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With an annual salary of more than 400 million, who is the "working emperor" in the beauty industry?

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In the global wave of wage cuts and layoffs , These beauty elites are still rising in value .

2022 Open a year , With the disclosure of financial reports of major listed companies , In addition to the high-profile performance figures , The salary level of senior executives has also surfaced , Sparked a heated discussion . Not long ago , Apple because of its CEO Cook's high salary , Unanimously opposed by institutional shareholders , Become a hot topic in the financial circle .

When we focus on people , New perspectives and new problems have emerged —— Why executive compensation is not directly linked to the company's performance ? How the beauty group pays its executives an annual salary , This will positively affect the company's performance ? How to adjust the salary level , Effectively motivate senior executives to act for the interests of shareholders and the overall situation of the company ?

With these questions ,《 Future traces FutureBeauty》 Deep grill 11 Of a multinational beauty group CEO compensation , To explore the top “ Workers ” Wealth and freedom .

First, let's look at this 11 A multinational beauty company CEO Annual salary level :

The global CEO Salary ranking table

What exactly do these data reveal about the beauty industry ? Why is their annual salary at the top of the list ?

Standing at the tip of the pyramid of migrant workers , Estee Lauder CEO Fu Yide's income “ Fiefdom ”

Obvious , Fu Yide, President and CEO of Estee Lauder group (Fabrizio Freda) With 1813 Thousands of dollars ( renminbi 4.1 One hundred million yuan ) Annual salary , Become a worthy in the industry “ For the emperor ”. The group's revenue in the same period was 162.2 Billion dollars ( renminbi 1053.36 Billion ), Year-on-year growth 13%.

President and CEO of Estee Lauder group Fu Yide (Fabrizio Freda)

As early as a few years ago , Fu Yide (Fabrizio Freda) Has stood at the top of the salary pyramid in the circle . New York Times United executive compensation data Equilar A copy of “2018 The highest salary in the United States CEO Ranking List ” Show , stay 200 Bits include technology 、 real estate 、 Finance 、 Ten industries such as energy CEO in , He made an appointment in time 3.3 Annual salary of 100 million yuan , Become the only beauty group executive selected in the top 10 . and 3 In the past , This number has increased again 24%.

According to public information , Fu Yide (Fabrizio Freda) On 2008 He joined Estee Lauder group as president and COO, Previously, he was an executive of P & G for decades .2009 He was succeeded by William, the third-generation heir of the Lauder family · Lauder was appointed as Estee Lauder group CEO, Cost cutting has been launched as expected 、 A series of strategies to explore overseas markets , And dominated. GLAMGLOW、Becca、Too Faced And other brands , Bring Estee Lauder, a family controlled giant, into the world's top beauty industry . And the Lauder family also relies heavily on this CEO, Not only a high salary , It has also rewarded equity for many times .2018 In, Estee Lauder's official official account in China also issued Good news , Call Fu Yide (Fabrizio Freda) Selected in American financial magazine 《 Barron weekly 》 released 2018 year 30 position “ The best in the world CEO” list , And emphasize that he is the only daily chemical and beauty enterprise on the list CEO.

Years after the outbreak , Estee Lauder Group 2021 The fiscal year's performance figures demonstrate the soundness of the CEO Strong trading ability . In the end of 2021 year 6 month 30 In a US stock fiscal year on August , The group's net sales are 162.2 Billion dollars ( renminbi 1053.36 Billion ), Year-on-year growth 13%. And the sales and profitability are significantly higher than 2019 The fiscal year , Including the main brand Estee Lauder 、 The mystery of sea blue and Clinique's 8 Brands recorded double-digit growth , The management also expressed concern about 2022 Confidence in fiscal year .

The larger the size of the company, the higher the annual salary , But not always

In general , The larger the company , The higher the annual salary level of senior executives .

stay 2021 In the middle of the financial year , The volume ranking of the world's first tier beauty and daily chemical group has not changed much , The top five are still Procter & Gamble (4918 RMB 100 million )、 Unilever (3796 RMB 100 million )、 L 'oreal (2251 RMB 100 million )、 Estee Lauder (1054 RMB 100 million )、 Shiseido (570 RMB 100 million ).

Corresponding to this , Apart from the above “ For the emperor ” Fu Yide (Fabrizio Freda) outside , David, President and CEO of P & G · Taylor (David S. Taylor) The annual salary is also as high as 761 Thousands of dollars ( About us 1.5 RMB 100 million ), Alan, CEO of Unilever · Jop (Alan Jope) stay 2020 The annual salary will reach 524 Thousands of euros ( About us 2417 RMB 10,000 yuan ), Absolutely all belong to high salary “ Platinum collar ”. in addition , Last year, 5 In June, L'Oreal officially assumed the new sixth L'Oreal global office CEO Ye Hongmu (Nicolas Hieronimus) My annual salary is also more than 20 million yuan . This explanation , Can afford a high salary , In the final analysis, it's because the company is big .

President and CEO of P & G company David · Taylor (David S. Taylor)

《 Future traces FutureBeauty》 be aware , L'Oreal Group pointed out in the provisions of executive compensation performance evaluation standards , If CEO Performance exceeds goals , Up to a fixed salary 120%. The latest financial report shows , L 'oreal CEO Ye Hongmu (Nicolas Hieronimus) In the annual performance evaluation led by , He won... For the group 322.8 Billions of euros ( renminbi 2251 One hundred million yuan ) sales ( Year-on-year growth 16.1%) as well as 61.6 Billions of euros ( renminbi 424 One hundred million yuan ) Operating profit , Year-on-year growth 18.3%.

therefore , Ye Hongmu (Nicolas Hieronimus) The compliance rate of the variable part of the annual salary is rated as 116.45%, It has reached a high level in Yizhong beauty group , This brought him 155 Thousands of euros ( renminbi 1067 Ten thousand yuan ) Variable compensation , add 200 Thousands of euros ( renminbi 1376 Ten thousand yuan ) Fixed pay , The total annual salary is as high as 355 Thousands of euros ( renminbi 2443 Ten thousand yuan ).

It is worth mentioning that , Ye Hongmu (Nicolas Hieronimus) From last year 5 month 1 I officially assumed my new job on the th , This means that 2022 The fiscal year , There is still much room for its salary to rise .

CEO of L'Oreal Group Ye Hongmu (Nicolas Hieronimus)

however , There are also some executive compensation is not directly linked to the company's performance , It depends on the company's own compensation mechanism . such as , Although the overall scale of L'Oreal has led the beauty industry for a long time , but CEO Ye Hongmu (Nicolas Hieronimus) My income is far less than that of Estee Lauder Fu Yide (Fabrizio Freda), Also ranked among the CEO of Coty group Sue Y. Nabi after .

Public financial reports show that ,Sue Y. Nabi Coty Services , stay 2021 In the fiscal year, a total of 46.3 Billion dollars ( renminbi 300 One hundred million yuan ), fell 1.9%, But for Sue Y. Nabi My annual salary is up to 500 Thousands of euros ( renminbi 3482 Ten thousand yuan ), Second only to Estee Lauder and Fu Yide (Fabrizio Freda) And the size of the company exceeds 4000 P & G with 100 million yuan CEO David Taylor David S. Taylor.

It is worth mentioning that , Sue Y. Nabi On 2020 year 9 Officially assumed his new post in January , At that time, Coty group was in the mire of loss 5 years , The board of directors of Coty group expressed its appreciation to the new CEO High hopes .

Although in 2021 The loss situation has not been reversed in the fiscal year , but Sue Y. Nabi By strengthening high-end brands , And stripping Wella Corporate business and other initiatives , So that the group's financial situation has been greatly improved .2021 In the middle of the financial year , Coty's net loss was reduced to 1.663 Billion dollars ( renminbi 10.8 One hundred million yuan ), Year on year narrowing 80% above .

CEO of Coty group Sue Y. Nabi

And in Coty 2021 year 12 month 31 In the latest semi annual financial statements on ,Sue Y. Nabi Live up to expectations and turn the group's performance around , Group revenue during the period 100.39 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 12%, Net profit 12.02 One hundred million yuan , Net loss over the previous year 2.53 Billion yuan greatly improved .

stay 2021 In the last quarter of , The strong performance of the Chinese market and the recovery of tourism retail have led Coty to record growth in the Asia Pacific Region . In addition, it includes Burberry、Gucci、Marc Jacobs and Chloe The high-end beauty Department of other brands is growing strongly , Net income is 10 Billion dollars ( renminbi 64 One hundred million yuan ), Of Coty's sales 64%, Year-on-year increase 12%. In terms of makeup brands ,Gucci、Kylie The sales of fashion makeup brands are Q2 It's almost doubled .

Poor performance, difficult business , There are also people who get promoted and get a raise

Even if the company's performance declines , The annual salary of senior executives may also increase significantly through internal promotion .

For example, o'shudan group CEO Andre · Hoffman (André J. Hoffman), Its annual salary increased by... Compared with the previous fiscal year 42% to 68.2 Thousands of euros ( renminbi 475 Ten thousand yuan ).

In terms of group performance alone , O'shudan's performance in the past fiscal year has been relatively sluggish , Annual sales 15.38 Billions of euros ( renminbi 118.27 One hundred million yuan ), Year-on-year decline in 6.5%. In order to adjust “ hemostasis ”, Deal with the offline cooling caused by the epidemic , O'shudan closed down significantly throughout the year 796 Retail outlets 、 Self operated stores and tourism retail 、 Distribution and franchise sites . At the same time, it also cuts R & D expenses and employee benefits .

actually , Andre · Hoffman (André J. Hoffman) My salary rise is directly related to my promotion last year .2021 year 9 month 16 Japan , He officially succeeded Reinold Geiger Served as CEO of oshudan group .

CEO of the o'shudan group Andre · Hoffman (André J. Hoffman)

according to the understanding of , Andre · Hoffman (André J. Hoffman) since 1995 Since, he has been responsible for the business of o'shudan in the Asia Pacific region , to 2021 Mid term , The Chinese market has become the world's largest market , On 2021 year 4 month 1 As for 2021 year 6 month 30 The day recorded 4.3 Billion yuan in sales , Share of the group's global market 16.8%. It's Andrea · Hoffman (André J. Hoffman) After taking office 3 Months , Alimi, a British high-end skin care brand under o'shudan ELEMIS The first boutique concept store opened in Shanghai Guojin center, China .

This also explains his promotion —— Promote and raise the head of the Asia Pacific Region , Move more brands from online Introduce various channels into the Chinese market , From personnel to strategy , O'shudan is looking forward to the Chinese market to bring new growth momentum .

Under the impact of the epidemic , The uncertainty of executive compensation is increasing

Against the backdrop that the epidemic continues to affect global business , Beauty groups have maintained salary reduction plans , Executives have to rely more on “ blunt ” Annual salary for performance maintenance .

Disclosure of information , In order to face the impact of the epidemic , Estee Lauder 、 Shiseido 、 Beiersdorf 、LVMH And other groups are 2020 The executive pay cut plan was put forward in , Reduce the fixed salary of senior executives . Among them, the monthly salary of Masahiko Yugu, President and CEO of Shiseido, decreased 30%, Members of the Beiersdorf Executive Committee give up the fixed base salary 20%, L'Oreal ye Hongmu (Nicolas Hieronimus) The fixed part of the salary is also higher than that of the predecessor CEO It's down 10%.

President and CEO of Shiseido Yayan Yugu

On the one hand, we should combat the adverse effects of the epidemic , On the other hand, we can't let “ A pay cut ” blow CEO Their enthusiasm . So while reducing the fixed salary , Some groups have also added variable compensation incentives . Simply speaking , In an unstable environment , The instability of executive compensation has also increased .

For example, Estee Lauder is 2021 year 3 This month, Fu Yide was awarded (Fabrizio Freda) A value 4000 Thousands of dollars ( renminbi 2.5 One hundred million yuan ) Long term ( Non annual ) Equity awards , But these underlying shares have to wait until 2025 It will not be delivered in full until the end of the fiscal year . Unilever will be in the latest salary policy CEO and CFO The maximum variable pay has been reduced 6%.

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