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Carnegie teaches you to practice eloquence (recommended Collection)

2022-05-07 20:05:16Bamboo

Reading guide : We all know , If a person wants to learn to drive , Only theoretical knowledge is not enough , Only by driving the car and practicing continuously can we know how to grasp the steering wheel , How to step on the brake . alike , If one wants to be a great speaker, take practical action , And stick to it , To succeed . The following is a collection about Carnegie's teaching you to practice eloquence , Welcome to learn from .

 Carnegie teaches you eloquence ( Recommended collection )

One of : imitation

We often say that the power of example is infinite , So when you first practice speaking , You can first find a radio or TV host you most enjoy , Listen to her every day ( He ) The program , Imitate her ( He ) The tone of voice when speaking , You'd better list the festival , Practice whenever you have time ﹗

The second : Keep reading

Read several good articles every day , When reading, think about what intonation the host would use to read , You can also try to read in the same tone . Put down the article after reading , Close your eyes and think 30 second , Then face the mirror and try to speak out the key points in your own words .

A third : Strong love

People only do what they like , Power is the biggest , It's easier to stick to it . alike , Only the study of speech is full of strong desire and love , Will have a firm ambition , Will have the motivation to learn and the perseverance to persevere . Countless successful examples from ancient times to now tell us the same truth , Any successful person , All of them are full of love for what he is engaged in .

Of the four : Seize the opportunity to practice

If you want to be a great speaker , You must seize any opportunity to practice speaking . Don't feel embarrassed and miss any chance to practice , You know, the first speech is difficult but important , As long as you can pass the first speech , You can pass the second time , third time , If you think you're no different on stage and off stage , congratulations , You're about to succeed . Don't think it's impossible , As long as you dare to take practical action , Anything is possible .

Of the five : Patience and perseverance

Some beginners , Especially younger people , Always eager for success, lack of patience and perseverance , I hope I can be a great speaker in a short time . You know, Rome was built three feet , Not a day's cold . Speech practice is about step-by-step , Only after a long period of continuous practice , Can be improved , Don't expect to communicate with others , Learn some speaking skills , You can succeed by reading some books that practice speaking . It is said that “ Practice a thousand songs and then a bosom friend , Watch a thousand swords and then learn weapons ”, It's about persistent practice , And finally become a talent .

Of the six : Hard practice

God helps those who help themselves , Hard work . A man called a genius , Often don't admit that you are a genius . We say Lu Xun is a genius , But he said :“ Where is genius , I spend most of my coffee time at work .”

Throughout the world, Great Debaters 、 Speaker , They are successful only after long-term hard training . The ancients said :“ It's on paper , We must know that we must do it ”

therefore , Only through constant practice , To be a successful speaker . Don't be afraid of setbacks , Setbacks can strengthen your confidence ; Don't be afraid of ridicule , Ridicule will inspire your determination to achieve your goal .

Of the seven : Scientific practice

A novice speaker should master scientific and reasonable practice methods , That is, from easy to difficult , From small to large 、 From short to long 、 From opening to closing 、 A step-by-step practice method from point to surface .

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