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So far, more than 1000 messages have been received

2022-05-07 19:59:05Little g

? The annual headline user story collection has received 1000 Multiple messages .

Although the number is small, my eyes are sour , But I'm glad today's headlines can bring some companionship and change to your life .

@ Walking mountains and wading all the way north : Headlines let me learn more

Rich content of headlines and humanized push , I am deeply attracted to , Especially the literature and history content on the headlines , It's very helpful to my work . Whenever planning a new art scheme , Read the headlines about this , There is always a sudden sense of enlightenment . Whenever lost and confused , The headline is positive and optimistic , Always give me strength , Make yourself confident again and again , Move on . Gradually, , I also became the creator of headline culture from readers . Now , Browse the headlines and complete the creation every day , Has become a part of my life . It was the headlines that fulfilled my creative dream , Make my life more fulfilling 、 self-confidence .

@ Wanyu : Headlines help me apply for public rental housing

I am an ordinary office worker , In the city , For me, having a place to live is my biggest wish ! Clearly remember a year ago , Brush the information of public rental housing application through the headlines , After seeing it, I feel qualified , Immediately applied for public rental housing . Soon after the audit passed , I was one of the first people to get the key to my new house , At that time, I was really happy from the bottom of my heart ! Now think about how important information is .

@ Talk about parenting : The headline taught me the Mathematical Olympiad

I get information in the headlines , Also share information ; I made the headlines about parenting , Also learn parenting through headlines . Of course , I found that headlines also have a big function —— The child is in the fifth grade , Training Mathematical Olympiad outside school , The subject is too difficult , Parents don't teach , What do I do ? Sent a micro headline asking for help to solve the problem ,6 More than 10000 people visited , More than 100 people provide ideas and steps for solving problems , I want to say , Among the users in the headlines , There are so many Xueba ! People are also super nice!

@ Passing by coke : Headlines bring joy to my life

2014 Today's headlines downloaded during my junior year internship in Hangzhou . Just out of school at that time, I was at a loss , Alone in a strange city , Empty rooms, bedrooms , It's unbearable . Since today's headlines , It brings fun to my boring life , The headlines are rich , Wide coverage , Let me know something I've never known before . Don't joke , Look at the content published by the headline author , Look at what readers are commenting on , Let me understand the different world views between people , Region and region , Humanities and Humanities , History and history , Are so rich and different , Thank you very much for every day and night that today's headlines accompany me .

Now? , There's still... Before the end of the event 9 Days time , Then we will choose from all the messages 36 A good story , issue 15000 Yuan cash prize . Search on today's headlines :“ Information creates value ”, You can participate in activities .

Welcome to tell your story .

Interaction today :

For people who stay at home , The headlines are like “ encyclopedia ”, You can see the bigger world without going out ; For moms , The headlines are like “ Parenting bible ”, You can learn a wealth of parenting knowledge ; For people who like history , The headlines are like “ An ancient painting ”, Take you to understand the beauty of Chinese traditional culture ……

that , What does today's headlines mean to you ? Leave us a message .

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