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Doctor story | medical staff & 34; Go to the countryside & 34; What have you been through? " Behind the "living Bodhisattva" is the patient's hopelessness and endless gratitude again and again

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( Shanghai Changzheng Hospital Xiao Xin 、 Wang Genhua )

“ Thank you for traveling all the way , From the metropolis to the small county town in the remote mountains , It was you who helped me relieve my pain for many years , Bring happiness to our family , Brought good news to the people of Siji ……”10 Mid month , The Second Affiliated Hospital of Naval Military Medical University ( Shanghai Changzheng Hospital ) Dean Zhang dianyong received a special letter . In letter , Fang Mei, an ordinary farmer from Xiji County, Ningxia, is full of gratitude , It tells about the experience of Dr. Zhao Jing in the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Changzheng Hospital who relieved her of depression for more than ten years .

This year, 8 month , Zhao Jing, Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Changzheng Hospital, served as the No 18 A group of medical team members , It's also the hospital 18 For the first time in years, TCM doctors were sent to Xiji County People's hospital to carry out assistance work . For more than 10 years , Fang Mei is troubled by lumbar disc herniation , After many treatments, the effect is almost zero , It got worse three years ago , Appear joint 、 Waist pain , Walking difficulties and other symptoms . I heard that a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine came to the Long March Hospital , Fang Mei went to seek treatment with a glimmer of hope . Zhao Jing Jingwang 、 smell 、 ask 、 cut , Put forward “ Cold dampness condenses and blocks 、 Deficiency of spleen and kidney yang , Liver pulse contracture ” The diagnosis of .“ After Dr. Zhao's external application of drugs and conditioning with traditional Chinese Medicine , The lumbosacral pain is gone , The stiffness of the waist is relieved , Abdominal distension and joint pain are also reduced .” Fang Mei smiled and blossomed . What Xiji people like Zhao Jing have in mind “ Living Bodhisattva ”, There are countless in the medical team .

2018 year , Bai Jun was a vascular surgeon sent to Xiji people's Hospital for the first time by the long march hospital . The medical staff of the hospital are very unfamiliar with vascular diseases , The local people know little about vascular disease , I don't think varicose veins are painful or itchy, so I don't need treatment . Bai Jun's first day of outpatient service , A lot of varicose vein patients came , But most of them just heard that experts came “ inspection ” Once , When you see “ Experts ” With a baby face , All flinched . No one came to visit again for a week . You can't wait , We have to take the initiative ! Bai Jun gave a lecture on science popularization , While persuading the hospital leaders “ give money ” Improve supporting equipment . A week later , Bai Jun performed the first individualized minimally invasive surgery for varicose veins of lower limbs , After the operation, Uncle Wang and his wife saw the micro incision on the leg , Grinning from ear to ear . Medical staff in general surgery also saw such varicose vein surgery and completely different management concepts for the first time , The surgical treatment of varicose veins has changed from negative to positive . from “ No takers ” To “ bustling ”, thus , A key discipline — Vascular surgery has been established . recently , The county hospital was established “ Expert workstation of vascular surgery of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital ”.

“ Shanghai military doctors bring not only medical skills , It also brings advanced hospital management ideas .” President Li Junyi of Xiji County People's Hospital said , In hospital management 、 Discipline construction 、 Improve business ability and so on , Help experts out 30 More rationalization suggestions , They benefit a lot . For eighteen years , Long march hospital through the centralized training of talents 、 Discipline management construction 、 Equipment capital investment and other ways , It has filled a number of gaps for Xiji County People's Hospital .

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 Doctor's story | Medical staff " Go to the countryside " What have you been through ?” Living Bodhisattva “ Behind the , It is the patient's hopelessness again and again to endless gratitude

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