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Plain clothes network: what problems do Baidu entry editors generally encounter?

2022-05-07 19:32:17Yangzi

I believe you are Baidu entry editor You will encounter one problem or another in the process of , So today's Vegetarian clothing network Xiaobian summarizes the following three problems and solutions for your reference , I hope it will be of some help to you .

 Plain clothes network : What problems do Baidu entry editors usually encounter ?

1、 The content of the entry is wrong or you want to expand the entry , How to operate ?

Baidu Encyclopedia welcomes everyone's editor . Log in to your baidu account first , Search the name of the entry you want to edit , Then press “ Edit entry ” Button , Go to the edit page . After editing , Click on “ Submit entry ” Button to wait for the audit result , If approved, the online version will show the content of the entry you have modified .

2、 To edit an entry , Why is it locked ?

Entry lock means that when an entry is opened , The right side of the entry name shows “ The entry is locked ”, There is no editing entry to edit . Vocabulary locking is as follows :

1) Your level does not meet the requirements for modifying such entries

2) The content of the entry is provided by professionals invited by the encyclopedia , Locked in order to protect the preciseness and integrity of its content .

3、 Modify the content of the entry , Why not pass ?

A large part of the problem of Baidu entry editing is due to the content :

1) The newly added content does not add references as a source ;

2) Your level does not achieve the purpose of modifying such entries ;

3) Adding content is more subjective , If there is a metaphor in the content 、 personification 、 Exaggeration 、 Asking questions 、 Hypothetical and other rhetorical devices ; The content contains defamatory and abusive information ; Personal feelings are strong in the text , Exaggerate or weaken content ;

These are the problems that are easy to appear in the editing process of Baidu entries , You can compare them one by one , See if there are any methods above that can help you .

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