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I don't understand the story of paying for autonomous driving software

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In recent days, , Xiao peng car Release a message saying , In order to realize the popularization of high-level intelligent assisted driving to more users , Comprehensively consider the impact of external factors such as epidemic situation and supply chain , Will be in 2022 year 5 month 9 Some models of the brand will be configured from 0:00 on the th 、 Price and equity adjustments .

among , Order P5 Of E/E+/P Version and model P7 Of E/E+ Version of the model , The corresponding version of intelligent assisted driving system software and upgrade service are adjusted to standard configuration .

Intuitive to see , Equivalent to buying P5 Of E/E+/P Version and model P7 Of E/E+ The owner of the version , On the basis of the original price , No more payment 2 Ten thousand yuan or 2.5 The cost of 10000 yuan of auxiliary driving system software , You can enjoy Xiaopeng's auxiliary driving function .

in fact , In new car manufacturing enterprises , Xiaopeng was once the most determined enterprise to explore software charging to improve revenue and gross profit . Nowadays, driving assistance software is free for new cars with hardware conditions , This is a way for Xiaopeng to cultivate the market , Xiao Peng has changed his original intention , Try the lifelong service model ?

Anyway , Chinese leeks are hard to cut

As a benchmark , Tesla's revenue from software , It is currently the highest in the world . Tesla earnings data show ,2021 In the year , Tesla's services including automatic driving software and other businesses realized an operating revenue of 38.02 Billion dollars , increase 65%, Of its total revenue 7.06%.

and , Tesla's fancy marketing in software payment , It's no less than the price increase of models that are always played with .

Tesla not only increases the price of cars , Software prices have also risen , This year, 1 month , tesla FSD Beta The price of this edition has gone up in the United States 2000 dollar , achieve 1.2 Thousands of dollars , Musk even said , Wait until Tesla FSD When the software matures , It's going to be a lot more expensive .

If the software is not mature, don't say it first , Tesla “ Buy early, enjoy early ” Your deception skills , There are a lot of people who pay the bill .

But Chinese users are an exception .

In China and Europe , tesla FSD The purchase rate is very low , This also does not affect the price rise of Tesla Software .2020 year 7 month , Tesla will China's fully autonomous driving ability (FSD) The optional price is adjusted to 64000 element , Than before 56000 The yuan has gone up 8000 element .

Tesla has been creating a consumer panic : Not today , Next time it's not that price .

meanwhile , The intelligent driving software is the same as the configuration , Different functions , The price is different .

last year 2 month , In order to increase the purchase rate of driving assistance software , Tesla also launched a price of only FSD Half EAP, Enhanced driving assistance system software , The price is 3.2 Ten thousand yuan ,EAP Compared with Tesla's standard basic version BAP More automatic auxiliary lane change 、 Auto assisted navigation driving 、 Automatic parking 、 Smart call, etc . In order to arouse the interest of Chinese users ,EAP Before we go online , Tesla has limited time to launch this feature . From time to time thereafter , Tesla will also pay for not buying EAP and FSD Feature users launch a limited time free experience .

Picture source : Sina motors

even so , Tesla's software purchase rate in the Chinese market is still unsatisfactory . In Tesla 2021 year Q4 There was news at the earnings call that , Chinese car owners only 1%-2% People choose to buy FSD. With 2021 Tesla sold in China in 32 Ten thousand new cars , Buy FSD There is only 5000-6000 Famous car owners . And about Chinese users on EAP The purchase rate of , Tesla has not released accurate figures .

Obviously, at this stage , This figure is still not worth mentioning .

Software paid or paid subscription , Imagination is different

Actually , This year for Wei Xiaoli , It is the key year for the implementation of its self-developed intelligent driving technology . Take the lead in carrying NAD Wei Lai of ET7 and ET5 All entered the market this year . In intelligent driving , Xiaopeng is trying to enable high-precision map , Open up the city NGP scene . Ideal with a new car equipped with lidar and high-speed NVIDIA chip L9 Release , It also claims to be equipped with full scene navigation and driving assistance as standard .

There are actually two problems in this : One is whether the intelligent driving system can play its value , The key depends on the penetration rate . Second, the imagination of paying for automatic driving software should be paid subscription , Form a continuous income , Instead of setting a price to buy out alone —— What's the difference between this and the traditional whole vehicle package buyout ?

Xiaopeng automobile has also announced the software payment rate on the earnings call several times , These include : To 2021 The three quarter of 2014 , Xiao peng P7 Of XPILOT 3.0 The payment rate is close to 22%, in other words , Only in the first three quarters of last year , Xiao peng P7 Of the car owners , There is 1.2 Ten thousand car owners choose to buy XPILOT 3.0.

Also in 2021 At the annual earnings call , He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng automobile, said ,P5 Among users , Optional packaging XPILOT 3.0 or XPILOT3.5 More than 50%. With P5 stay 2021 The annual delivery volume is 5030 Vehicle calculation , The number of options is just 2000 More than car owners .

Picture source : Xiaopeng auto official website

In the first quarter of last year , Xiaopeng automobile once announced in the financial report , Its software revenue in the first quarter was 8000 Ten thousand yuan , This is also the first time that Xiaopeng automobile mentioned software revenue . Based on the payment standard of 20000 yuan , Equivalent to a quarter with 4000 Users have selected intelligent driving system software .

Although the last two years , The delivery volume of the new forces of car making represented by Wei Xiaoli is rising , They also constantly emphasize the high utilization rate of their driving assistance software on various occasions , But in its earnings report , This part of revenue is still not worth mentioning .

before Ideal car Founder Li Xiang has spoken on Weibo : In the future, the ideal intelligent driving system will be equipped as standard . And in Weilai ET7 The first one on board NAD The auto drive system adopts a monthly payment mode , Every month 680 element , If you want to experience it, you can pack it for months , If you don't want to experience it, you can turn it off .

So for the scene of landing in the city NGP For Xiao Peng , The implementation of software standard configuration mode , It's really puzzling , It may also be a wave of marketing operations before the software upgrade , Just like the tasting experience in the supermarket , Try it first .

On the auxiliary driving system , Chinese users are still very cautious . Whether software consumption and actual experience can match , Tesla's high permeability , It also depends on its high share of the U.S. market , So various payment modes , Tesla also chose to cut the first leek in the United States .

last year 7 month , Tesla also launched in the United States FSD Subscription package , Users are paying 1500 After the basic cost of USD , Every month 199 The price in US dollars is monthly , If you have bought EAP Users of , The monthly price is 99 dollar .

thereafter , The pure visual push started in the United States FSD Beta V9 edition , The bundling of fancy marketing and software upgrading , The purpose is to improve user stickiness .

Experience in relatively mature markets , Help Tesla to slowly replicate to other regional markets . But these , Tesla's Chinese apprentice can't come for the time being .

Actually , Let the car itself become a high margin product , Just like Tesla , Further increase the gross profit margin through software payment , There is still controversy in today's car manufacturing field .

Before the high gross profit comes , It's also very stressful for Xiaopeng to open the auxiliary driving software for free , Some users get the right to use the driving aid software for free , But all new users have also lost free charging and free installation charging Electric pile The rights and interests of .

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