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Liu Jianhong, one person won the whole keep

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stay “ High quality fitness like fitness master ” and “ A young version of square dance with hands and feet ” Between , China 3 Most of the 100 million fitness crowd , Finally, he stood in line with his actions and went to the latter .

Liu Fuhong has raised 60 million powder in nearly a month , and Keep It took seven years to save 3400 Wanyue active users . meanwhile 「 Future consumption 」 Roughly calculated Keep Daily life in the same period , In about 650 Wan Shang Xia .

Let's look at Liu Jianhong , A live broadcast of the highest view in the past month , The number of visitors is up to 5256.7 Thousands of people , The peak number of people online is 401 ten thousand people , It is worth mentioning that , This is not the total number of people entering the whole live broadcast , If you count the number of people watching live broadcast on the spot , The probability is flat or even higher than Keep Daily life of .

In addition, this is only one and a half hours of live user data in a single day , It doesn't include the traffic generated by Liu Fuhong's short video and its matrix number every day .

During May Day, Liu Fuhong also trumpeted his trumpet by means of oral broadcasting “ Liu Fuhong's fat oil clicks off ” Diversion , This from 5 month 3 The account of the live course collection will be released on the th , From... In a few days 0 Rise powder to 718 ten thousand ( Before going to press ).

Live in the month 、 The number of exercises ranks first in online fitness Keep, Cracks appear on the content side as the cornerstone of the platform , And whether this crack will get bigger and bigger , In the end, it becomes Keep The fatal injury , Not yet known. .

01 Crises always come from invisible places

In fact, the starting point of this crack is not Liu Zhenhong , But as early as 2020 It began to appear in .

This year, the epidemic began , Home has become the norm , A lot of gyms are closed , With the rise of online fitness , It also allows a large number of people to make short videos in their spare time .

Tiktok can be seen. 、B standing 、 In Little Red Book , There are many hundreds of thousands of millions of bloggers who started in this period , Take the fitness field , The content producers inside have stay at home moms 、 Fitness coach 、 Fitness enthusiasts and so on , In addition, there are a large number of Extranet courses + Video of practice with .

From the data of the little red book ,2020 During the Spring Festival , Users' fitness notes have doubled compared with the same period of the previous year . A quarter after the Spring Festival , Video consumption in fitness category increased by nearly half , Releases increased by about 20%. This year not only has Pamela become popular overnight , There are hundreds of thousands of plain bloggers who have gained popularity in a few months , such as “V Sister is me ”、“ Clamp mom Amanda ” wait .

Flow rate 、 Realizable , Naturally, it will attract more and more people ,《 Tiktok exercise fitness report 》 Show , stay 2021 year , Tiktok sports video frequency increased 134%, Year on year growth in the number of creators 39%; Fitness anchor fan rose year-on-year 208%, Year on year increase in live broadcasting revenue 141%.

2021 Well quickly Fitness rookie Talent Forum also gives a set of data , Kwai live broadcast fitness anchor breakthrough 60 ten thousand people , Already have super 1.5 10000 people who focus on sports and fitness , The cumulative production per day is nearly 2 More than 10000 short videos and 1 More than 10000 live broadcasts . 

A large variety of UGC Fitness content is flooded in major media platforms , Rob each other of users' time , It is bound to divert away Keep User time , Although the current two models are not in a competitive latitude , But from the content level alone , In such an era of extremely abundant supply ,Keep The irreplaceable nature of has become weaker and weaker .

Fierce competition also makes Keep The cost of innovation is getting higher and higher , from Keep From your prospectus ,2019 The annual sales and marketing expenses are 2.96 One hundred million yuan , Accounting for total income 44.6%, To 2021 year ,Keep Our sales and marketing expenses have doubled , By the end of last year 9 End of month , Its sales and marketing expenses are 8.18 One hundred million yuan , The proportion of total income is as high as 70.6%.

Keep The high cost of getting customers directly affects its profitability , Although revenue continues to grow , But losses continue to expand .2019-2020 year ,Keep Lose money separately 7.35 Million dollars 22.43 One hundred million yuan ;2021 First three quarters ,Keep Losses as high as 24.58 One hundred million yuan .

Last year was a Keep The key year to impact the listing , In order to give the capital market a better report card , In the marketing pull up and down the cost , Frequent movements . Spring Festival smashes TVC Advertising to promote the campaign of reducing fat for good meat in the new year ; After that, roast and its artists promoted his work in 2 The live class launched in May ;4 Month be 《 Desired life 》 Official partner ;8 In June, the official announced that Yiyang Qianxi had become its brand spokesperson ……

How about the innovation effect of large marketing expenses ?

By 2021 First three quarters ,Keep The cost of marketing is lower 2020 In the same period of 1.85 A huge increase of 342.1% to 8.18 One hundred million yuan , although 2021 The number of monthly activities reached its peak in the third quarter of the year 4175 ten thousand , But the actual innovation effect is far less than the scale of investment , The monthly life is only 2020 In the same period of 3275 Ten thousand more. 27.5%.12 Than 1 The input-output ratio , Cost performance is really not high .

In contrast, several media platforms , Especially the Tiktok sound with stronger entertainment attribute , Monthly life is as high as 7 Billion . The community is destined to have circles , Even if you make another circle, you can't compete with Pan Entertainment Compared with the traffic of music platform . Compared with the little red book community with extensive eating, drinking and fun properties ,Keep The circle covered will be narrower , It's also an anti human self-discipline business , That's why Keep Gradually encounter bottlenecks in traffic .

02 High and low, elegant and popular

China 3 Hundreds of millions of fitness people , Gouge out the high-level sports crowd 、 People with regular fitness habits , In fact, most of them are still sports Xiaobai ,Keep It is also this part of the group that is mainly anchored .

However, most of these sports Xiaobai are fishing for three days and drying nets for two days 、 Ordinary people who don't have enough self-discipline ,Keep The solution for them is , Systematic fitness courses + Recording of motion data , The former gives you step by step 、 Targeted sports experience , The latter will punch you in and share it with the community / A small sense of motivation from a group of friends .

“ Give Way 100% Everyone can be like 10% As high-quality fitness as a fitness master ”, This is a Keep The brand vision depicted by founder Wang Ning in his early years . But now look , Self discipline is an anti human business , It's hard to do after all , At the same time, the more complex and professional things , The easier it is to be aloof , Instead, the more “ Direct feed ” The more “ suit both the refined and the common people ” Things that are , That's the traffic code .

Liu Jianhong's aerobics is aimed at the general public , Basically everyone can do it with , Unlike many professional courses in the past , Indirectly excluded some super white people .

what's more , The entertainment and atmosphere provided by the live class , Is not available in other sports courses , Also let the reason of movement start from the anti human starting point of self-discipline , Into fun and atmosphere . Of course , There are also a large number of people who are onlookers or join in the fun , This group of people supported the basic plate of Liu Fuhong's traffic , yes Keep You can't spend money , This is entertainment and “ suit both the refined and the common people ” Power .

Someone must have said , What can a Liu Fuhong do , Shuttlecock is always tired of jumping , When you listen to the compendium, you always spit out the compendium . in fact , Liuhuanghong is just a representative work of Tiktok to create vertical field content , Although its explosive power may be greater than that of Tiktok , But in fact, there are thousands of people behind him “ Liu nonghong ” Growing out .

There are many external views that , Liu's popularity is inseparable from the support of Tiktok and the inclination of traffic resources . Over the past few years , Several new media platforms are supporting vertical content one by one , Designed to increase user activity 、 Explore greater business space , Compared with the explosion of catering content before , This has triggered a discussion in the industry about the impact of Tiktok on the local living platform .

And before 3 It has become popular in recent months , By recording rural life in Northeast China , Now Zhang, who has nearly 20 million fans , In fact, it is also under the background of Rural Revitalization Strategy , Tiktok is the product of supporting agriculture, rural areas and farmers .

As early as 2020 During the epidemic in , Tiktok was introduced. “ Tiktok gym ” Activities , Soon after Liu Jianhong became popular , Tiktok has launched “ National Fitness Program ”, At present, there are Li ruotong 、 sorry 、 Zhang Lanxin and other stars were invited to relay the Star Fitness live broadcast class on Tiktok .

what's more , Instant no directed invitation , The product mechanism of Tiktok also determines , After a burst of money , There will be tens of thousands of hot money to follow , Content creators will follow the flow , Content distribution will follow the public taste .

This is for Keep Is even worse news , Large flow 、 Large liquidity channels , It means that the high traffic platform will absorb a large number of content creators .

There is no flow to attract , Then take the initiative to sign .2020 Around the year ,Keep Signed Pamela 、 Zhou LiuYe and other head fitness bloggers .

however , Signing a contract not only pays the blogger for the purchase of content , At the same time, it can't stop bloggers from going to platforms with greater traffic “ Get rich ”, For example, Pamela held a live broadcast class in Tiktok a few days ago ( But I was scolded miserably for recording and broadcasting ).

At the same time, in addition to signing bloggers , The update activity of many bloggers is declining , You can see many bloggers who distribute content across the platform , stay Keep The update rate of is far lower than that of other new media platforms , A lot of bloggers who start in a year or two and are very popular , Not in Keep Open an account .

Keep The data given by yourself will be more intuitive , The prospectus shows , By 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan , From fitness experts 、 The recording and broadcasting courses for fitness professionals and content providers are 7600 individual , Obviously, this number can not be compared with the massive fitness short videos of Tiktok little red books .

Some may say Keep Even if there is no UGC Yes, and PGC, in fact ,Keep I also felt the diversion of external platforms for a long time , To develop the PGC and PUGC The content of , And turn part of the content into a paid system , But how hard is it to pay for content , There are countless examples of huge losses of audio and video platforms in recent years , And how irreplaceable these paid content is , It also remains to be discussed .

So later, there were private brand goods and offline gyms . Including offline gym Keepland The previous pure self operated model did not develop smoothly, and the stores contracted sharply , Later, it was changed to self operated + Cooperation mode , The transformation effect of the new model is still unknown .

As its largest revenue pillar, private label commodity sales , The growth rate has slowed down in the past two years, and the growth rate has been lower than the overall market for two consecutive years ,2021 The private brand revenue in the first three quarters of the year was relatively high 2020 Year-to-year growth 33.6%, The growth rate of overall income is 41.3% ;2020  In, the growth rate of this business was 60.8%, The overall growth rate is 66.9%.

At the same time, from its gross profit margin ,Keep Private brands have not yet formed a relatively large brand potential , Still in the stage of low price for sales ,2020  Years and 2021 First three quarters ,Keep The gross profit margins of private brands are 36%  and 29%, Below the industry average .

The difficulty of private brand is also mentioned in the previous article , With Keep The current traffic volume does not support the sale of private brand goods in the form of independent stations , So we also see Keep There are stores on all major platforms , It is also hoped to introduce external traffic into the station through commodities . But once you go to the major platforms to open stores , It has become many choices for consumers 、 One of a large number of similar brands with full price comparison .

For now , From online content to private brand goods to offline gym ,Keep It has covered all levels of fitness user needs through multiple businesses . But about the whole business closed loop , There is no strong data to demonstrate the effect of mutual transformation .

In addition, as the content side of the basic disk, it is diverted by the external platform , And platforms such as Tiktok will probably have further efforts in the field of fitness . The next online fitness market , Or there will be variables .

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