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Fully stimulate creative enthusiasm, Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra high-energy experience beyond imagination

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Eleven years ago ,S Pen First appeared in Samsung Galaxy Note Series of mobile phones , With its innovative design and different interactive experience , Once launched, it is quickly favored by the market and consumers . After more than ten years of development and continuous iteration of Technology , Today, S Pen Has become Samsung's iconic experience and mobile productivity 、 Creativity is synonymous with . In Samsung's latest top flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra in , Samsung for the first time Galaxy S The series introduces built-in S Pen The design of the , Through fusion Galaxy Note A series of powerful productivity genes , Officially opened a new chapter in this series , And push the creativity and productivity to a new height .

In order to make S Pen At Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Have a better experience in , Present the most ideal writing feeling . Rely on hardware and AI Algorithm enhancement , Samsung will Galaxy S22 Ultra built-in S Pen The input delay is reduced to 2.8ms, Compared with Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Of 9ms The delay is low 3 More than times . Coordination based on AI Coordinate prediction technology and Wacom Handwriting board ,S Pen It also realizes a more accurate writing orientation , So that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra This stylus has become the most fluent in the history of Samsung 、 The most accurate 、 The one with the lowest delay S Pen, Reshape the writing experience again .

The above series of upgrades , It will greatly improve the user experience . Take business people as an example , Low latency helps them record important content quickly and accurately during meetings , Precise pen placement can help them annotate working documents more easily , The revision PPT; If it's a student group , Have S Pen Blessed Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra It can also be used as an electronic notebook , Nowadays, paperless learning is advocated , Students can pass S Pen At Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Take class notes or review materials on the , You can also use S Pen Circle the key points in the teacher's electronic courseware , Facilitate the further establishment of knowledge , Make learning more efficient .

Besides , Samsung is also right S Pen The highly praised handwriting to text function has been upgraded , Not only is it more efficient, but it has supported up to 88 Language recognition , Whether it's scribbled meeting content or class notes , They can be converted into editable with one click 、 Easy finishing 、 Easy to share text . samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra It also supports the fast writing function of the rest screen , Whether there is an important work that needs to be recorded suddenly in the meeting , Or the creative ideas flashed through the creator's mind , No need to light up the screen to enter the mobile desktop , Pop up directly in the screen state S Pen You can quickly write down everything on the screen . Have a writing experience comparable to real paper and pen S Pen, With more practical functions , I believe it will inspire you to record 、 The desire to create .

For painting or video creators ,S Pen Or their powerful productivity tool , From content creation to finished product output , a Galaxy S22 Ultra Can be perfectly competent . More Than This , new S Pen It also provides the function of collaborative view . Through this function Galaxy S22 Ultra And Galaxy Tab S8 Series tablets can be linked , Users can transfer the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of the tablet screen to the mobile screen , Make it a supplement to tablets . meanwhile ,S Pen Seamless switching between two devices . thus , Users can use it in the large screen of the tablet without shielding S Pen Create more fun , And on the phone screen , You can accurately and quickly switch the color of the pen tip or pigment , Significantly improve work efficiency . so to speak , In the past, the first draft creation or drawing revision work that needed to be completed in the studio , Now in Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra And Galaxy Tab S8 It can be easily done in the collaboration of series tablets .

Samsung moves forward bravely on its established high-end track ,S Pen The addition of Galaxy S22 Ultra Have a more obvious differentiated experience , Set a new benchmark for high-end flagship mobile phones . stay Galaxy S22 Ultra With the help of the , Believe in your life 、 Work will get twice the result with half the effort .

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