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11000 words, 11 CEOs, detailed analysis of brand growth

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2022 In the first half of , All kinds of difficulties come one after another , The price of talent is becoming more and more expensive 、 The price of raw materials has increased and the gross profit of products has decreased 、 Express delivery outage , Many businesses' top priority is not to expand , It's about making money to survive .

In order to prepare for a rainy day , Better preparation , Ace growth camp is invited to 10 Of new consumer goods CEO, stay 4 month 29 Day is held 《 sprint 618- Brand global growth summit 》, brand GMV cover 10 Billion +, category TOP1, Also have 0-5 Billion growth has done particularly well .

Brand growth sharing , Not just staring at GMV, It is more about profit , Have a global view , Grow with brand thinking .

Streamline summit dry goods , Share with you .

Catalog :

One 、 Traffic dilemma , How to break through global growth ?

Two 、 How to start a small red book with a low budget for a new brand ?

3、 ... and 、 Create founders efficiently IP closed loop

Four 、 How to gain insight into users ?4 Step 1: define the hot money

5、 ... and 、90 God 0-1 Self broadcast tens of millions , Live broadcast of brand thinking

6、 ... and 、 round table :2022, How to find new growth points for brands

7、 ... and 、 Those pits encountered when online brands enter offline

8、 ... and 、 What are the long-term private domain operators doing ?

Nine 、 How does little red book leverage high transformation with low budget ?

One 、 Traffic dilemma , How to break through global growth ?

Founder of Laowang trump Growth Camp 、 Founder of juezhi Marketing

At present, many businesses have a misunderstanding : Growth is driven by new brands . Think that only keep pulling new , Brand can grow , Even the founder's focus comes from finding an anchor , Visit channel , Ignore the product 、 Buy again .

From the growth quadrant , If the product is low, re purchase , Even high growth , Businesses are also at risk “ Leaky bucket ”. Perfect diary From the highlight moment of listing , Now the share price has fallen to 1 Below US dollar , Facing the risk of delisting has given everyone a warning . Local tyrants are like perfect Diaries , Crazy pull new , But no repurchase , All continue to lose money ,99.9% Ordinary businesses , More attention should be paid to the importance of re purchase .

Brand growth , To make money , The core is 2 spot , La Xin + Buy again . here , I give a simplified global growth model :

1、 Bottom comb

No matter what brand you want to make , Still want to make money , Combing the bottom layer of the product : location 、 Selling point 、 Vision 、 Product power must be considered , Even if you want to make quick money , Traffic is not the most important . The bottom of these products are not , How can the flow be transformed ?

all , Things at the bottom , Before market behavior , Even before product development, you must think clearly .

1.1、 Selling point

Many brands find it easy to refine their selling points , Actually , Seemingly the simplest is actually the most difficult .

Last month, Laowang e-commerce College held a training course , Yes 3 Students from two brands shared the selling points of their products , It turned out not to be expected ,3 The selling points of a brand are seen by other students , Not very attractive .

  • A pet health product : The selling point is 100% Fish oil imported from Peru , But other students are more 25% The absorption rate and hands-free fish oil are more interested ;

  • A menstrual ointment : The selling point is 7 A traditional Chinese medicine formula ,64 Times the concentration , But what other students are interested in is that it doesn't hurt after eating .

Every brand is very confident that their selling points are well refined , But many people are blindly confident .

2、 La Xin :

Why do some brands pull new very well , But it was a loss ?

I hope you will remember 2 Sentence :

1、 Consumers are mobile ;

2、 The product is not good , Burn money to make new , Now lose , Have been losing ;

Consumers are mobile :

Loyalty , There is a “ Loss area ”“ Indifferent area ”“ Emotional area ”“ Blue ocean area ”.

  • Loss area : In the red sea environment , Most customers face too many choices , meanwhile , Human nature likes to taste fresh .

  • Indifferent area : Customers will choose good products , But loyalty is average , Once you find a better competitor , It's going to drain ;

  • Emotional area : Customers rely on products and brands , Habitually choose your favorite products .

  • Blue ocean area : Customers have too little selectivity , Have to be loyal to the product .

The cruel reality is that , Products are highly homogeneous , Most consumers , All in “ Loss area ” and “ Indifferent area ”, Don't think it's new , Consumers are your , Especially the new category , You educate consumers , result , Loss in users , It is likely to realize re purchase in the competitive products with better product power .

The product is not good , Burn money to make new , Now lose , Have been losing .

2022 Years. , Strategic losses simply don't adapt to new consumption . Why do you lose money , In most cases, it is impossible to pull new , Or the re purchase caused by the lack of product strength , In what we say “ Leaky bucket ”“ powerless ” quadrant . Especially the loss caused by the lack of product power , It will only lead to more losses .

3、 Buy again

Re purchase , Membership system and private domain traffic , It's a very important part . The cost of acquiring a new customer , It is to maintain old customers 5 times . therefore , Don't ask whether to do private domain , When to do . The answer must be to do private domain , Immediately .

4、 Brand level

Brand story 、PR spread 、 User reputation 、 In fact, it is difficult to evaluate the data effect of user activities on pull in and re purchase . But these are important to pull new and re purchase , It's all helpful . From the perceptual and cognitive levels , Build the user's favor for the brand .

The flow of recognition at the perceptual level , Is a truly recognized product 、 Brand recognition , Flow that is not easy to lose .

The purpose of growth , It's for profit , For brand growth , Not for vanity GMV. Never focus on e-commerce , It has become smashing the marketing budget GMV. growth , It should be systematic , It should be global .

Two 、 How to start a small red book with a low budget for a new brand

Li Geng Co founder of Yao Xiaocha

One 、 Choose competitive products

As a new entrant to the industry , When doing content marketing , There must have been a lot “ Forefathers ” Find out all kinds of explosive texts . therefore , The choice of competitive products is a good shortcut . Find the reference , Learning that has made results first , Is the most efficient way , You can also avoid the pit .

How to find references ?

  • Similar products : With our brand “ Milk ginger tea ” For example , The products under the beverage category , They are all reference targets .

  • The crowd needs the same scenario : Consumers who demand milk ginger tea , The demand for functional fudge of similar products is the same , So this kind of product is also a reference .

  • Products with a lot of hot articles : Big food category , You can refer to their popular ideas

Two 、 Little red book content 4 The big thing

1、 Head picture

Find a presentation form suitable for the near future of the product ! The key word is : Suitable for your kind of products 、 In the near future

You can take a look at this 3 Pictures , almost , Why can such pictures explode ? Because this time , Such a picture is new to everyone , Can arouse everyone's curiosity , Once similar images are flooded , Users also lost their curiosity , The number of clicks on the picture slowly decreases .

2、 title

Choose the first picture and title , succeed 80%. The title can also be set with a fixed template . such as :

1)“ It is suggested that the girl change the milk tea to him ”, Can change into “ It is suggested that people who reduce fat , Replace the milk tea with him ”

2)“ Internal staff recommend ”

3、 Rotation and copywriting

Users like to look at pictures , When the user clicks in , The rotation chart can attract his interest , Users prefer to browse content . There are several points to note in copywriting :

1) What kind of style , More personal

2) How to express the selling point ? Express a few ? How to sort ? How long?

Milk ginger tea , Just say 2 A selling point :

  • Solve the problem of aunt

  • Good to drink , It's like drinking milk tea

How many other cards , What kind of milk powder , There's no need to say anything about ginger .

3) A hot article doesn't mean that the product sells well , Take the measure

Some note data is very good , But it's not because the product attracts the attention and curiosity of users , Maybe the character itself , Such a blast , It is not helpful for product transformation .

Product description is very important . If it's too soft , Users don't know what you are . too hard , The data is poor , Users also know that it is advertising .

4、 Comment interaction

Comment maintenance : Add a fire to high-quality content . High quality comments can drive more interaction , The amount of interaction , Will pry more free traffic .

  • Focus on the product , Guide purchase .

  • Divine review , Trigger more comments on tap water , The higher the amount of interaction , For transformation , The weight of notes is very helpful .

  • Put the front 、 Quality comments , Top up .

3、 ... and 、 Continuous output of content :

The content has timeliness , If a certain content form has no traffic bonus of the platform , What to do with that ?

1) Change the expression of the first picture

2) Change the crowd 、 demand 、 scene

Aunt crowd , Did 6 Months , It's almost fished . But the product still needs to be promoted , So it's time to change the crowd . For example, health people can also do , But another way of expressing content . such as “ Body cold ”“ Air conditioning room ” wait . In this way , And can make .

3) If it doesn't work , Just change products .

3、 ... and 、 Create founders efficiently IP closed loop

Yi Zihan Pine fresh & Founder of Qingxin Lake

One 、 Why be a founder IP Well , There are several very important points :

1、 Spread brand concept : With and without people , The perception to consumers is completely different , Setting distance will make consumers feel less , Create a sense of closeness , Especially in the private domain, it can improve the popularity and Trust degree . On tmall and other product pages , Continuous output of the founder's human design .

2、 Form high conversion and long-term repurchase : With 【 Private domain 】 For example : First character , Re product ! The annual repurchase rate of Qingxin Lake private domain is up to 450%, Consumers are willing to continue , Long term repurchase , It's because the founders output IP Represents the brand , Because of the trust in the founders , Created trust in the product .

3、 Reduce marketing costs : Don't buy traffic everywhere , founder IP Once the content explodes , It's equivalent to saving the advertising expenses of one million fans ;

therefore , Be a founder IP For the brand side 、 Flow side 、 Private end 、 The conversion end is a very good help .

Two 、 How to be a founder IP:

1、 customized IP The story : First , To customize the founder's story , It must be true .

2、 Integrate the founder's story : Various channels repeatedly , Unified presentation . In any channel that reaches consumers , All output the story of the founder , It's all about improving users' perceptual cognition , And once this cognition is established , It's hard to eliminate .

3、 ... and 、 founder IP Spread what content ?

1、 All creative content , The ultimate goal of the enterprise is to spread its values 、 Brand concept and product concept , founder IP On behalf of brands and products .

For pine fresh , The key words of enterprise values are :

#0 Add healthy seasoning ## The pioneer of Tricholoma matsutake seasoning #、# Be a baby, love to eat 、 Healthy seasoning for the whole family #、# Three tenors # A pregnant woman # the elderly # Can rest assured to eat 、# A healthy diet # # Healthy kitchen # # Mother and baby nutrition #

therefore , The content of creativity , We should focus on these core keywords .

2、 Spread the values of the enterprise : humility 、 sincere 、 insist 、 happy .

3、 The official account matrix + Matrix of video numbers . Expand communication . No official account 3 A no. : Teach vegetarianism 、 Qingxin Lake vegetable food 、 Qingxin Lake vegetarian . There's also a video number 3 A no. : Yi Zihan, founder of Songxian 、 Dietitian mother Yi Zihan 、 Yi Zihan said the ingredient list

Four 、 Planning content

After the content direction and content channel are set , How to plan the content ?

1、 What founders are good at ? Take yourself as an example , Find the label on yourself , It must be true , Only truth can move people .

2、 In line with their own brand concept : Find what you're good at , Do mind mapping , Find the direction of propagation , Many founders are afraid of being on camera , There is perfectionism , The most important thing is to take the first step , Adjust in constant attempts .

3、 According to the mind map , Split detailed schedule , Arrange personnel to perform

Then the action to do , Is continuous output , Keep optimizing .

IP The end of , Is to complete the closed loop of landing . Founders need to think , How to empower sales ? How to empower the brand ? When the user's mind is consistent with the mind the brand wants to spread , The final victory of brand marketing .

Four 、 The bottom thinking logic of brands with annual sales of millions to billions

zizi : Founder of luyouxian

Different stages of brand development , The problems are different , In the earliest days , The problem facing the company is :

1、 initial stage , The crowd is not focused : The first company to sell fresh products , The supply chain is very strong ,sku A lot , But this is product logic , Not brand logic , Then after thinking , Including supply chain advantages 、 profits 、 The needs of people in the market , Finally determined the COD , focusing 6 Months -36 Months old .

2021 Beginning of the year , Popular Icelandic Atlantic cod , Completely different from the tangent of competitive products , Deer Youxian took a small package . after , Named little cod ,

2、 Fierce competition after transformation : After transforming children's complementary food , As a new brand , pressure . From children's fresh food brand to children's fresh food brand , Cod products are included throughout the year , Deep ploughing cod species ;

3、 Looking for strategic breakthroughs : Cod has a limited audience , The ceiling is also relatively low , Therefore, the strategic focus of the company has changed , From children's cod to children's Prefabricated dishes , Seeking greater development space ;

As has the advantage of supply chain , Brands that cut into the new consumer goods track , President Zhao refined 4 Point replicable experience :

1、 focusing : Traditional e-commerce businesses 、 The problem easily encountered by factories with advantages in supply chain is SKU A lot , Each product is its own child , But actually ,sku Too much , For capital flows , Inventory is under pressure , Be sure to have insight into the industry , Research on competitive products , Find your strengths and core groups , To simplify SKU, Focus on products 、 The crowd . Only focus , To have a chance to break through ;

2、 Explosive products do not necessarily represent brands , But brands must need explosive products : To determine the brand's core big items , A lot of times , It's hard to have technological innovation , Then micro innovation can be carried out in products , Deer Youxian is at the COD track , Make cod into small bags , More convenient , It immediately attracted the favor of target users ;

3、 PR makes a brand , Word of mouth is important : Opinion leaders are the key to standing and breaking the circle , To find from different dimensions KOL Help the brand speak ;

4、 Keep trying , Look for new flow depressions : The little red book 、 Tiktok 、B standing 、 You know Are very important communication channels , Especially xiaohongshu and Zhihu , Praise and Bad review Here 2 Both channels are fast eruptions , Except for these channels , In the process of brand growth , Any channel is very important .

5、 ... and 、90 God 0-1 Live ten million , Live broadcast of brand thinking

Chen Wanli Founder of Laidian Technology

Tiktok is a horse racing mechanism every day , Only 5% People can make money , User groups and traffic are not as good as before .

Online business faces national competition , As a brand, think every day : How to create unique value ?

One 、 Tiktok is still in the development stage

About the future of Tiktok e-commerce , I'm optimistic , Because believe a word : All business models , Ultimately, make it more efficient . The penetration rate of live e-commerce is less than 30%, It is still at an early stage :

  • The growth rate of e-commerce retail is greater than that of offline and overall

  • The growth rate of Tiktok is greater than that of e-commerce market

  • Strong sellers grew faster than Tiktok

Two 、 The brand live broadcasting room is not well done 4 The big reason

1) Cognitive problems , Learn quickly from more people with results , See your situation .

2) Mental problems , Worry , See others earn tens of millions a month , I want to , Unable to follow the underlying logic of Tiktok , haste makes waste .

3) The human problem , Good traders do it themselves , The people you can recruit are basically ordinary .

4) The problem of execution , Try to enter the game with a good attitude , Use Tiktok as a channel , The boss pays attention to , No time and energy invested , Leave it to the team to do , Execution can't keep up with the rhythm of Tiktok .

Why can we cut from tmall and do well , Because I think the underlying logic of the essence of e-commerce is interlinked , Will eventually return to “ People and goods yard ” Matching degree of .

3、 ... and 、 The bottom logic of Tiktok

1) The choice of the track : When merchants choose the track , Consider whether the track is big enough , How fast does it start , Matching degree of supply chain .

2) Brand thinking makes Tiktok

Tiktok is just to grasp the essence of traffic through brand thinking

3) Trade off of business play

Four 、 Tiktok algorithm cognition

Tiktok is essentially an Internet product , Behind the product is the algorithm . Why is there no traffic in a live studio , Almost all the problems , Can return to the underlying system of the algorithm .

Tiktok likes to pop up , therefore , We should have our own brand studio 3 A model : Traffic model , Stay model , Transformation model

therefore , Through clear “ People and goods yard ” To tell Tiktok what kind of people she needs , Help Tiktok build models quickly .

5、 ... and 、 Control of people and freight yard

Delivery of people to freight yard , Mainly through the content to convey emotions . Live broadcasting is the main line down the store , The success of the offline store , How they operate ?

people :

1) Identify the core pain points of the population

What's wrong with the group 、 What problem can I solve , I ⽤ What products solve the problem 、 Corresponding script

Precious mother 、 in ⽼ year 、 Office worker 、 Rich man ⼈ wait

2) Users who meet the same needs think : Today's users , In especial 95 after 00 Later users , No longer limited to the explanation of product selling points , Many users will because of the brand values , I like the brand . Now the competition , Not just brand products , And vision competition .

3) Treat the flow as a person , Treat consumers as people : Tiktok is a content platform. , Pay more attention to the consumer experience , In particular, consumers' negative comments have a greater impact on Tiktok than tmall , So respect every flow , Do a good job in each traffic experience .

cargo :

1、 E-commerce products are the foundation of business , If the product and product structure do not have advantages , It is impossible to gain a competitive advantage .

for instance :

You search for the wall breaking machine on Tiktok , You will brush many brands of wall breaking machines later , If your product has no advantages , You and other opponents PK There is little chance of winning .

2、 Product depth :

If consumers buy products A, He prefers to choose product stores 1 Make a purchase , Because in his impression , The store 1 More like selling products professionally A Of , Not the store 2 The store 3.

Depth is the highlight of professional image , No depth , There is no big live studio .

3、 Accompany the running products to set off the live broadcast room

Consumers enter the live broadcast room , There are enough products , Will pull the length of stay . More products , The momentum of the live studio will be different , Compared with the live broadcasting room with only a few products , Consumers prefer to believe that it is a big store ;

4、 The end point of e-commerce is the supply chain :

Proportion of live broadcast with goods ,99% Dead in the supply chain , Advantages of goods , Determines the success of the live studio . And every high-quality live studio , We must attach great importance to the live broadcasting room of the supply chain .

site :

The so-called long-term love , Most begin with love at first sight , The live broadcast is even more so . A good live broadcast , It must be “ The director ” Coming out , A good live broadcast , It's like a good movie , There are even some acting parts .

How to build an awesome field :

  • Real scene : What consumers can see when they come in , Including scenarios , The host , clothing , background , Lighting, etc .

  • Virtual scene : Navy script , Field control speech , voice , Emotional guidance .

It can be divided into :

1、 The light : The clarity of the picture does not mean that the more expensive the equipment, the better .

2、 The activity atmosphere in the background : Floating screen , Price 、 Discounts and other information should have , Let new users enter the live broadcast room , Can find clues to the live studio through the background , such as : Is there any Good stuff , There are no cheap products here , This will also increase the stay in the live studio .

3、 Something in the first perspective : The core is to let consumers in , Know what you sell ?

4、 It's also important for the anchor to wear : Because we are playing a simple style , So the style of the anchor and the style of the live studio , To unify ;

5、 navy : Through interaction and answer , Improve the atmosphere of the live studio ;

6、 ... and 、 round table :2022 year , How to find new growth points for brands

Brine master Founder of Wang Xiaolu

Wang Yichao The founder of space carving

Zhou Lei Puxi brand marketing director

One Repeated outbreaks , Flow becomes expensive , How to adjust and deal with new consumer goods ?

Brine master :

The impact of the epidemic on everyone is relatively consistent , Because the receiving address , We will have 20-30% Fluctuation . Send directly through the factory 、 In the form of goods prepared by the supplier , But because we are snacks , Therefore, changes in the economic side have little impact on snack categories .

These changes , It's all the changes at the supply chain end and express end , Not because consumers change . The ceiling of snacks is relatively high . The impact of all outbreaks on the track is relatively low .

But the company recruits from , Marketing will not be much affected . But I will pick up the business model , I hope the one-way is positive , Tiktok doesn't make money , Don't let it go , More stingy content quality and so on .

Wang Yichao :

Delivery capacity will indeed be affected , The need is , But consumers can't buy , Product delivery is less than . If production cannot keep up , It is necessary to control marketing investment , Ensure that the business model is positive .

When investing in brand building, we should control our emotions , Take care of consumers' feelings , Be careful of untimely advertisements .

Zhou Lei :

Consumer consumption upgrade , Basically irreversible . We used to buy very good products , Because of the epidemic , Just buy bad products , Consumers will not have the possibility to reduce consumption , Especially household products .

What kind of industry has been impacted ? Pseudo demand industry . Under the epidemic , Squeeze some foam , But for industries that consumers just need , For businesses, you don't need to have too many negative emotions inside . Whether our crowd is accurate , Whether the business model is stable .

Two 、 In this year's environment , Product end, brand end , Marketing side , Will there be any emphasis ?

Brine master : Consumer goods have a triangle , product 、 matching 、 channel . Consumer goods companies need to study this 3 Elements .

Product side : The production and Research Center has paid attention to , Cause Nestle Mars talent , Study the company's second growth curve . The ceiling of chicken feet is relatively high , That doesn't mean we don't reserve the second curve . In particular, the cost of chicken feet has risen more this year .

Canal end : Now the offline proportion continues to rise , Not significantly affected by online traffic , I'm still adding code . Tiktok 、 A lot of spelling Gain increment .

Brand side : Continue to follow last year's plan , Continue to overweight entertainment marketing , Put in advertisements . Because we have conducted in-depth user interviews , High frequency scenes used by users , It's watching a play . The proportion of women watching plays is higher than that of men , So we think we need to invest in big plays , According to the user scenario , User group portrait to determine .

Wang Yichao : The big direction , It's about category cultivation and brand occupation .

We will make an article on pull new and re purchase . At the new end , We did research last year , Among our customers , And most don't know “ Space carving ”, So our brand is only a well-known brand in some parts , It hasn't completely formed a broken circle , So this year, more budget will be spent on building category and brand mind . At the same time, we should differentiate , Tell consumers who have already bought .

We will shoot brand advertisements , At the same time, cross-border and joint branding with some brands .

Zhou Lei :

We also exist in the customers who buy , Don't know the brand . The number of stores on social media this year , Star cooperation , The implantation of variety shows should be put into production .

Pu Xi will make more investment in Tiktok this year , As an important track for growth . in addition , Grow through the launch of the content side .

3、 ... and 、 Your prediction for the future of Tiktok e-commerce is ? What kind of role does it take in the company ?

Brine master :6 Billion DAU, No one can bypass a platform , We will continue to improve the conversion efficiency of the live broadcast room , Buy traffic to transform “ Technique ” The level of has been optimized . But we don't think the self broadcast model is a particularly good model , We will vote for such things as the Tiktok challenge , I won't completely regard him as a platform for selling goods outside tmall , I will also think about how to use Tiktok in content , Promotion of Pinxuan end .

Wang Yichao : Let's pull new + Promote to see Tiktok . Lachine for the space moment , The explanation of products in short video and live broadcasting room is more direct and efficient .

We look at self broadcasting , Like a dynamic , Three dimensional detail page . Shelf e-commerce , The details page is a one-time investment . But the studio continues to invest , And the investment is not low . For our products that are not high margin , It's a challenge .

Tiktok is pushed to consumers , Ask the brand to spend money on , The investment cost remains high .

Zhou Lei : We have high expectations for Tiktok . Build your own content team , And build content with consumers . The short-term input-output ratio does not reach its ideal value , But follow a good direction .

First, as a touch platform for content , In fact, it is the harvest of selling property .

Four 、 Flow becomes expensive , What is the experience of getting customers ?

Brine master : It is inevitable that traffic continues to become expensive . Traffic is an algorithmic logic , Nature won't make you a lot of money , The cost of getting customers is always higher .

So why don't we know ROI Invest in entertainment marketing , This is really building brand awareness . Continue to penetrate in the way of brand , Not in the form of commodity competition .

So the ultimate solution is to build your own brand power .

Wang Yichao : Before, the traffic was cheap , Maybe it's not really cheap , There are a lot of invalid traffic , It's not really expensive now , But more effective traffic . Use the flow value to judge the flow , Not just the flow price .

So here's what we're going to do , When consumers open tmall , Already want to buy out , Tmall just made an undertaking . We will work more in this direction , Do pre-sale . Just like there was a saying called , Before consumers go out , I've decided to buy Coca Cola , It's just that the supermarket has made a undertaking .

Zhou Lei : The value brought by traffic is not just based on sales , Except for sales , What else can you do . This involves the concept of brand .

If I buy traffic, I have , If you don't buy it, you won't , No one can afford this . And the traffic done through content , Then this traffic generates brand awareness , Generate secondary repurchase , So we will weaken the single ROI Criteria for judging the number of passengers received , But it will increase the judgment standard of the brand , Add brand attributes .

5、 ... and 、 What kind of advice to peers ?

Brine master : For startups , Don't rush for growth , It is a good time to grasp the rationality of the business model . Receive visitors 、 Buy again 、 gross profit . Whether the business model is high-quality , More important than scale . Bad business model is in the wrong direction .

To the organization 、 Efforts should be made to build culture . For talent introduction , Our company pays more attention to . Make more money this year , Make less money , Will return it . The results obtained by chance are not long-term .

Wang Yichao : In a form consistent with the current stage of the brand : It is not recommended that when there is no popularity , Consider loyalty and reputation , Solve the problems of the brand at this stage . Early investment budget to establish brand culture . Because your influence is limited , Your culture is also limited . Because now the information explosion , Every brand wants to say culture , sense of worth , What consumers can't accept .

Use the marketing media within the company's resources : Select the appropriate media according to the budget , Make the most economical account .

Zhou Lei : Be a business , Allow yourself to be imperfect . Now many enterprises are facing problems , Where am I weak , I'll go and make it up first . The supply chain is weak , Just invest in the supply chain , Pull the supply chain to the average level . But in the breakthrough stage , We should give full play to our advantages . The two armies are at war. , If your indicators are average , There is no one's own “ Mao ”, It's hard to break through .

Be clear that you are competitive , Have their own breakthroughs and strengths .

7、 ... and 、 Those pits encountered when online brands enter offline

Xiao Bo : Founder of MI Xiaoya

One 、 At present, there are several pain points on the line :

1) Traffic is getting more and more expensive : Not only does the flow become expensive , Logistics costs have become expensive recently

2) Low price competition : In order to get users , blunt GMV, They are all cutting prices ;

3) Unlimited competition : Your competitors , Hundreds , Thousands , The same category of tmall store and Taobao store , It's all your competitors ;

4) Low customer loyalty : In especial 00 after , I'd like to try it very much , No brand loyalty at all

5) Traffic experts start their own business : People who do well online , Or the salary is expensive , Or start your own business .

Two 、 Offline opportunities :

Despite the epidemic, many stores are closed , But the offline market , Still very big . The share of offline market is at least 2 times . Offline opportunities have several core points :

1) Broad market

China has a large population , The market is big , The first line to the 18th line have their own living space .

2) Regional barriers

The complete Matthew effect on the line , Offline brands have regional barriers , In other provinces or online , I haven't even heard of .

3) Limited competition

200 Ping mother and baby shop , A category ,10-15 A brand , Oh, my God . Generally 3-5 A brand , So offline stores and 3-5 Brand competition , Compete with hundreds of online brands , Totally different .

4) High loyalty

Offline 3 Km range to buy , Loyalty is higher than online .

5) Offline experiences

You can directly touch and experience products offline , The conversion rate is higher .

3、 ... and 、 The logic of offline brands :

1) The needs of first-line and third-line customers are different

The population of many first tier cities , Has entered the fourth consumption era , Second and third line , Or the third consumption era , Four five lines , Or the second consumption era , Big logo, Only expensive ones. , Not buying the right ones. .

The rise of domestic products , Not rising in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen . But second and third tier cities , Data are more receptive to Guochao culture , It has always been a second and third tier city .

2) Trust high cost products

It's hard to play on the front line , Three lines are relatively easy , Because they trust shopping guides more , Trust platoon .

3) Arrangement and location are more important

No visual impact , It's easy to ignore , Then choose stores that are willing to focus on us and cooperate with each other .

4) The shopping guide decides the sales volume

Shopping Guide , A striker similar to football , The offline shopping guide can decide the door-to-door step of the product , Is it good to sell offline , The core does not depend on the product in the little red book , Exposure of Tiktok , The main reason is that the ability of the shopping guide is not strong .

5) High conversion rate of on-site experience

Online price comparison , But offline price is not the core factor . Maybe because of a word from the shopping guide , Even if the specification is a few yuan , For today's consumers , Also willing to place an order .

Four 、 Deep distribution , Occupy the mind

1) There are enough channels

2) Permeability is high enough

3) Arrangement is trust : Or not , Or you need a big row of noodles , Otherwise it won't work .

4) The shopping guide is a foot on the door : The shopping guide of the shopping guide , It's very important , Otherwise, just lie quietly , The effect is definitely not good .

5) Distributor 、 store 、 Shopping guides need to take care of : Get it done Shopkeeper , You don't have to deal with the clerk yet , Every clerk has to deal with . There are many links , If one link is broken in the middle, it will not work.

6) Continuous activity is effective : Offline activities may not be very powerful , But continue , Because offline communication is not as fast as online , The conduction efficiency is relatively low , Only sustained is effective .

8、 ... and 、 What are the long-term private domain operators doing ?

Si Si  HONI And your favorite food founder  

One 、 Mode starting reason :

HONI Set sail from the circle of friends , From the beginning 3 personal . In adopting the mode of wechat direct selling , Doing it 0-1. Why do you want to make an offer like this , A few points :

1、 Pamper the crowd , There are 4 Characteristics : young 、 women 、 Highly educated 、 High ability to pay

2、 Pet = Raise a baby , Super social and sharing properties

So it shows that these people have the attribute of sharing , And these users , Most are not married and have children , Keep a pet before raising a baby , So I think the people who raise pets and babies , It's highly consistent .

3、 Just need to 、 Viscosity 、 Stable 、 High repurchase

4、 Break the ice with network trust, domestic trust crisis : The industry agrees that foreign brands are better , The first thing for new brands to enter the market is to solve the trust crisis . therefore , The best way to break the ice is to break the ice of contacts , Through friends , Closer trust in products .

5、 Satisfy the user's emotion & Spiritual needs : Just need , If you just use the product Short and smooth communicate , It's hard to explore their spiritual needs and respond .

So we use wechat direct selling to make the brand , And achieve good results .

But you know , Quality is the basis of fission , Compound interest without fission , The product is not good , Buy... In the face 1 Time , Never buy again . Exchange trust with users , It's our original intention .

Two 、 Whose needs are we meeting

Our product is for pets , But the buyer is the owner .

According to Maslow's needs , We can see , Safety needs and physiological needs , Is to meet the needs of pets .

HONI To see is , Except for the beloved , We hope to achieve richer emotions with the help of pet raising / Spiritual experience / The goal is .

3、 ... and 、 personal IP Trust empowers altruism

Everyone should inject personal characteristics into the brand , Many dealers may trust the founder , Chose to cooperate , But we want our partners , Can convey trust , Use their own language to interpret the brand story .

True altruism , It shouldn't be a price cut . Use values to lead , Private domain should have a soul ,【 people 】 Is the core of the private domain .

Nine 、 How can new brands leverage high transformation with low budget in xiaohongshu

Ah Xie Co founder of lemon Republic

One 、 Strategy : Find the traffic password

Cutting edge brands with limited budgets , Hope to achieve the highest transformation effect , We chose koc Hand held explosive text delivery . throw a sprat to catch a herring , Putting into production can be very high .

Two 、 Find Xiaohong Shuda

1) brush : What you brush , They are generally of high quality , Because the water , The platform will not recommend .

2) search : Selling points related to product keywords : Low sugar drinks, etc . Find bloggers who have posts and choose ;

3) copy : Study the talent of competing products , Select the right blogger from the talent they put in

We don't know the type of organization :

1) Refuse one price institutional cooperation

2) Refuse packaging cooperation without knowing the details of the talent

Formulate the screening rules for bloggers :

1) Cost lower 1000 Yuan's talent ;

2) The explosive rate of handheld content of products of the same category released in recent month is greater than 10%: The key words are the same category , If it's a different category of tweets , Products that launch brands do not necessarily explode ;

3、 ... and 、 How to improve the burst rate and effectively drain

1、 Real sharing , Co create content, not control content

Selling points pile up Is not important

Brand exposure Is not important

Brand topic Is not important

2、 Our popular formula : Creative flow of the main map + An exaggerated and subjective title + The content length should not exceed 10 That's ok + Hard sell points should not exceed 2 individual

Not every topic produces a blast , But different time periods tend to different contents . How to find out ? Just brush more .

3、 Heat the fries , Give notes a chance to explode again

  • The traffic is abnormal after the note is released Whether the French fries test is illegal

  • Content enters the platform stage French fries second pry flow

  • Generated blast Chasing may yield surprises

4、 Violation risk control , In line with Xiaohong Book Flow Ecology

1) Brand key words / prominent logo Packaging

2) False marketing : Efficacy words / Limit words

We have a lot of drinks vc, It will be beautiful white , But we don't talk about Whitening , Will say “ In vain ”, And we don't say lemon Republic Whitening , But rather vc Will whiten , Sensitive words and prohibited words can be queried by referring to the website :

3) Restricted Marketing : Sensitive words / Contraband

4) Repeat plagiarism : Highly similar content

Once there's a blast , Similar blasts can be imitated in batches , Copy .

Four 、 Control review

Create a sense of authenticity and praise , Guide users to place orders

5、 ... and 、 Recycling : Second use of content

What has been published , You can put it in tmall's comments , Be a tmall

At the same time, you can sync to the blogger or Visit the organization

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