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Headline @ leader, I heard that telecommuting is the general trend

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at the moment of normalization of epidemic situation , Telecommuting has become a career skill , And become a technology company worthy of showing off “ welfare ”. China Internet Network Information Center recently released 《 The first 47 The second statistical report on the development of Internet in China 》 Show , The number of teleworking users in China has reached 3.46 Billion , Account for the total number of Internet users 34.9%. But after more and more people adapt and accept telecommuting , Its advantages and disadvantages also gradually emerge clearly .

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend


“ No commuting ” The most popular

Beyond seas , The development of telecommuting was relatively mature before the epidemic , Especially things like Google、Meta Wait for technology companies , Telecommuting has long been the norm ; At home , Ctrip group 2021 In, a mixed office experiment was carried out internally . At the end of the six-month trial period , Employees' support for mixed office is determined by 52.9% Up to the 59.2%. Reasons for employee support , Reducing commuting time comes first , The second is to balance work and life . From an employee's point of view , Telecommuting saves commuting time , Make a better balance between life and work .

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend
Xiaobian's heart : Who likes to squeeze in this subway , Leaders, please help me up , I love working

Tencent Research Institute's research platform T-ask Recently released 《2022 T-ask Telecommuting survey 》 Show ,“ No commuting ” Is the most recognized advantage of telecommuting . meanwhile ,“ More freedom in remote office environment , And more comfortable ”“ More flexible working hours , Be able to arrange ” It's the choice of many people . It is precisely because of these advantages over on-site office , More than 70% of people do not reject telecommuting , Nearly 40% of the respondents believe that Telecommuting is the trend of the times .

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend

An employee of a technology company said in an interview with reporters , Home office does not rule out extending working hours , But this is not the norm , Even if you work in the office, you will encounter overtime .“ The difference is , Home office hours can be flexibly adjusted , Longer working hours , It won't make people feel tired .

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend


The technology needs to be upgraded

Although telecommuting has fundamentally changed the operation efficiency of modern organizations , But to meet such a large demand for telecommuting , It's not easy .

Many people still take it for granted that , A laptop , Even a smartphone , It can be easily realized in the environment with network support . However, for enterprises , Telecommuting is not that simple . If an enterprise needs thousands of people to work remotely at the same time , only tremendous PC The amount of terminal access will be IT Management brings unprecedented challenges .

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend

Xinhua news agency

In addition to network and hardware support , Emerging technological and product innovations are also supporting and guiding the trend of telecommuting . Li Zhifeng, vice president of enterprise wechat, believes that , The demand of enterprise telecommuting , Some require internal remote collaboration , Some are customers who need external connections , Whether it's remote office or daily digital construction , Pay attention to play “ Connect ” The value of .

Based on the network connection, it needs the cooperation and cooperation between people , There is no doubt that more tools and applications are needed to support , Telecommuting can be smooth and efficient . besides , Because a considerable number of people are not familiar with the basic network security measures , Therefore, telecommuting also brings more Safe hidden trouble .Notion Lin MI, head of the Chinese community, believes that , From the perspective of information security , Telecommuting requires personal tools and enterprise collaboration software , Do data separation .


Mixed office or mainstream

Of course , Not everyone thinks telecommuting can do everything . Many people also believe that , There are still many problems in telecommuting , such as “ The boundary between work and life is blurred ”“ Inconvenient communication with colleagues ” as well as “ Self management is not good enough , It's easy to waste time ”.

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend

Yang Jian, vice president of Tencent, told reporters , at present Compared with on-site office, the communication of remote office is lack “ Sense of presence ”.“ Telecommuting is not done overnight , We should first pay attention to whether the underlying conditions have developed and matured , Then discuss whether telecommuting is the future of the working system .”

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend

So far , People accept telecommuting , Mostly a compromise under the epidemic . In a way , The experience of telecommuting has not evolved as fast as people think . Mao Daqing, chairman of Youke factory, believes that , Telecommuting is not universally applicable , Judging from the current development of office technology , Most companies still need to set up offices .

 headlines | @ Leader , I heard that telecommuting is the general trend

Actually , The practice of many technology companies has proved that , Telecommuting It's not just a way to solve office problems during the epidemic , it It is likely to coexist with the on-site office mode , Become one of the main working modes . Yang Jian believes , Telecommuting is more than just a change of workplace , Instead, it means an all-round change in the work paradigm , We need to change our ideas in time , Actively promote the application level 、 Exploration of working system .

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