We need to build a digital business system first , Then integrate the operation system into the whole data level . meanwhile , On the two levels of operation and operation , From the perspective of user management , It's how much cost you spend and how much value you bring ; From the perspective of user operation , It starts with clues , How many clues turn into activated users , Then convert it into registered users , How many registered users are active users , Then how many active users pay .”

“ The basic platform tribe of Hualin securities is responsible for the construction of the company's big data platform , The two important scenarios on the big data platform include digital business scenario and digital operation scenario , This is the collaboration at the business and technical levels , After that, we can enable business development based on data .” Liu Yameng added to reporters .

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