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R & D investment of listed game companies: more than 40 increased investment, and the per capita annual salary of 6 exceeded 500000

2022-05-07 19:16:1836kr

stay 「 The edition number is suspended 」 In the shadow of ,2021 The game industry in was full of uncertainty . Most listed companies increase investment in R & D , In order to enhance the subsequent competitiveness . 

Game news Statistics 67 R & D investment and annual salary level of listed companies , data display , The R & D expenses of many enterprises increase instead of decrease , Mainly reflected in R & D project expenditure and salary adjustment policy . 

Increasing R & D investment is the general trend ,8 More than one billion yuan has been invested at home

67 A public company , Yes 40 Many families are 2021 Increase R & D investment in . The R & D cost exceeds 10 One hundred million yuan 8 home , tencent 、 NetEase Both exceeded 10 billion ( This data is the group's R & D expenses , Not just game R & D investment ) , And the rest 6 home —— A perfect world 、 Jinshan Software 、 Century Huatong 、 Notoginseng and entertainment 、 Heartbeat and IGG Respectively in 10 Billion ~25 One hundred million yuan between . 

2021 In, Tencent's R & D expenses were 518 One hundred million yuan , An increase of 33.1%, Mainly affected by the increase in staff costs . 

On the one hand is 2021 The recruitment of professionals in the market was extremely fierce , In this case, Tencent has expanded its recruitment of more than 20000 employees , The personnel scale has broken through 11 ten thousand . On the other hand , Tencent this year to 1743 Billion yuan of game revenue 42% market share , Employees' salaries 、 Bonuses have also risen sharply . R & D personnel alone pay more than 2020 More than years 112.15 One hundred million yuan . 

Tencent's financial report exposed the five employees with the highest annual salary , Pay in 4.6 More than one hundred million yuan , Two of them were paid more than 13 One hundred million yuan , According to the previous media the information Broke the news , One of them is the interactive entertainment business group ( Game business in this business group ) President Ren Yuxin . 

These five people are paid more than all disclosed directors and chief executives ,CEO The annual salary of Ma Huateng and President Liu Chiping fell year-on-year 24% about , The main performance is that dividends and equity incentives have shrunk . Liu Chiping is the highest paid director and the sixth highest paid person of Tencent , He got it 3.2 One hundred million yuan . 

Netease's R & D investment is about 140 One hundred million yuan , rose 35.7%, Also due to increased staff costs . Including the salary of the R & D team 、 Benefits and bonuses have risen , Expenses incurred from personnel expansion and game research and development . By 2021 year , The number of employees of Netease is 32064 name , More than half of them are responsible for online game business . The scale of R & D team reaches 15292 people .

The R & D cost of the perfect world has increased to 23 One hundred million yuan , And regard it as the necessary investment to realize the iterative upgrading of old products and the breakthrough of new products . 

First of all, it is reflected in the starting layout of different tracks , Increase the number and investment of games under research . Last year, we launched a round mobile game 《 Dream new kill immortal 》、 Open world mobile games 《 Magic tower 》 And vertical 3D Mobile Games 《 A perfect world : The battle of the gods 》 etc. , among 《 Magic tower 》 The first month is near 5 A record of 100 million , Promote resources to tilt towards projects in line with the future strategic direction . About 2021 year Q4 Hundreds of layoffs , The annual report also seems to explain , That is, projects that are less consistent with the company's development goals will be gradually streamlined . 

Products under development include 「 , 」IP The swim 《 Zhu Xian world 》、 Action oriented end game products 《Perfect New World》、PC The swim + The host game 《Have a Nice Death》、《 Black cat anecdote Society 》《 The kingdom of morning and night 》《 One punch Superman : The world 》《 Million Arthur 》《 , 2》《 Perfect new world 》《 Magic land 2》 etc. , cover MMORPG、 Turn system 、 ARPG、 The card 、 Leisure and other types . 

Secondly, in order to motivate core R & D personnel , Perfect world has introduced a series of supporting mechanisms to encourage innovation, such as salary adjustment , This has also led to an increase in R & D costs . 

It is mainly reflected in the per capita salary ratio of employees 2020 Year rose 13.6%, The collective reduction of executive compensation has decreased by nearly ten million yuan . One of the perfect world games CEO Lu Xiaoyin's annual salary starts from 2020 Year of 626 Ten thousand yuan down 2021 Year of 447 Ten thousand yuan . 

Jinshan software invested 23 Billion yuan of R & D funds , Year on year 2020 Annual growth 41%. This year, he has made frequent moves in self-study ,RPG《 Sword net 1: Return 》 Online in China and Vietnam , Place cards 《 Wulin Idle Xia 》 Issued by Zhaoxi Lightyear , The third generation of swordsman world series 《 world of sword 3》 Did not delete the file test . Products under development MMORPG The swim 《 Sword net 3 origin 》 Location is 「《 Sword net 3》 Copy of 」, Get the version number this year , Next, we may increase the investment in the project . 

The R & D investment of century Huatong is about 19 One hundred million yuan , rose 31.40%. It announced that there are more than a dozen projects under research 《Lyra》《 Celebrate more than 》《 Legendary world 》《 Legend of the ancient dragon heroes ( undetermined )》《 famine : New home ( undetermined ) 》《 Golden hymn of JOJO's wonderful adventure ( undetermined ) 》《 Dragon Valley International 》 wait , This has led to an increase in R & D expenses . In addition, last year launched Several self-developed simulated business games , Respectively 《 Feifei adventure (Family Farm Adventure) 》《 Komori's life 》《 Dream dragon paradise (Dragonscapes Adventure) 》, Not bad . 

The R & D cost of Sanqi mutual entertainment reaches 12.5 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 12.37% . This is mainly reflected in the expansion of the R & D team to 1900 people , Of the total number of employees 48.9%, Salary and welfare expenses have increased , The average annual salary of employees has increased 36.7% ( The total salary expenditure reached 16.5 One hundred million yuan ) ; The executives of the game R & D team also get quite good treatment , For example, Hu Yuhang, who is responsible for the research and development of Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment brand Panax notoginseng games, has an annual salary of up to 787 ten thousand , Than founder Li Yifei (558 Ten thousand yuan per year ) 、 Zeng Kaitian, who is in charge of overseas issuance business (575 Ten thousand yuan per year ) Still high . 

The R & D cost of heart is close to that of Sanqi mutual entertainment , The growth rate reached 88.9%. 2021 In, R & D personnel increased 300 Left and right , among 140 Called the game developer , Salary and welfare levels have also increased ; To improve TapTap Improve user experience and self-development strength , Increasing the right to TapTap At the same time , Keep pushing forward 13 A self-developed project , Including Diablo games 《 Torchlight : Infinite 》、 Platform fighting game 《Flash Party》、5 Participation in 「 Bonfire test 」 Products, etc . 

IGG The R & D investment is about 10 One hundred million yuan , An increase of 82%. This expense accounts for... Of the income 21%, Used to expand the game product matrix . At present, there are strategies in reserve 、 Action products , among 3D Action games 《Project Yeager》 Got a relatively good evaluation during the test . Due to the expansion of the R & D team , The number of employees has increased compared with last year 53%. 

Another company with obvious growth is hero entertainment , stay 2021 In, it was transformed into a research and development company , Put in 4.36 Billion yuan of R & D funds . At present, it has ten self-research studios , The most popular one is Pan Shen's studio exposed on Weibo this year , He is mainly engaged in the study of quadratic elements RPG.

The R & D investment of some game companies has increased , However, R & D personnel decreased significantly compared with the previous year . for example Youzu network R & D expenses have increased year-on-year 9.3%, By the end of the year, the number of R & D personnel had decreased 200 A number of . Shunwang technology's R & D team 「 Streamlining 」 Near 25%, R & D costs have increased 15.5%, It is mainly due to the rise in the salary of R & D personnel . The R & D investment of Yaoji technology soared 50% above , Compared with R & D personnel 2020 Annual reduction 70 A number of . 

The most obvious is Zhongke cloud network ,2020 In addition to 46 A R & D staff ,2021 Reduced to only 4 name , And the R & D expenses are from 351 RMB 10000 added to 407 Ten thousand yuan . Annual report , The company's main business is game promotion and operation and catering group meals , Among them, game promotion and operation has created 2.2 Billion yuan revenue , Accounting for the total revenue 68.2%. nearly 400 The R & D fund of 10000 yuan is mainly used for R & D of the company's operation and business management system . 

exceed 10 R & D expenses have decreased . Some companies are not making good progress in game research and development or when game revenue is declining , Choose to lay off staff or sell subsidiaries to reduce R & D expenses . 

Tom cat 2021 The annual game revenue is 2.7 One hundred million yuan , Mainly contribute to the game distribution business . And it invested in research and development 2.38 One hundred million yuan , Year on year decrease 14.5%, Nearly 100 R & D personnel have also been reduced . 

The R & D cost of Tianshen entertainment has been reduced 21.9%, Maybe it's related to the sharp decline in revenue , Game revenue fell year-on-year 42%. 

R & D personnel also from 2020 Year of 338 Name reduced to 2021 Year of 123 name , Related to the transfer of its subsidiary fantasy Yueyou . 

The revenue of Tianzhou culture fell by 40%, Two consecutive years of losses . This year, the R & D team adjusted , from 504 People are optimized to 246 people . 

There is also north latitude Technology , It also reduces labor costs by optimizing the team . 

In addition, some companies adjust their R & D investment by reducing a specific expenditure . 

Seventh Avenue Our R & D expenditure is 8000 Ten thousand yuan or so , A year-on-year decrease of 25.7%, This is due to the reduction of outsourcing expenses of the game business . 

Celadon game Our R & D expenditure ranges from 2020 Year of 14610 Ten thousand yuan down to 9120 Ten thousand yuan , This is due to its games 《 The strongest snail 》 Our revenue fell , R & D project bonuses have also been reduced . 

Under the situation that the edition number has been suspended for nearly half a year , This approach is obviously easier for practitioners to accept than layoffs . 

26 The R & D personnel of this company account for more than half ,12 There are more than 1000 R & D teams

In terms of the proportion of R & D personnel , Yes 26 The proportion of R & D personnel in listed companies exceeds 50%. 

among , Caesar culture 、 ZuLong entertainment and Baiao family interaction Our R & D teams account for 80% above . Caesar culture expanded its enrollment last year 200 people , The R & D team has reached 774 Many people . ZuLong entertainment added new R & D personnel 158 people , The proportion of personnel in the R & D center has come to 82%. 

Huaqing is flying 、 Boya interaction Kunlun world wide 、 Seventh Avenue 、 Giant Interactive 、 cardiac 、 The proportion of R & D personnel of Youzu network is 70%~80% Between . Among them, Kunlun wanwei 、 The R & D number of Xinhe Youzu network is more than 1000 . 

The proportion of R & D personnel is 60%~70% The company between them is zhixingtong 、 Palmtop Technology Kai Ying network 、 A perfect world 、 Dasheng culture 、 Touch technology 、 Fuchun Co., Ltd 、 Glacier network and Flying fish technology . But only the perfect world has more than a thousand R & D people . 

Sheng day network 、 Tower network 、 Gigabit 、 Century Huatong 、 Tian Zhou Culture 、 Electric soul network 、 The number culture of Zhejiang Province The proportion of R & D personnel in 50%~60% Between . Among them, only century Huatong and Zhejiang digital culture have reached the R & D scale of 1000 people . 

If you look at the scale of R & D personnel , exceed 1000 People scale companies are 12 home ( Including Tencent ) . 

Netease uses 15292 R & D personnel ( Including the R & D personnel of the group's non game business ) In the first tier . Tencent's annual report did not disclose the specific number of R & D people , But it is also expected to exceed 10000 . 

The second echelon is Bili, Bili 、 Perfect world and century Huatong , The number of R & D personnel is 4000~6000 Between names . It should be noted that , Similar to Netease 、 BiliBili, a company with more main business , The R & D number disclosed in the annual report includes people outside the game business . 

rest 7 The number of R & D personnel of this company is 1000~2000 Between names . R & D personnel in 500~1000 People scale companies are 13 home , stay 100~500 The scale of people is 21 home . 

Yes 6 The number of R & D personnel in this company is less than 100 name . In addition to the previously mentioned Zhongke cloud network , And shengxinda 、 North latitude technology 、 Tianrun 、 Youlai interaction and Zhejiang Hanye . 

Zhejiang Hanye is 2015 In the past years 16 Billion yuan to acquire Yanlong technology of Haihai company , This opens the game business . however 2021 Annual report ,2020 In, Yanlong technology's operation failed to meet expectations and its performance fell sharply , Accounts receivable are 3.42 One hundred million yuan ( Foreign income ) Failed to recover , A large number of employees leave and file Labor Arbitration . This leads to a large loss of R & D personnel . 

6 The average annual salary of the family is less than 50 ten thousand ,17 Home in 24 All of the following

( notes : Because the number of employees in the company is changing and the salary of senior executives is much higher than that of ordinary employees , Therefore, the per capita annual salary in this paragraph is only for reference , Does not constitute job advice .) 

6 The average annual salary of the employees of the listed company is 50 More than ten thousand yuan , They are gibbet 、 tencent 、 cardiac 、 Giant Interactive 、 Huaqing Feiyang and Youzu network , Their R & D investment is more than 100 million yuan . 

Gibbet's per capita annual salary is 92 Ten thousand yuan , More than Tencent 84 Ten thousand yuan came to the top of the list . But the recruitment website shows , Tencent's game position salary is generally higher than gibbit , For example, recruit a system planning with considerable requirements , Gibbet's salary range is 15~30k, Tencent 25~40k Between . 

Gibbet's total salary expenditure last year was 8.7 One hundred million yuan , The number of employees is less than 1000 ; Tencent's total salary expenditure is 955 One hundred million yuan , Far more than gibbet , The number of employees is Gigabit 119 times , The base number is too large , Therefore, the annual salary per capita is lower than gibbet . 

cardiac 、 Giant network and Youzu network have more than 1000 employees , The main offices are located in Shanghai . Last year, only the heart was at a loss , But its per capita annual salary is higher than that of giants and nomads , The salary for the same position is also higher than the latter two 5k about . 

Huaqing is flying 2021 The per capita annual salary in is 54 ten thousand , It's up year on year 42%. The company was in a state of loss last year , But the new games released overseas in the second half of the year brought good revenue , Revenue growth remained at 112%, Such generosity is not difficult to understand . 

42 The per capita annual salary of this company is 24 ten thousand ~50 Between ten thousand , In other words, the per capita monthly salary is more than 20000 yuan . 

among , The annual salary of the main management of chess and card manufacturers is relatively high , This may be related to the fact that the technical threshold of the research and development of chess and card games is not so high . Zen tour technology The total salary expenditure is 1.7 One hundred million yuan , The remuneration paid to key management is 4400 Ten thousand yuan ,CEO Ye Sheng 、 The annual salary of Chief Technology Officer Yang Min is as high as 1643 Ten thousand yuan . Hometown interaction The total salary expenditure is 1.5 One hundred million yuan , And the core management accounts for 15%. 

Zhiao holding's per capita annual salary is 27 All around , The number of employees is less than 50 people , It is mainly distributed in Hong Kong and Taiwan . The total staff cost spent last year was about 1300 Ten thousand yuan , The remuneration of the main management is 470 Ten thousand yuan , The highest salary of Founder Shi Renyi 150 Ten thousand yuan , One person takes 25%. 

The per capita annual salary is 24 Companies with less than 10000 yuan have 17 home . 

Only employees of Yunyou Holdings 46 name , The per capita annual salary is 21 Ten thousand yuan . And the staff cost it spent last year was 964 Ten thousand yuan , Total remuneration of main management (590 Ten thousand yuan ) Proportion 61%, Among them, the salary range of the person with the highest annual salary is 85 ten thousand ~127 Ten thousand yuan between . 

Recently discussed Zhongqingbao The per capita annual salary is 18 Ten thousand yuan or so . Major management accounts for... Of total compensation expenditure 3%, The annual salary of chairman Li Ruijie is 36 ten thousand , General manager Li Yilun ( Li Ruijie's son ) Your annual salary is 67 ten thousand . In Li Ruijie, the employees are forced to 「 Work overtime on May Day 5 God 」 After your comments were exposed , Zhongqingbao announced yesterday that Li Ruijie would resign as chairman , Li Yilun will take over . 

Bleep bleep 6.2 The per capita annual salary of 10000 yuan is at the bottom , It is equivalent to the monthly salary per capita in 5000 yuan . This is related to the business attributes of the company , technology 、 Research and development 、 The salary of product positions is generally much higher than that of content operation positions , A game planner's salary range is 20~40k, a B The salary range of station content auditor is 4~6k, and B standing 5~8k There are relatively many positions in . 

overall ,「 Tip 」 Talent is rare in front of a large base , The annual salary of more than one million is still far away from many practitioners . But for a man with no background 、 For ordinary people who are capable and hard-working , The game industry has been regarded as an industry with more opportunities to break through the stratum , Game companies with high R & D investment are more likely to get this opportunity . 


In the rapidly changing game industry , Huge R & D investment is also a big bet , Or hundreds of millions of yuan , Or a little closer to the next pop . 

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