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From "net red" to "passerby a", can the three snack giants turn over?

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The three little squirrels Behind Waterloo , The snack industry has already changed .

In recent days, , The three little squirrels 、 Laiyifen Ryohin keikaku shop One after another 2021 Earnings and 2022 First quarter results .97.7 One hundred million yuan 、93.24 One hundred million yuan 、41.72 One hundred million yuan is the three snacks “ giant ”2021 The transcripts handed over in .

Behind the financial report , This once popular track , Head players have their own troubles .

Three squirrels fell below 10 billion for two consecutive years , Liangpin shop is in the dilemma of increasing income without increasing profit , And Lai Yifen , This is in 2016 The snack brand that once led in performance years ago , Various attempts have been made in recent years , It seems that we still can't find a life gate comparable to the latecomers .

“ The whole of China's leisure snacks have entered from products 、 Extension 、 channel 、 Crowd, etc 、 Multi dimensional homogenization stage .” Chinese food industry analyst Zhu danpeng hit the mark . Even consumer Jane sighed :“ Now the taste of these snack brands has changed , The service has also changed .”

The three little squirrels 、 Ryohin keikaku shop 、 Laiyifen these three snack brands , Have tasted e-commerce dividends more or less , Or the taste of demographic dividend , But if we can't jump out of the past successful experience in time , that , They will eventually be dragged into the mire .

1  The collapse of the revenue myth

For three squirrels ,2021 It seems more like a brave fight under helplessness .

According to its recently released financial report , The annual operating income of the three squirrels decreased slightly year-on-year 0.24% to 97.7 One hundred million yuan , The net profit attributable to the parent company rose sharply year-on-year 36.43% to 4.11 One hundred million yuan , This is also the peak value of the net profit of the three squirrels to their mother in five years .

In the earnings report , Three squirrels summed it up as “ Profit output ” Oriented , Give consideration to distribution 、 The scale growth of new e-commerce and other channels , And in the first half of the year , Further promote profit growth through omni-channel cost control and improvement of supply chain efficiency .

It can be seen that , Three squirrels once rooted in Taobao , After the rising cost of traffic , Still looking for more flow depressions .

But three squirrels are 2022 In the first quarter of the year, it suffered a profit Waterloo . Results show that , During the reporting period , The operating income of the three squirrels decreased year-on-year 15.85% to 30.89 One hundred million yuan , Net profit attributable to parent fell sharply year-on-year 48.75% to 1.61 One hundred million yuan .

The fierce competition forced the three squirrels to further increase their investment in advertising , More than 100 million yuan has been invested in the first quarter alone . Offline business is not ideal , After the full baptism of the epidemic , Three squirrels not only have more than 400 The store is closed in stages , It also announced a comprehensive suspension of store expansion .

However , The haze of Omni channel business does not just stay on the head of three squirrels . Both are snack giants , The performance data of liangpin store is also at an impasse .

Results show that , Ryohin keikaku shop 2021 The annual operating income increased year-on-year 18.11% to 93.24 One hundred million yuan , Net profit attributable to the parent decreased year on year 18.06% to 2.82 One hundred million yuan .2022 First quarter of 2009 , The operating revenue of liangpin shop increased year-on-year 14.3% to 29.42 One hundred million yuan , Net profit attributable to the parent decreased year on year 8.06% to 9306.11 Ten thousand yuan .

The annual revenue is about to enter the liangpin shop of the 10 billion club , Today's net profit is less than 3 Billion , Emphasizing growth over profit 、 Emphasizing marketing over R & D Yewen The questions are also put on the table .2021 Throughout the year , The R & D cost of liangpin shop is only 0.4 One hundred million yuan , rose 17.64%; In contrast, the year-on-year increase was 29.83%, the height is 16 Billion yuan of selling expenses .

Compared with the first two , Although Lai Yifen staged a slight reversal , However, the bottleneck of revenue growth for many years has not been opened .

Results show that , Laiyifen 2021 The annual operating income increased year-on-year 3.63% to 41.72 One hundred million yuan , The net profit attributable to the parent is 3100.1 Ten thousand yuan , Turn losses into profits .2020 Year synchronization , Lai Yifen's loss amount is 6519.54 Ten thousand yuan . Laiifen's business situation is 2022 The first quarter of the year further improved , Operating income increased year-on-year 8.27% to 13.15 One hundred million yuan , Net profit attributable to the parent increased year on year 15.24% to 9252.85 Ten thousand yuan .

2021 Throughout the year , Lai Yifen set the goal orientation as “ And stronger C End 、 Force B End ”, Laifen, headquartered in Shanghai, became one of the first enterprises to join the white list of guaranteed supply during the epidemic , Maybe this will become Lai Yifen in Q2 The main driving force of sales growth .

2  Both online and offline are difficult

Behind the embarrassing data , Is the snack track not fragrant ?

in fact , The size of the snack track is still expanding . According to the data of the circulation industry promotion center of the Ministry of Commerce , from 2010 Year to 2021 In, the market scale of China's snack food industry increased from 4100 Billion yuan continued to grow to 11562 One hundred million yuan , The compound growth rate during this period is about 9.9%. expect 2022 Annual growth rate 7.2%, Market scale reaches 12391 One hundred million yuan .

In the face of such a large scale of snacks , Offline layout is still the top priority of the snack industry . according to Frost&Sullivan data ,2020 In, the proportion of offline channels of leisure food reached 82%.

And in recent years , Three squirrels keep trying and wrong offline , It also proves the importance of offline .

Three squirrels starting from the online platform , Always wanted to remove the label of e-commerce brand ,2019 Nian Zhang Liaoyuan once shouted “ Thousands of stores a year , Five year WanDian ” It is enough to show their attention and determination to the layout offline .

It's just , Reality hit three squirrels hard .2021 In the second half of , Three squirrels pressed the pause button for the expansion of the store , Delaying store expansion and optimizing existing stores have also become 2022 The overall tone of the year . From the perspective of store changes ,2021 The number of offline stores of three squirrels in is 1065 home , The opening of new 353 The store was closed at the same time 330 stores , The net increase in stores is only 23 home .

Victor big data shows , Three squirrels are in 24 city 5 Wanfang shopping center has changed from a significant rapid opening of stores to a gradually shrinking path . Regional distribution and ka Shangchao has become the core channel of offline layout of three squirrels .

It means , Zhang Liaoyuan began to give up himself “ The new retail ” Conception , Return to the traditional law of the snack industry .

In contrast , Laifen, who has always regarded offline stores as its own barrier, is still trying its best to increase offline .

2021 Throughout the year , Laiyifen's offline revenue accounts for as much as 86.98%, The number of stores is as high as 3488 home . among , The number of new stores in the whole year is 1033 home , The net increase in stores throughout the year was 484 home .

It depends on Lai Yifen 2017 Started in “ lamps and candles of a myriad families ” plan , That is to say, make full efforts to join the business , Promote the nationwide distribution of franchisees , Increase support for partners , Expand offline dividends .

2021 Throughout the year , The number of signing stores in Laifen has exceeded 1000 , Quickly grab the next point of the busy line , And further cover more diversified consumers through the scale of stores , It is the core channel strategy of Laifen at present .

This is also reflected in the shopping center channel .

Victor big data shows , In to Iraq 24 city 5 The number of stores in Wanfang shopping center closed briefly after experiencing the impact of the epidemic , stay 2021 The year ushered in the peak of opening stores again .

It's just , This also highlights another dilemma of Laifen : This snack empire made its fortune offline , In the face of online geometric growth, it is still pointless .

And liangpin shop , Is regarded as online A model of balanced development .

In terms of revenue distribution , The proportion of online revenue of liangpin store is 53.13%, The proportion of offline revenue is 46.87%, It remains relatively flat .2021 Throughout the year , The number of offline stores of liangpin store is 2974 home , The number of new stores opened during the year was 619 home , The net number of stores added is 273 home .

meanwhile , According to the big data of win business , The good shop is 24 city 5 The number of stores in Wanfang Shopping Center shows a trend of constant development .

With the external impact of repeated outbreaks , The snack industry is developing rapidly in emerging channels such as live broadcast e-commerce and community group purchase , It also means that multi-channel integration is the top priority .

3  how “ turnaround ”

However , Multi channel integration is not only for development , More for self-help .

In the past, snack giants have fallen into their own growth bottleneck , Revenue growth declines , Behind the weak profitability , It's more about the crisis lurking around them .

At the product level , Snack giants used to do one thing “ OEM + OEM ” Business . The asset light OEM model can meet a variety of consumer needs , Build a more complete product matrix . And the OEM companies are unwilling to stay behind the scenes , They are eager to seize the market .

On social platforms, you can even easily search the collection of snack factories of giants , Consumers can also buy the same quality at the OEM end 、 Cheap “ Leveling ” product . OEM business also means that these brands no longer have the moat of products .

Traditional brands who are aware of this , Are also forced to make some differentiation strategies .

Three squirrels began to give up the richness of products , Further streamline SKU And focus on nuts ; Liangpin shop has made great efforts in children's snacks , Its children's snack brand “ Snack fairy ”2021 Year on year sales growth 41.17% to 4.17 One hundred million yuan , Differentiated playing methods have achieved initial results ; Laiyifen has invested in many emerging brands , For example, the cutting-edge low alcohol liquor brand that has just announced financing recently “ Initial gas ”.

Besides products , The rise of all kinds of emerging snack collection stores is also encircling, chasing and intercepting traditional snacks in the channel .

Whether it's a good sale popular among young consumers in recent years 、 Hi, special shopping and other temporary food supermarkets , Or have already captured the middle-aged and elderly customers , Double peanuts with fresh nuts 、 Qiwang peanut and other brands , Stores are often different from traditional snack brands “ near And live ”.

Take the impression of Shanghai Weijing city as an example B1 Layer as an example , On the opposite side of Laifen's point is Shuangyu peanut , Interval berths are good specials , The increase in the concentration of competitive products obviously also means the diversion of tourists and the decline of revenue .

In the view of Jiahua capital song Qianqian ,“ Now many new consumer brands play traffic , In fact, I'm under a lot of pressure . The past traffic logic is no longer applicable , With less and less traffic 、 More and more expensive , If you continue to play traffic , Enterprises can easily fall into the trap of traffic , Become ‘ The winner's curse ’, All you can do is yell, not make money .

In the future, new consumer brands must complement the supply chain 、 Product development 、 Lean management and channel courses , It is possible to hedge risk when the market goes down , Take the lead in running out .”

to want to “ turnaround ”, Snack giants obviously face a lot of resistance .

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