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Adults' daily stepping on the pit: the school didn't teach these at all

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In the world of adults , Stepping on a pit is everyday .

Here comes the pit , Can only fall straight in , No defense at all , It's like taking a naked exam every day .

When things happen , I wish someone could tell me : This question , You can answer .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

chart /《 Hey, handsome boy !!》

Every night 8 spot , In brother Zhu's live studio , People from all walks of life get together , Among them are 00 after , Also have 70 after , You Baoma , There are also site workers …… But without exception , They all want to learn a technology , Change life .

And in the morning 7 spot , Lawyer Cui's studio , Is another picture of the world . People are always trapped in endless disputes , Want a “ Statement ”. Lawyer Cui wants to tell people , Encounter things , Don't be impulsive 、 revenge 、 escape , There are other possibilities in life .

And a group of adults , They are still illiterate , Difficult steps , But tried to hide the secret . In Raven's studio , They start with Pinyin , Eager to really integrate into the world .

These special studios , It's like a large real mutual aid scene .

Here, people expose their inner confusion and vulnerability , No longer hide your clumsiness and astringency , Of course, there are those who want to change their fate .

Brother Zhu 、 Neither lawyer Cui nor rifen are teachers in the public sense . But they work hard in their respective positions , Walk through many detours in person , They also have valuable experience and knowledge . These experiences , Tips and experience , Fill every gap , Accurately poke the real pain point .

Some of the time , People learn more than knowledge , It's about solving problems in life .


Brother Zhu : What I learned , That's what you get

Before coming to Kwai , Brother Zhu never thought about , One day I will become a teacher who teaches people to draw pictures .

After graduating from technical school , He did it 16 Full house custom designer in .2017 From the year onwards , I wish you a live lecture .5 Since then , Brother Zhu has helped 1000 Many students have found jobs .

Decoration worker 、 taxi driver 、 Take away riders 、 Hotel attendant …… These are Zhu Ge's students .

Shenyang guy who smashed the wall on the construction site , Surrounded by dust and noise . The delivery boy , Go upstairs and downstairs every day , After receiving the bill, go home , It's often late at night . For them , Go back to school for a few years , It's not very realistic .

Although you are not afraid of being late , But brother Zhu said ,“ After all, age is here ”, Spend tens of thousands of tuition fees to study in other places , I can't afford to spend .

Besides, , A single point of knowledge in the classroom is not enough . There is only interior design major in China , Doing whole house customization , You have to understand the measuring ruler 、 drawing 、 Common sense of order splitting and decoration .

Compared with advanced theory , They need survival skills that they can hold in their hands . Knowledge is salt , Not much luxury , But it can make people feel the taste , Added some strength to live .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

There is a wall in brother Zhu's house dedicated to hanging students' homework .

“ Per capita social livestock ” Era , Changing jobs seems to be a common idea . But brother Zhu said , Unless there's something very difficult inside , Otherwise, people will not easily change careers . Restart life , Many difficulties need to be overcome .

evening 9 Students who don't leave work until 11:00 , Ride a bike to watch the live broadcast , I have to be told by brother Zhu “ Caution! ”. Boys who have no money to buy computers , Copy the class to U pan , Go around and review in various Internet cafes . Shandong Baoma with two children , I still hold my dick in class . And even 45 Year old sister , and 58 Year old brother .

“ It's not easy for every student ”, Wish brother right 《 New weekly 》 say , They want to change their fate .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

# Cancel the diversion of general posts after graduating from junior middle school # Hot search .

I wish the people taught by brother , Drawings are generally drawn in a standard way , Also more meticulous than others .

21 Year old Hebei guy , After graduating from technical secondary school, I went to Beijing to find a job . Education is a barrier , The director of the recruitment unit looked at his drawings , Among the last fifty or sixty people , I made an exception and accepted him .

“ Take the drawing and talk ”, Brother Zhu encourages students ,“ Those who understand know it at a glance ”.

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

On the air @ Designer Zhu Ge —— Teach you design .

Successful students , There will be some changes in the State . I wish you can clearly feel , In the past, even wheat was a little weak , Now speak more fluently , Become relaxed .

“ At least not derail every day ”, Those who used to be unemployed or confused , I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow , What you do “ Maybe it will be the same ten years later ”.

After job transfer , Some people become friends with customers , Be recognized and respected . I wish you feel , They are capable , I wish you a sense of achievement .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Students in the feedback video , Say where you are from , How long have you studied . There are several girls , A personal introduction will be added :

“ I'm a designer now .”


Lawyer Cui : Avoid the pit in life

In the morning 6 spot 45 branch , It's still early , Many people came to lawyer Cui's studio .

marriage , To loan , Migrant workers' wages , The traffic accident , land …… Lawyer Cui said ,“ Consult everything ”.

She is a practicing lawyer in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province , Open a live broadcast for two and a half hours every day , Then go to work and deal with daily cases .

Webcast is different from the routine work of lawyers in reality , People come from all walks of life , It's all about specific things . Sometimes lawyer Cui is asked , I'm going to check the information .

Popularizing law , Not the unilateral giving of knowledge , It's more like a mutual learning process .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Well quickly @ Lawyer Cui ( Speak the law , Talk about feelings )

In life, many people use wechat , But I don't know “ Who builds the group, who manages ”, If the master let go , Is to bear the responsibility .

Again for instance , Lend your bank card to someone else , If you are taken to telecommunications fraud or other illegal things , Then you may also be affected .

Lawyer Cui said :“ Some things are common in life , In fact, it may be hard to imagine , It will involve legal issues .”

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

chart /《 Juvenile court 》

Everyone wants to learn more about law , Avoid some pits in life .

There is one 30 A multi-year-old boy , Before going home for the new year, I went to ask for salary . He told lawyer Cui “ I defended my rights ”, The result is a banner , Shout with a loud horn , Ran to the unit and made a scene .

“ This is a provocation ”, I want to protect my rights, but I'm in the wrong direction , Lawyer Cui explained .

One more 40 Year old sister , I'm anxious for money when doing business , Encountered loan fraud . The elder sister realized that something was wrong , Want to quit , The other party said that he had signed the loan contract ,“ You can't borrow it ”. A few rounds down , Cheated by more than 100000 .

Later, lawyer Cui told her , Private lending is based on “ Payment received ” As a condition of entry into force . Just sign the contract and don't receive the money , The so-called loan contract , No effect .

I don't know the law , It's hard to avoid losses like this .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Online loan advertising , It has already entered people's vision in public places ./ Figure worm

By 2019 year 11 month , The laws in force in China are 275 Ministry . and 2021 Just implemented in 《 The civil code of the people's Republic of China 》 Yes 1260 strip .

When popularizing the law , Lawyer Cui will try to crush the complexity , A little more human .

A woman who suffered domestic violence , Just about to consult began to cry , I want to divorce and I'm afraid it will affect my children . Her husband once beat her to a fracture , I couldn't get out of bed for days , Miscarriage during pregnancy .

The legal advice given by lawyer Cui is , Keep evidence of domestic violence , Like pictures 、 Injury examination report 、 Medical records or alarm , If not, divorce through separation .

besides , Lawyer Cui also encouraged the other party , Women should be independent and strong , Set the right example for children . Lawyer Cui told her , After all these years, I saw my father beating my mother ,“ The children stopped crying ”, I think it's routine ,“ Do you think it's terrible ”?

“ I speak French very little , In fact, the law popularization adheres to the relatively grounded one , It's very easy for fans to accept , Really help them solve some problems .”

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Legal principles are nothing more than human feelings , Profound knowledge should also return to life , Bring tangible nourishment .


Ruifen : every single word or phrase , Read this world

original , Until now , There are so many adults , I don't recognize a word .

15 People who are illiterate and older , go by the name of “ illiteracy ”. The seventh national census last year showed that , The proportion of illiterate population is 2.67%. Behind seemingly tiny numbers , yes 3755 The real regrets of more than 10000 people .

Raven started by tutoring two children , Later decided to open a live broadcast to teach adults to read . Most of her fans are 35 To the age of 65 Year old rural woman .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Well quickly @ Ruifen ( Literacy )

People didn't go to school when they were young , Maybe the family condition is not good , Give priority to my brother to study , Some didn't realize the importance at that time .

Children younger than them , Basically, they have received nine years of compulsory education . But reality doesn't allow these adults to go back to school , they “ Pick pepper in the field during the day 、 Breaking corn , Busy farming season, even busy until midnight ”.

These people , In such a big society , A small piece left behind .

In a short video released by rifen , Practical content related to life , The amount of reading praise is very high .“ Select amount ”“ Withdraw money and save money ” Such words , Clear strokes , Marked with Pinyin , Seen by the students many times .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Kwai old irons review the words that Ruifen teaches every time in the comment area .

As you can imagine , Illiterate people , How to hit a wall everywhere on weekdays .

“ Because I have no culture 、 illiterate , It's very low self-esteem , So live in a lie all your life ”, heilongjiang 53 Sister Xia said .

She had tried every means to hide .

To go to the school parents' meeting, you need to sign , Sister Xia pretended that her right hand was hurt , Later, I went to help with the sanitation , If you're busy and forget, you'll reveal your stuffing .

It's an important occasion for her daughter to get married , The menu in the hotel 、 The roster is full of words , She was more afraid that her in laws would find that she couldn't read , Can't write .

“ After a while, I can't speak because my tonsils are inflamed , For a while, pretend that your eyes are inflamed and can't open your eyes , Make more jokes .”

Knowledge leaves an invisible gap , People always perceive it in life , It seems to be a great regret and secret .

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Ruifen's student Xiao Mo's homework when he first started studying , And homework after half a year .

Ruifen teaches the initials of Pinyin 、 Finals , Slow and careful . The students followed for half a year , Can master 1000 Multiple new words . Rifen hopes , They can be cheated less , More convenient in life .

knowledge , It can be the professional skills taught by brother Zhu , Give people the confidence to settle down . It can also be lawyer Cui's daily law popularization , Shape a certain order among the chicken feathers on the ground . It can also be Raven's literacy education , So that those basic survival needs can be guaranteed , Individual dignity is preserved .

Knowledge is life itself , Just hit every pain point on ordinary days .

“ All things are learned ”, This sentence has been interpreted as a new contemporary version on the Kwai platform . Like brother Zhu 、 Lawyer Cui 、 Creators like raven , Is precipitating life wisdom into knowledge , Pass it on to more people .

4 month 28 Japan , Kwai new knowledge and Kwai big data research institute jointly released 《2022 Kwai pan knowledge content ecological report 》 Show ,2021 year , The broadcast volume of the whole Kwai pan knowledge content increased year-on-year 58.11%. The opening number of Pan knowledge live broadcast is as high as 3300 ten thousand +.

 Adults step on pits every day : The school didn't teach this at all

Short video platform in the Internet era , Everyone can find the knowledge they most need more easily .

ad locum , People will find out , Can bring them valuable new knowledge , That's it. “ Right person ”. They can face college scholars directly , You can also consult experts at any time . These people delve into various fields , Experienced , Just can provide accurate life secrets .

Once upon a time , People need to keep climbing , Compete for scarce educational resources . But now , The traditional pyramid knowledge structure has been broken , The world has become an interconnected network , Everyone loves to think 、 A soul thirsting for wisdom , Can get a response .

Shenyifei, associate professor of sociology at Fudan University, joined Kwai last year , After each video update , She can receive a lot of private letters and comments . After posting a video about how to treat your parents , Some netizens replied to her ,“ I suddenly realized that I have been taking the ideal parents as the benchmark and asking my parents , So I've been complaining that they don't have the ability to give me a good life . Thank you, Mr. Shen , Let me realize that my parents are ordinary people like me .”

And the academician of lunar exploration who is over 80 “ Ouyang is far away ”, Has also been practicing the responsibility of popularizing science to the society by setting an example . In recent years , Academician Ouyang gives more than 50 lectures and reports every year , The total audience is tens of thousands . And now , Just a live broadcast , Millions of people watched . In the latest popular science broadcast of space day , Academician Ouyang said , The masses have a lot of questions about lunar exploration , But the researchers didn't make it clear ,“ My job is to let you know the long-term significance of the lunar exploration project to improve living standards .“

In well quickly , Xing Lida, an associate professor of China University of Geosciences, also adheres to popular science , As a famous young scholar , Xing Lida is committed to bringing the story of ancient creatures to the present , In his comments section , Filled with, in the eyes of many people, maybe “ It's useless ” Discussion ,“ Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ankylosaurus PK Who will win ?”“ Can the great white shark and the Spinosaurus win ?” No matter when , As long as you see fans asking questions in the comment area , Xing Lida will try his best to answer .

Knowledge itself , Can also be in such interaction and sharing , Flow completely , Become ironed , Become rich . therefore , Knowledge has more vigorous vitality , More possibilities .

Interaction , equality , free , to open up —— This may be the surprise brought by knowledge inclusion .

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