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Methods for the company to establish Tiktok guild

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 The method for the company to establish Tiktok guild

 The method for the company to establish Tiktok guild

 The method for the company to establish Tiktok guild On the one hand, Tiktok will increase the home page recommendation traffic of website creators ; On the other hand , It will also make personalized recommendations to users in the live square . meanwhile , Tiktok will also provide a variety of commercial services , From short video . Star map . live broadcast . All aspects of e-commerce help live broadcast creators realize their business value more efficiently and conveniently , Make full use of platform resources , Extend the life cycle of commercial realization . According to the relevant person in charge , Tiktok has been committed to opening up the rising channel of live broadcast creators , Through systematization . professional . Resource based integration model , Grow with the Creator .

The company wants to set up Tiktok guild , But I don't know how to establish , Paying attention to Xiaobian can teach you how to set up , Be sure to finish reading Xiaobian's introduction . First , You need a certain qualification to set up Tiktok guild , Generally speaking , establish Tiktok guild needs to meet the following conditions :

; Must be able to open Special VAT invoice for business ( Not limited to cultural services , Agency fee , Design service fee ; Must be able to issue special VAT invoice for service ( Not limited to cultural services , Agency fee , Design service fee - Live broadcast planning service fee , Modern technology service fee, etc ); Rich experience in live broadcasting operation 、 Professional operation ability , And quality anchor 、 Content resources ; Outstanding performance in external stations is preferred . A corporate account is required .

In addition to complying with the relevant provisions of the platform . Also note the following operating specifications , for example :

One 、 Can not provide false institutional qualifications , There are problems such as counterfeiting of business license , Fake signing anchor ( Not real anchor identity information , Sign the contract for the anchor )

Two 、 Need formal and legal operation , No violations , For example, signing a contract with an anchor to collect improper funds , Refuse to fulfill the agreement with the anchor . Recruit in the name of the platform , Claiming to be an insider , Divulge information about others , Adversely affect the anchor or platform .

If you want to join Tiktok guild or Tiktok MCN The threshold is not low , The official review is strict , At present, Tiktok has suspended the settlement of small and medium-sized guilds , So choose an agent company to help you come more directly , Just provide a business license , One stop service , Help you solve your worries .

Today, Xiaobian will explain this to you , If you have any questions, you can leave a message backstage to consult the lovely and charming Xiaobian , I will always be waiting for you ~

Non standard 1 Than 3 The normal situation is in such a proportion . If the proportion is too high , The proportion of through trains is too high , It may cause you to have less free traffic , Can't get up at once , See ? You made up more than 100 orders , Sales are getting lower and lower , The real deal is getting lower and lower , Is it? ? ok , so what , You, er, this habit , You are still in the first stage from now on . You can understand , Your link is still in the first stage , You belong to the standard product , This is a standard product , But actually, you can also do tests , Why? ? It's you. For example, you're doing data now. There's a total of 7 Products , You can get in the car and test . These are the seven products , Which product will be more popular , The hit rate will be higher . Then you organized one , Or you can keep moving for a few days , Let's see which model has the best traffic and popularity data . You pushed one , For example, look at seven days , I don't know how many days you've been doing this , Just look at the data for seven days . Then, check this collection for him , Let's see which one has more visitors , Collection and purchase are high , Just do that one . But it must be analyzing the real collection and purchase data . If you also do collection and purchase when you make up the order , Get rid of the part that's being mended , To calculate real data , See ? ah , See ? ok . good ,ok ah , This is my favorite . Er, then, what else, ah, and the old iron in the store should be analyzed to scan the code . ok , I'll return this . Let's scan the code . Scan a code . ah , Get up , Come on, wheat, wheat . Uh , Which old iron shop is this , Who's , You fucking PS Yes, I don't know ? Or whose , Whose is this ? ah , Whose is this ? ah , Love design studio whose is this , You're right ? good ,ok. I rely on . Just a dozen ways , Do design, right ? The third level of design , The hierarchy of this category is severely compressed , Traffic . This also has a hierarchical impact . Let me have a look at your products first . The sales volume of your product is basically no problem . Then, er, how long is it , Seven hours , See no ? Why? ? It is because these three data meet the standard , So we can pull the market , There is constant traffic coming in , With constant traffic, we can . Continue to sell goods , Get it ? It depends 3 To 5 It's an hour long . At this time , Let me tell you , Now, if you do Tiktok , It's really very profitable . But don't worry , Blindly pursue popularity , It doesn't make any sense . Accurate flow is a prerequisite for realization . At this time , A systematic and delicate thinking logic , Just follow the right way and you can write . Let me have a word with you , If your account has only one high position , There's no reason why you can't do it . Persistence and continuous optimization is the live broadcast with goods . A real example can be obtained by making a live broadcast account with goods . good , When your time comes , You must try as soon as possible . Because the cost of trial and error is very low , And the cost of missing is high , This is irreversible . Just like last year's thirteen lines , Play thirteen element clearance , You know, outside 13 At that time, ah , Reported a , Reported more than a million . so what , On the list with goods top one, Do you know how much it costs to be alone outside ? To teach you 2 Thousands of dollars , One person teaches you how to play . But after seven days, it will directly become two, er, it will directly become 9.9 Block. , Why did the price fall so fast , This is the information gap , This is where the vent has passed . At that time, if everyone went to play again , To tell you the truth, I can't even drink soup , Do you understand? ? Hello everyone , So I wish the brothers and sisters in the live studio a successful start , An instant hit .2022 Make a fortune in . Do a good job of Tiktok , What do we need ? Complete five operation systems of people's freight yard and No. store . But what else should we do besides today's 7th ? Uh , There are also people in the live broadcast with goods, and the accurate matching of the freight yard , Script design of script , Regular operation of small stores , Including how the right people for all interventions are in place , Uh , Problem solved , Are you afraid you can't do it ? Is it right? , If you say someone guides you , You're fast , For example, how many numbers are you going to , Take your own number , Can you do it ? Maybe it will take you three months and half a year . But you study here , Basically three days 15 It's been a month or so .

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