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E-commerce information / dry goods in the "April 27 express" of, which gathers new e-commerce news all over the world

2022-05-07 19:13:52Qingzhangu tea

 Electric monkey net 「4 month 27 Daily Express 」 E-commerce information / dried food , Gather new news about e-commerce in the world

1、 Tmall will adjust about wenplay / Postal money / Calligraphy and painting / Collection categories and other investment rules

2、 Tiktok adjustment 2022 year 618 Good thing Festival delivery and service rules

3、 JD.COM 618 Merchant conference release 30 term “ Three plus three minus three ” Business support measures

4、 Taobao live 2022 Maternal and infant industry report : The number of male users in the live broadcast room increased year-on-year 66%

5、 Are you hungry? Adjust the format rules of retail merchants 5 month 2 Take effect

6、 JD adjusted the order service strategy in the areas affected by the epidemic

7、 Express Qingdao merchant operation service center opened

8、eBay Advanced promotion, new French site

9、 The Amazon cross-border e-commerce export Incubation Center project is located in the orchard port comprehensive protection zone, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing

10、eBay: Australian sellers must ensure that button batteries meet safety standards

11、 Tmall supermarket will allocate replenishment to Shunyi warehouse 5000 Ton commodity

12、 Kwai e-commerce adjusts the access rules of fast distribution beauty category

13、 Technology worth buying 2021 Annual revenue 14.03 One hundred million yuan Year-on-year growth 54.26%

14、 Rookie will build in Zhejiang “ Unmanned granary ”

15、 Kwai e-commerce publicity “ The product itself involves false publicity of efficacy “ List of violations

16、 The little red book is published “ Copyright protection service plan ” Commissioning results

17、Stifel Down regulation Shopify、Etsy Wait for the target price of multiple e-commerce stocks

18、Asda Will be in its brand George Try the door-to-door return service

—— Reported by the authoritative e-commerce comprehensive media platform e-monkey

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