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Cool dog AI music scores become hands-on practice, playing and singing, and help black technology solve the shortage of users' music scores

2022-05-07 20:22:22It information - it home

In recent days, , The singing video of two professors from the school of information and electronic engineering of Henan Shangqiu Institute of technology has become popular on the Internet , The xinhua news agency 、 People's network all like it one after another . their 《 later 》《 When you walk, the flowers bloom 》 Let netizens deeply intoxicated , Netizens expressed one after another “ The old professor sang a gentle charm ”“ The sound is so old , It's the smell of years ”“ It's what a university should be like !”

Like this time, the old professors brought fire again 《 When you walk, the flowers bloom 》 This song , Is the singer Zhuo Shuchen in 2018 Released on the cool dog music open platform , And made a cool dog TOP500 The first 30 First grade . Now , In cool dog 《 When you walk, the flowers bloom 》 Comment area , There was a flood of punch in figures , Successfully joined the luxury single cycle package .

Besides , Cool dog music also has music score function , Provides 《 When you walk, the flowers bloom 》 Guitar version of 、 Two piano scores , Whether you want to practice lyrical piano music , Or a light guitar accompaniment , Can be satisfied with one click . In the score function , It can realize the synchronous playback of music and music score , So that music lovers can play with the original sound of the song , You can also choose to change the tune and other ways to obtain music scores that meet your needs .

According to the professors themselves , Since the new year , Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia , The school implements closed-loop management , They are all music lovers , Just play the piano and sing on campus on weekends :“ During the outbreak , To prevent depression in children , Enrich your spare time life and start singing to everyone , Hope to do ‘ The epidemic is not suppressed ’, See your message to us , Is optimistic , This has played a positive role .”

Music can really bring us a good sense of companionship , It plays a good role in comforting people in the epidemic , Maybe many people will be like two professors , While staying at home, find a musical instrument to practice . But for music lovers , When practicing musical instruments, you may encounter “ Music shortage ”, It's often not so easy to get a satisfactory score . In the last year 10 month , Cool dog music online “ One click spectrum ” The function solves this problem very well .

Music lovers enter... In the cool dog music search bar “ staff ” or “ Music score ”, You can find “ Music section ” entrance , and “ Seeking spectrum ” passageway , Music lovers can collect music scores , You can also upload music scores by yourself , Since its launch, more than one million users have sought spectrum communication here . Cool dog music “ Music section ” Provide users with a free and powerful music library and a broad music learning and communication platform .

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