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The new infrastructure is a "vehicle road cloud integration" automatic driving, landing and speed-up, and mushroom car couplets may become high-quality targets

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4 month 26 Japan , The central financial and Economic Commission held its 11th meeting , The meeting mentioned , We should speed up the construction of new infrastructure , Improve the level of traditional infrastructure .

Boosted by the good news , The investment targets related to new infrastructure construction have again attracted the attention of the industry . The construction of new infrastructure is “ New infrastructure ”, The concept is in 2018 The central economic work conference at the end of the year was put forward for the first time , And included in 2019 year 《 Government work report 》, It was mentioned many times in subsequent government documents . New infrastructure includes 5G、 The Internet of things 、 Industrial Internet 、 Artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Infrastructure construction in cloud computing and other fields .

Technology companies with autonomous full stack capability are considered “ New infrastructure ” High quality targets in the field . On the same day of the central financial and Economic Commission meeting , Haitong international securities released a Research Report 《 Mushroom car couplet —— City level intelligent transportation leader digital economy intelligent transportation benchmark 》. report , Digital transportation is “ New infrastructure ” One of the main service objects , Have the ability of car road cloud stack 、 Autopilot enterprises that deeply participate in the construction of local digital transportation are the focus of the organization .

Different from using “ Bicycle intelligence ” Automatic driving company of technical route , Technology companies with the ability to drive the whole stack automatically rely on V2X(Vehicle to Everything) And other technologies to improve the safety of automatic driving , Promote the large-scale landing of autopilot .

The new infrastructure will help promote V2X(Vehicle to Everything) And so on .V2X(Vehicle to Everything) Also known as vehicle road coordination , It is a new generation of information and communication technology that connects vehicles with everything , among V Represents the vehicle ,X Represents any object that interacts with the vehicle , At present X Mainly including cars 、 people 、 Transportation roadside infrastructure and network . The new infrastructure includes 5G The technology has low delay 、 high reliability 、 High speed rate 、 Features such as large capacity , Will support V2X Achieve higher-order applications , Including vehicle formation travel 、 Autopilot 、 Remote control, etc .

Haitong International Securities pointed out in the Research Report , Mushroom car service is the earliest choice in the industry “ Bicycle intelligence + Car road coordination ” Technology route company . stay “ Bicycle intelligence + Car road coordination ” On the basis of , Mushroom car union develops the technical scheme of car road cloud integration .

The vehicle road cloud integration scheme can be effectively integrated into the roadside and cloud , Fusion perception 、 Decision making and control , Realize the dynamic real-time full coverage of road traffic elements , Provide system level safety guarantee for automatic driving . such as , Traffic roadside infrastructure ( camera 、 Laser radar and other equipment ) The perception field of vision is wider , And not susceptible to extreme weather , Help the vehicle get blocked in view 、 Heavy rains 、 Master more comprehensive road information in fog and other scenes . Besides , Mushroom car service has sensed the data from the roadside 、 The full link delay of the transmission from the cloud upload to the distribution is compressed to 100 In milliseconds .

“ at present , The technical scheme of vehicle road cloud integration proposed by mushroom car Union has been widely recognized by the industry , And has become an important development direction of official support .” Haitong Securities International , The important development direction in the field of automatic driving in the future is to “ Bicycle intelligence + Car road coordination ” For the technical route , Take the city scene as the entry point for landing , Mushroom car union is an important target that perfectly fits this development direction .

In the Research Report , except “ Technology first ” In addition to this advantage , Haitong international securities summarized the other two advantages of mushroom Car Association : Landing first , Take the lead in new urban infrastructure construction 、 Large scale projects have been implemented in the field of automatic driving ; Have outstanding first mover advantage , The barriers to forerunners continue to rise .

It is reported that , Mushroom car is connected to 2019 year 10 In June, it landed the first open-ended in China in Shunyi, Beijing  5G  Commercial intelligent transportation vehicle road collaborative project , It has created the first city level automatic driving landing project in China ( Hunan hengyang ).“ Through a large number of actual operation projects , Accumulated a powerful 、 Experienced operation team , And has a large-scale urban automatic driving fleet operation and service capacity , Become the only autopilot head company in the industry with full stack technology and operation talent system .” Haitong International Securities pointed out .

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