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Her brain hole is bigger than that of manual Geng. Her waste wood invented the global explosion and sold you "useless good products"

2022-05-07 19:55:4436kr

Who is the biggest inventor of brain hole in the world ? 

Although this question is not rigorous, there is no standard answer , But she must be on the list :Simone Giertz. 

She is called 「 Waste wood robot queen 」, By pounding all kinds of seemingly useless machines , Let countless people's daydreams come true , And make yourself popular all over the world , YouTube have 261 Thousands of fans , It is the of major TV programs and variety platforms Frequent visitor , As soon as there is news, it is reported by the media . 

lately , She's doing something new 「 The invention of waste wood 」 了 . 

This time, , In order for more people to experience her invention project ,Simone Giertz Directly opened an online store . 

She calls the things on the website :「 You don't know what you want 」 Interesting items . 

new 「 The invention of waste wood 」 detailed list  

The shop is called Yetch, It sounds the same as her last name . 

The website displays a total of 4 sample 「 The invention of waste wood 」. 

The first item ,Simone Giertz be called 「 The worst puzzle in the world 」.

because , The total number of puzzles is 499 block . Why one piece less ? Of course it was intentional . 

This puzzle that will never reach perfection , Seen by obsessive-compulsive disorder and puzzle lovers , May go crazy in an instant . 

It's not just an incomplete jigsaw puzzle , And it's all white , Everything seems simple , It's not simple , Because the shape of each puzzle is irregular . 

Simone Giertz It took 19 Hours , Just spell it out . This is probably an interesting pain . 

Placed on the wall like a work of art . 

The second item , It's a 「 Daily goal calendar 」.

This calendar started with her 2018 stay Kickstarter Crowdfunding items on ,Giertz Use it to persist in daily meditation , Now everyone can buy . 

The coolest thing is , It is a cover 365 Day touch calendar . 

The calendar is made of gold impregnated printed circuit board , Behind every day's number is LED The lamp , But without networking , It can also be used by unplugging the power supply . 

When you complete your goal for the day , Just click and it will light up . 

Simone Giertz I hope people can also use it to keep healthy habits . 

There are two other items , It's all rings .

One is a cross head screwdriver ring . 

One is a screw ring . 

It looks like a good match . 

These two rings are like Simone Giertz A metaphor in my heart , The person who wears these two rings , You can also turn your hand into a wonderful toolbox of life . 

such as , When you can't find the screwdriver , Take off the ring , You can also unscrew the screws at any time . 

Price , Puzzle 35 dollar , The calendar 365 dollar , Both rings are 85 dollar . 

To build this website ,Simone Giertz Prepared 7 year , It now looks a bit like a platform where art and technology intersect . 

follow-up , It will also continue to be Simone Giertz Where the new work is displayed , Turn those interesting ideas into real things , Provide unique solutions to the problems of people's daily life . 

Adventures of waste wood robot  

The ones mentioned above 「 The invention 」, Compared with Simone Giert Previous creation , It's simple and landing again . 

When she first became popular online , those 「 Waste wood robot 」 One is more whimsical than the other . 

2015 year , From Sweden Simone Giert stay YouTube The first one was released on the Internet 「 Waste wood robot 」 In the video . 

later , She began to make all kinds of things that looked innovative and absurd 、 Funny and funny robots , It is also popular on the Internet . 

This is a wake-up robot . 

This is a tooth brushing robot . 

This is a lipstick robot . 

This is a breakfast robot . 

This is a vegetable cutting robot . 

This is a feeding robot . 

This is the soup pouring robot . 

This is a shampoo robot . 

This is a tongue playing robot . 

There are even ass wiping robots . 

When you are depressed , Don't worry , There are clapping robots . 

When you go out and meet a coyote , Don't worry , There are anti wolf robots . 

When you watch a movie, you just want to be paralyzed , There are robots that automatically feed popcorn . 

When you don't want to go out for a haircut , There are even drones that can cut hair . 

She these 「 Waste wood robot 」 The biggest feature is , Cleverly combines self deprecating humor with enthusiasm for Technology . 

Of all robots CNC machining 、 Programming 、 circuit 、 The stack 、 assemble , She did it all by herself . 

After graduating from the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology ,Simone Giert My first internship was designing and manufacturing products at an engineering company in San Francisco ,24 Return to Sweden after the age of , Loving invention, she began in Google Self taught robot programming and assembly technology , Gradually on the road of 「 Waste wood robot 」 The way . 

Of course, it's not just robots ,Simone Giert He also applied his hands-on ability to every aspect of life Surface

such as , Because it is found that dogs like to be close to or sit on their owners , She used Fusion 360 Made a pet chair 3D Model , Then he turned his chair into a dog's 「LOFT House of 」. 

There's a door here 、 There are stairs 、 Pedals 、 The bed ,Simone Giert You can work on it , The dog can climb up and sleep on her ,Simone Giert When leaving , This is the only hotbed for dogs . 

2019 year ,Simone Giertz Before Tesla's pickup truck came out , Refit yourself Model 3 Made a car 「Truckla」. 

She spent more than a year planning and designing , Dismantle the car with your team 、 Assemble parts 、 New equipment , Final forming . 

This video has also become her most popular video ever , Watch too much 1000 ten thousand , Musk invited her to the new car launch that year . 

These inventions that wander between humor and Technology , Some succeeded in , Most of the exhibition site is like a disaster . 

however , This has also become a source of inspiration and happiness for many people . 

Useless is also a kind of useful  

Why do these useless things ? 

More than one person has questioned all her inventions . 

Simone Giert It was mentioned in the open class of Brown University in the United States , She knows this 「 The invention of waste wood 」 There is no practical . 

however , She cares more about creation itself . 

I found a problem , Will invent a solution to deal with it . 

2018 In TED During the speech , She mentioned that many people have stage phobia , She thinks the solution to this problem is :「 In fact, as long as I can look at you as you look at me , Just be fair 」. 

So she took out a piece specially made for this speech 「 Big eyes T T-shirt 」, Make yourself full of 「 eyes 」, I'm not nervous right now . 

Simone Giert Do this 「 The invention of waste wood 」 The purpose of , Is the process of drum beating invention , Find the problem 、 Come up with inspiration 、 Present ideas 、 Bring joy . 

I think these are really interesting , And having fun is for creating things , Itself is very important . 

In the beginning , Like most people , Her biggest psychological burden , Is being called stupid , And facing failure . She said ,「 Perfection is like a tights , It makes you breathless 」. 

After deciding to make these waste wood robots , These things that seem doomed to failure , Instead, she put down the pressure to succeed ,「 Once I get rid of all the pressure and expectations for myself , This pressure is quickly replaced by enthusiasm 」. 

Others asked her if she would use her brain hole to make more useful things , Her answer is , There may be in the future , But she has done it , For example, manufacturing 「 Waste wood robot 」 It's a job she didn't expect at all . 

This is the job I created , It's something I can never plan , It's all because I'm passionate about this job , I'm also sharing this passion with more people , This is the most beautiful part of making useless robots . 

A few years ago ,Simone Giert Was found to have a brain tumor , She put herself in a panic during the whole process of surgery and radiotherapy 、 fragile 、 positive 、 Optimism is displayed online . 

If no tumor is diagnosed , She should have gone to Antarctica to shoot a documentary . 

later , She took out some of the tumor slides she had cut out , Let friends who went to Antarctica take them to that place .Simone Giert say ,「 Now I'm no longer a girl with a brain tumor , I became a girl who sent a brain tumor to Antarctica 」. 

She is extending her creativity to more parts of her life . 

At the beginning Yetch Website , It's also a new way for her to explore . 

Simone Giert Created one after another 「 Waste firewood items 」 Maybe it works , Maybe it's useless , But when you see them , There must be a flash of inspiration . 

That feeling unties the obsession and misunderstanding that life must pursue a certain meaning , So that people can easily find pure happiness 、 Freedom and curiosity . 

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