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Baidu health service experience

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Editor's Guide : Since the outbreak , Internet medical treatment has attracted much attention , All major platforms are in the field of Internet health . This article takes Baidu health as an example , Analyze its service-oriented experience , I hope it helps you .

 Baidu health service experience

This year, 7 month , Baidu health from all over the world 21 Thousands of design works from countries stand out , Won Korea K-Design Award 2021 Winner Design Award .K-Design It is a very competitive international design competition , It is known as one of the three design awards in Asia . Baidu's health service-oriented design concept emerges from it .

 Baidu health service experience

One 、 Background introduction

Baidu health gives full play to the advantages of search portal direct service , Quickly connect people and information through search 、 People and services , Health science popularization has been formed 、 Online consulting services 、 Shopping mall drug purchase service 、 Five service systems of chronic disease management service and Internet hospital service . meanwhile , Based on Baidu's powerful AI And technical strength , Directly obtain the real intention of users from massive search data , Intelligent connection service .

Provide valuable matching guidance for patients and doctors through big data , Provide a one-stop service center from health science popularization to online medical treatment , Fully cover users' personal and family health needs , Form a complete service chain . In terms of design concept , We are committed to providing patients with more accessible and convenient interactive experience in an intelligent way , And provide diversified experience service design around multi terminal scenarios .

 Baidu health service experience

Two 、 Multiple scenarios to meet user needs

1. Medical visualization graphics , Improve the user's reading experience

When users read medical related knowledge , The expression form of content is relatively single , The description of the text is obscure and difficult to understand , It's hard for users to really understand the content . Medical visualization graphics , It can clearly and effectively supplement users' understanding of entries , Form an authoritative understanding of the content .

 Baidu health service experience

We combine science + Aesthetic standards , From medicine 、 anatomy 、 Draw illustrations from multi-dimensional perspectives such as browsing comfort , Through more intuitive 、 comfortable 、 Convey the content in a vivid way , It solves the pain point that the daily public feels obscure and difficult to understand the disease knowledge . This has also become a unique innovation in the medical search experience , It is an important foundation for Baidu health to build the perception of medical authority of products . So far, more than 1000 illustrations have been applied , Cover 32 Total departments 3000 A disease entry .

2. Ai Interaction + Interactive templates , Efficient online consultation

AI Intelligent interaction template , Realize the intelligent diagnosis and treatment dialogue model , Intelligent analysis, pre diagnosis and guidance , adopt AI Learn to build an experience process suitable for clinical auxiliary diagnosis , Depth will screen 、 Self testing 、 Diagnosis and other links are embedded in the diagnosis and treatment process , natural 、 In time 、 Fluent response to patient questions , It has greatly improved the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment .

During the epidemic , Baidu health cooperates with the government to build an intelligent diagnosis and treatment system solution , Help people get intelligent diagnosis quickly 、 Help with online diagnosis and treatment and psychological counseling , Help asymptomatic users to prevent , High risk patients get timely diagnosis and treatment advice .

 Baidu health service experience

Single COVID-19 AI Self testing has served more than 10 million users in the high incidence period at the initial stage of the epidemic . Other self-test typing has also covered more than 400 kinds .

3. Offline scene online mapping , Simulate real scene

1)「 Online prescription drug list 」 The design style of

Simulate the reality of going to the hospital to prescribe medicine 「 Print prescription offline 」 style , Transform the emotionless interface into a user familiar and perceptible form , Ease online alienation , Fully reflect the emotional design , Make communication more immersive . Reduce the understanding cost of users to the greatest extent , Deepen users' trust in products , Enable users to have a more real service experience .

 Baidu health service experience

During the epidemic , The demand for online medicine has soared . Online prescription items , It realizes that users can stay at home , A one-stop service experience from consultation to prescription and then to the arrival of drugs .

2) Internet hospital one-stop online and offline diagnosis and treatment

Baidu health has built a complete set of Internet hospital service scenario solutions for public hospitals , Provide one-stop online and offline diagnosis and treatment , Before diagnosis 、 During diagnosis 、 Establish a complete service system after diagnosis , Seamless connection line online and offline scene , Three dimensional service for users . Through the observation of the whole process of offline medical treatment in the hospital , Restore the offline experience process to online , From registration 、 Pay 、 The follow-up visit was found 、 Review the chronic disease management after diagnosis , Get through ‘ The medical - Fang - drug ’ closed loop , Overall submission efficiency , Form a patient 、 The hospital 、 Doctors complete three end services . meanwhile , It has become a favorable supplement to the national graded diagnosis and treatment work .

 Baidu health service experience

3、 ... and 、 Conclusion

Baidu health, as the leading medical science popularization service platform in the whole network . Create a barrier free and intelligent health management service center for users , Be flexible 、 share 、 In time 、 care . In the future, we will continue to optimize deep cultivation , Promote the intelligent process of health industry construction , Strive to build a people-oriented and healthy ecology in an all-round way , For the early realization of “ Healthy China ” The national strategy of , Become the first choice of Chinese people “ Health housekeeper ”.

author : Baidu MEUX, Baidu mobile ecological user experience design center , Responsible for Baidu mobile ecosystem users / Full link experience design of commercial products . Service products include Baidu APP、 Baidu search 、 Baidu Encyclopedia 、 Baidu SkyDrive 、 Baidu post bar 、 Baidu commercial products, etc .

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