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Ensure that the epidemic prevention barrier on campus is fully arranged by Zhejiang Art

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With the gradual control of the COVID-19, the disease has been eased , The time of returning to school is approaching , After the longest vacation in history, teachers and students are finally going back to the familiar campus .

Late spring , Rain makes a hundred grains . With the continuous spring rain , Zhejiang Art vocational college welcomes the first batch of returning students .4 month 19 Japan , More than 400 students and parents of Zhejiang Art affiliated high school , Pass through Zhejiang Province under the guidance of staff “ Health code ”、“ Today's campus ” Sign in code , Accept temperature measurement 、 Disinfection and other inspection , Enter the campus orderly , It's a little cumbersome , However, the first barrier of campus epidemic prevention is the first element to ensure the safe and stable resumption of school for all teachers and students .

 Check the epidemic prevention barrier on campus Zhejiang Art is fully arranged in place

 Check the epidemic prevention barrier on campus Zhejiang Art is fully arranged in place

Joint prevention and control are in place . Since the outbreak , The leaders of Zhejiang Art Vocational College attach great importance to , According to the relevant requirements of relevant departments at all levels , The leading group for epidemic prevention and control of Zhejiang Vocational College of art was established at the first time , Many meetings have been held for epidemic prevention and control and resumption of school deduction , Introduce a series of prevention and control work plans and early warning measures . The Ministry of learning and work, which undertakes the important functions of student education and management, quickly entered “ Prepare for war ” state , United School Office 、 Tuxin Center 、 General affairs ( logistics )、 The staff of security and other business departments devote themselves to deployment , Overcome all difficulties , Lay a solid foundation for the prevention and control work during the epidemic and returning to school .

Fully touch and arrange in place . Collect students' personal health information in time 、 Accurately mastering the epidemic situation of students is the focus of school epidemic prevention and control . In order to effectively promote the epidemic prevention and control force to cover all students , Fully grasp the dynamic information of all students during the epidemic , The learning and work department is based on class QQ Group 、 Wechat group organizes the reporting of epidemic situation , And introduce today's campus “ Coach the cat ” Epidemic reporting system , Collect the data of all students “ Health code ”, Health records covering every Zhejiang art student since the collection of epidemic information have been established .

Jinzhi education, a joint manufacturer of the school, has opened the interface with the provincial department , And Zhejiang Province “ Health code ” Real time synchronization , According to the national 、 province 、 Municipal Health Committee 、 The standards of higher-level departments such as the Education Bureau , Summarize and integrate the daily epidemic prevention and control data of each teacher and student , Take the color of health code as the basis for the health status of teachers and students and the reference standard for whether they can return to school normally .

 Check the epidemic prevention barrier on campus Zhejiang Art is fully arranged in place

The system is perfect and in place . Before returning to school , The Department of study and work organizes the epidemic information of returning students online according to batches , Accurately grasp and timely track the physical health status and action track of each student , Collect the detailed information of students' transportation back to school , And register the health information of the sending off parents , Take Zhejiang Province as an example “ Health code ” and “ Today's campus ” The sign in code is used as the admission code of parents and students respectively “ pass ”, Ensure strict prevention and adherence to the campus .4 month 19 Japan , Zhezhong affiliated art 404 Students successfully completed their return to school and reported back to school .

Warm hearted service is up to standard . The school provides teachers and students with the latest epidemic development , Popularize epidemic prevention knowledge , Guide and educate teachers and students to strengthen their faith , Scientific prevention and control , introduce AI Assistant empowers smart campus , Provide more intimate campus services for teachers and students . Zhejiang Art “ Epidemic encyclopedia ” On the school's official website and the official wechat official account , Provide consultation service of Interactive Encyclopedia of epidemic prevention knowledge , The content is updated synchronously with the National Health Commission , Scientifically improve teachers' and students' awareness and ability of self-protection .

 Check the epidemic prevention barrier on campus Zhejiang Art is fully arranged in place

The epidemic situation has warmed up , However, the prevention and control work is still in a critical period of overcoming difficulties , Returning to school is still a severe test . Zhejiang Vocational College of art will continue to play a rigorous role 、 Intimate service guarantee , Fully grasp the health trends of teachers and students and return to school information , Strive to do a good job of epidemic prevention on campus , Return to school for teachers and students 、 Resume teaching and scientific research and build a solid foundation “ Protective wall ”, On your own , And what people need , Walk towards the light , Wait for the flowers to bloom .

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