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How to create school encyclopedia? Which is better to be an encyclopedia company?

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Baidu Encyclopedia is not only a network business card , It is also the first position for the official to publicize the brand image . Over time , Baidu Encyclopedia's audit algorithm update iteration , As a result, Baidu Encyclopedia audit is very strict now , The passing rate is particularly low . Want to successfully create a Baidu Encyclopedia , You need to go through multiple creation, approval and modification , Until the encyclopedia content editor meets the official regulations , To pass the audit . So how to create Baidu Encyclopedia in school ? Next, Xu Guoxiang from all over the world will share this topic with you .

 How to create school encyclopedia ? Which is better to be an encyclopedia company ?

School Baidu Encyclopedia creation process :

1、 Open the page of Baidu Encyclopedia , Log in baidu account .

2、 Click the create entry button on the right , Enter the create entry page . Old users don't need to guide , Select Create directly . The entry name of the school encyclopedia should be consistent with the school name .

3、 The entry name is completed , Click next to enter the selection of entry type , If you don't know what kind of entries to create a school encyclopedia , You can search in the search bar in the upper right corner of the pop-up box “ School ”, The system will automatically jump to the type of entry created , Click OK to go to the next step .

4、 After determining the entry type, enter the entry editing template , According to the template prompt , Fill in the school information , Edit the text of the entry .

5、 When the entry is edited , After the check is correct, it can be submitted to Baidu for official review .

 How to create school encyclopedia ? Which is better to be an encyclopedia company ?

Baidu Encyclopedia audit is very strict , Baidu Encyclopedia often fails to pass the review , Is there any way to increase the probability of successful encyclopedia review ? The answer must be yes , Only do the following , The pass rate of encyclopedia review will be greatly improved .

1、 The content of the encyclopedia is written in the third person

Baidu Encyclopedia is an Internet encyclopedia , Reject all content with the nature of advertising and marketing , Editing the content of Baidu Encyclopedia needs to be true , Well documented , The content cannot be expressed with personal feelings . Adopt the first 、 Two person editing , It will inevitably bring some personal feelings , This will make the school Baidu Encyclopedia biased . Use the third person narration , Is the most basic principle of creating Baidu Encyclopedia .

2、 Content editing adopts the way of expository text

Editing Baidu Encyclopedia requires plain language , concise , No rhetorical devices can be used to describe the content . Content editors should explain objective things or abstract examples , Let people know about the development of the school 、 Scope of business 、 Culture 、 Have a comprehensive understanding of honor .

3、 References should be authoritative

Most school encyclopedias often fail to pass , A big reason is that the references provided are not authoritative enough , Can't prove the authenticity of the edited content . Where are authoritative references ? In fact, the report content on the well-known news media website can be used as a reference answer , for example : Tencent news 、 Baidu News 、 Netease News, etc . Reference materials can be people's interview press releases 、 It can be a narrative press release , But it can't be soft , Can't contain marketing information .

The above is the creation process of Baidu Encyclopedia and the operation skills to improve the approval rate . The school creates its own Baidu Encyclopedia , It can improve the popularity and public reliability on the network , Although the creation process is difficult , But as long as you keep working hard , You can successfully create .

In addition to creating it yourself , The school can also find a professional third-party team to do encyclopedia . As for the agency that makes encyclopedia, which one is better ? There are many organizations making encyclopedias on the market , Uneven quality , Schools should carefully identify the partners they choose , Think over , Of course , Acting as an encyclopedia can also find the whole world .

 How to create school encyclopedia ? Which is better to be an encyclopedia company ?

That's the end of today's sharing , Thank you for watching and reading , If you have any questions about the creation or generation of school encyclopedia , Welcome to consult Xu Guoxiang all over the world !

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