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This young people are willing to spend 100 yuan to quit mobile phones

2022-05-07 19:48:40Chinese industry information station

Like Ma Yao who wants to quit mobile phone There are not a few young people . A report released by the Internet Development Research Center of Peking University shows that , Fifty percent of Internet users want to escape the Internet 、 Stay away from cell phones . Stimulated by this demand , Quitting mobile phones has even become a business . But these seem to be “ pediatric ” Methods , Can you really keep yourself away from your cell phone ?

To the cell phone “ Declare war ”

Ma Yao decided to quit her cell phone in 2019 year . At that time, she was addicted to online writing and couldn't extricate herself , Then he woke up and decided to quit cell phones . In limine , Ma Yao took a relatively simple and rough way , Two words “ uninstall ”. This move had some effect at first , But over time , Ma Yao found this method a little failed , The reason is that I will be interested in New App addiction .

Later, Ma Yao thought of another move .“ Any small program that makes me addicted but not necessary App Uninstall all , If this App No applets , Then I'll download it once , Delete when used up . I know this method is extreme , But that's how I forced myself .” besides , Ma Yao will also set the time , To remind yourself to play less mobile phones .

“ At first, I set up the automatic switch , Later, it was found that it was somewhat impractical , For example, you can't turn it off before you finish your work . Then I set it through the function of my mobile phone , For example, you can only use 5 Hours , If the timeout App It's going to turn gray . However, this function is not mandatory , You can choose to continue using your phone .” Introduction to Ma Yao .

Ma Yao's experience is an epitome of young people giving up mobile phones at present , To meet their needs , Some companies have even launched mobile phone software .

stay Apple The app store , With “ Stop cell phones ” Search for keywords , It shows that there are many App For download . A name is “ Don't play with cell phones ” Of App Write in the introduction ,“ When the mobile phone alarm is turned on , If you pick up your mobile phone within the set time, it will alarm ”. China New Zealand Jingwei reporter noticed , The functions of such applications are similar , All by setting not to look at the mobile phone for a period of time , Otherwise, it will alarm to realize .

▲“ Don't play with cell phones ”App Setup page
▲“ Don't play with cell phones ”App Setup page

in fact , Some mobile phones have similar functions .“ My phone can be set to use every day App Duration , It's time for these App Will be locked , I give most App The settings are all 3 Hours .” Beijing white-collar bear said .

There are also some young people , In order not to indulge in mobile phones , Drenched , Are trying to make mobile phones “ Disgraceful ”“ not fun ”.

Liu Chang, a white-collar worker in Guangzhou, was inspired by the ink screen of the e-book , After some settings, the mobile phone screen is turned to gray .“ I found that when I read with an ink screen , Always have no spirit , I thought about , Except that reading itself is easy to be drowsy , The color of the screen is also an important reason . That's a good move , After the mobile phone has no colorful colors , I want to stay away from it !”

Liu Chang published his experience and the strategy of adjusting screen color in the little red book , Got a lot of responses from netizens .“ At present, this note has 3 More than a million likes !”

“ Not soft , to get tough ”

But such as the above, through setting or program , Is there any effect of letting yourself quit your cell phone ?

Little bear said frankly , This feature of the mobile phone is somewhat “ Be mere formality ”.“ It's time. If I want to continue painting these App, Just choose to ignore , The set time is a decoration .”

Ma Yao has a similar experience .“ The mobile phone reminds me that I have used it long enough , I usually choose to play for a while , Of course, the mobile phone will not be forced to shut down , Don't let me play .” Ma Yao said .

The reporter from China and Singapore learned that , Some anti mobile phone parties will also establish communities , Daily attendance , Screen capture to share the length of time the mobile phone is used on that day , If you exceed the specified time in the group , You have to send a red envelope . But the bear said , At first, everyone insisted very well , But gradually I didn't abide by the agreement , Start “ Flying self ”.

In the process of quitting mobile phones , Ma Yao also uses some “ Hard way ”. For example, when working or reading , Take the phone away , Stay out of your sight . She even gives her cell phone to someone else .“ As long as it's not in my sight , I wouldn't want to see it .” In Ma Yao's opinion , Cell phones or physical methods work best . lately , She's staring again “ Mobile phone isolation box ”.

Little bear has experienced “ Mobile phone isolation box ”.“ In fact, the principle of this box is the same as that of software , All set a certain time , Can't play with cell phones . The operation of isolation box is also very simple , Put the phone in the box , Lock up , Setup time , And then the countdown , The end of the clock will also remind you .” Said the little bear .

Zhongxin Jingwei reporter with “ Stop cell phones ” Search Taobao for keywords , A large number of “ Mobile phone isolation box ” Related products , The selling price is about 100 yuan . these “ Mobile phone isolation box ” The shape and size is like a large power bank , Various colors . a “ Mobile phone isolation box ” The product details say :“ Double charging port , It can take two or three months , Can answer and make calls 、 Wechat voice , Audible music .” in other words , Use “ Mobile phone isolation box ” after , It doesn't mean you're completely isolated from your phone . Besides , This kind of “ Mobile phone isolation box ” It can also be opened three times in an emergency .

 source : Taobao screenshots
source : Taobao screenshots

In the comment area , Most buyers leave a message saying , Used “ Mobile phone isolation box ” Self discipline is improved after , Improve the efficiency . however , A considerable number of buyers also said ,“ It's not what it takes. ”“ Very chicken ribs ”. A buyer left a message saying ,“ Used up three emergency opening permissions , Then once I couldn't help but want to play , Directly pryed open with a screwdriver .” Another buyer left a message ,“ What isolation box to buy , Locking the phone is not so complicated , Just one action , Just lock the screen .”

Of course , A simpler and more brutal way is , In order to make myself lose interest in mobile phones , Simply change a phone that is not so good-looking and not so fun . On the e-commerce platform ,“ No Internet mobile phone ” Is a major selling point . however , current “ No Internet mobile phone ” It is no longer limited to the category of functional machines for the elderly , But there are more choices .

For example, you can choose one 2008 Full keyboard BlackBerry launched in , It can install wechat 、QQ Music and other popular App. millet Also launched “ Multi parent ” series , It looks like a function machine , But wechat scanning code can be used 、 Health code and other functions .

however , Changing mobile phones is very important for contemporary young people , Not the best choice . Little bear said frankly , It's good to use it on campus , Go to work and use this mobile phone , Will look too different , Is out of step .

Young people's attitudes towards mobile phones are changing

if , Starting to quit mobile phones is a manifestation of the change of young people's attitude towards mobile phones , that , Not willing to change mobile phones is another must mention .

According to the CINNO Research 4 month 25 According to the latest data released on May ,2022 First quarter , Smartphone sales in mainland China are about 7439 Thousands of , fell 14.4%. Among them , There are challenges posed by the rebound of the epidemic , Part of the reason is that consumers' willingness to change machines gradually decreases , And the young group is the main force of changing planes .

vivo Executive Vice President 、 Chief operating officer Hu Baishan said in public recently , Now domestic mobile phone manufacturers have entered the stock market , The change cycle of users has also changed from the earliest 16-18 Months , Evolved to 20-24 Months , To the recent 36 Months .

Young people don't want to change their mobile phones , There are two main reasons , First, mobile phones are becoming more and more expensive . Third party market research institutions Canalys3 The monthly release report shows ,2021 The annual average selling price of smart phones (ASP) Year on year increase 10%. Second, there is no revolutionary innovation in mobile phones , Just make some minor adjustments in function . Look at recently released products ,vivo X80 The series focuses on “ Take pictures at night ” And self-developed chips V1+ The blessing ,OPPO K10 The series also focuses on dual flagship chips and game performance , These new products bring more improvements in performance and experience .

Folding screen mobile phone is the only innovation in the smart phone market from the perspective of category , And the development has been quite mature , Major domestic mobile phone manufacturers have laid out . Hu Baishan thinks ,“ Folding screen will be the future 2-3 In, the smartphone market was newly subdivided into incremental markets , This increment will be very fast .” Telecom analyst Fu Liang thinks ,2022 The sales volume of folding screen mobile phones will increase significantly in , But the final market share will not exceed 30% .

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