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The breaking road of domestic software, Kingdee cloud Xinghan heavy new products will be announced soon!

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With the global rise of Chinese enterprises , And cloud computing 、 big data 、AI、 Continuous navigation of high and new technologies such as mobile Internet , The development of Chinese enterprise management cloud services is in full swing .5 month 8 to 11 Japan ,“ Golden butterfly cloud ・ Xinghan 、 Firmament and Ecological Application 2022H1 New product release conference ” It will be grandly opened online .

precipitation 500 Strong practice , Tempered by world-class standards , The press conference will cover Kingdee cloud ・ Xinghan 、 the overarching sky 20 Big value features 、7 Home ecology partner , Hisense 、 vanke 、 Xiamen International Trade 、 River steel 、 Zhejiang stock exchange 、 New Austria 、 Excellent and complete 500 Strong enterprise practice sharing , It's the Kingdee cloud in history ・ Xinghan is the most complete 、 The deepest 、 The latest highlight .

among , Huawei relies on Kingdee cloud ・ Xinghan , Build a future oriented digital combat force , At present, the first phase of the global human resources project has been officially launched .

China Merchants Group launched Kingdee cloud ・ Xinghan expense reimbursement 、 Intelligent accounting engine 、 new generation EPM And other world-class financial cloud services , For the digital transformation of enterprise finance , Build a world-class financial management bridge and pave the way .

Hisense Group is based on Kingdee cloud ・ Xinghan builds a financial center , Enhance the ability to resist financial risks , Improve the efficiency of the use of funds , Improve the efficiency and quality of financial operation ; Build inventory middle stage , Realize the omni channel inventory strategy .

Yunnan Zhongyan and Kingdee launched a new generation ERP Cloud platform project construction , Using cloud native technology , Build a unified information platform for Yunnan tobacco (ERP System ), The end-to-end closed-loop management of eight cycle processes is realized , Connect upstream and downstream , Highly unified with pre industry and Finance 、 The fine management of standard cost is the two key points , Realize the independent control of the platform , It has laid a solid foundation for digital transformation and high-quality development strategy .

As one of the top three steel companies in the world , Through the Kingdee cloud . Xinghan completes the marketing service 、 Procurement services 、 Customer service 、 Supplier management 4 Build a unified management and control platform for large businesses , With master data 、 Price policy 、 Order 、 Money 、 Settlement 5 In large business areas, group management and control is the starting point of Management , A total of standardized business closed-loop processes have been completed 50 + Sort out and optimize , Completed group wide procurement 、 marketing 、 Master data 3 Build a centralized management system , Get through all steel mills and financial systems 30 + Information system island , It has realized the construction of a standardized information management and control platform integrating the whole group, industry and finance , Pull through the industrial chain of upstream and downstream enterprises or financial institutions of supply and marketing business , Accelerated the centralized marketing of Hegang group 、 The digital transformation of procurement management mode has been implemented .

When the , The press conference will be held with “ New management 、 New operations 、 New platform ” The theme of , In depth display of the new generation EPM、 Global treasurer 、 Financial middle office 、 Management accounting 、 Digital sourcing 、 Smart tax 、 The global HR、 Can be assembled PaaS platform 、 Ecological application, etc 100 + The cloud service , For more exciting details , Please scan the code to make an appointment , And in 2022 year 5 month 8 Japan -11 Participate in online live broadcast on Sunday .

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