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"Epidemic" calls for "100" response, and "Hubei model" continues to improve residents' sense of gain

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4 Early in the month , The epidemic situation in Ezhou, Hubei Province is becoming more and more complex and severe , The pressure of prevention and control continues to increase . To effectively curb the spread of novel coronavirus , Make every effort to ensure the life safety and health of the people in the region , According to national and provincial 、 Municipal Regulations on epidemic prevention and control , In the city 、 The district epidemic prevention headquarters shall inform the deployment , Static management is implemented in some areas of urban area of Hubei Province .

Hubei Provincial Health Commission strengthened overall planning , Adhere to the combination of medical treatment and prevention 、 Peace and war 、 Combination of emergency and long-term planning 、 Combination of strong base and energy enhancement , Vigorously promote the construction of Hubei health and medical big data center and public health emergency management platform , IFLYTEK medical actively undertakes the construction of the comprehensive management system of basic public health services in the basic public health sector , Deploy in Hubei “ Strengthen the basic level 、 Benefit the people 、 Strong management 、 Service health care reform ” Of “ Intelligent medical assistant ” Provincial core competence platform , It provides resource guarantee for the provincial grass-roots medical institutions in the application of intelligent voice outbound call assistant and general practice auxiliary diagnosis system , Let the people have more sense of gain .

4 month 12 Japan , Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee 、 Governor 、 Wang Zhonglin, commander of the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters, went to Ezhou to guide the epidemic prevention and control work , He stressed that , Ezhou epidemic prevention and control is in a critical stage , We should put epidemic prevention first , The main responsible comrades come forward to command and dispatch , Concentrate 、 act decisively , Control the epidemic as soon as possible 、 To achieve social clearance , Resolutely prevent the spread and overflow .

According to the province 、 The municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters made unified deployment , The epidemic prevention and control headquarters in the urban area of Hubei Province is in 4 month 16 We urgently contacted iFLYTEK Medical , It is hoped that with the help of the artificial intelligence voice outbound call capability deployed by iFLYTEK medical on the provincial platform of Hubei Provincial Health Commission , Conduct comprehensive and accurate screening for nucleic acid detection of regional personnel , Remind the broad masses of the people to abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention , Try to make sure no one is missing 、 No one is lost . After receiving the mission , IFLYTEK medical rapid response command requirements , Set up an internal special team , Under the personal dispatch and command of the head of the urban area of Hubei , Contact the person in charge of the District Health Bureau , According to the actual needs, the script design of intelligent voice robot .

4 month 17 Japan , IFLYTEK medical cooperates with China Unicom , Actively coordinate voice outbound lines and numbers , Research on docking mode and robot script .“ This mission is time critical and demanding , Need to be in 1 Nearly... In days 40 Million voice outbound calls , This is the first time that Hubei Province has completed such a high-intensity deployment of the platform , This also involves the debugging of voice lines , It requires high stability of the system , At present, the list of personnel to be investigated has not been issued , There is not much time left for us .” Wang Maosheng, the project leader, said at the project site .

“ Hello! , I'm the epidemic prevention and control staff in the urban area of Hubei , At present, nucleic acid testing is being carried out in the city , May I have your 4 month 17 Have you been tested for nucleic acid on the day of ?” stay 17 On the afternoon of the th, residents in the urban area of Hubei began to receive such calls one after another , Intelligent voice robot is on duty . This war “ Epidemic disease ” New employees are tireless , In less than 10 In a matter of hours , Completed the inspection of this batch of nearly 40 Nucleic acid detection and screening of 10000 key populations , Empty numbers are automatically filtered out in the system 、 Repeat and wait for the invalid list , The cumulative actual number of calls is 32 Thousands of people , Among them, nearly 23 Thousands of people , Connection rate 72%. It is found that , All residents connected to the phone have been tested for nucleic acid 164847 people , The number of people who have not been tested for nucleic acid and are still in the urban area of Hubei 4650 people . With residents “ Barrier free ” communicate , accurate “ master ” Call content , Automatically generate corresponding text 、 Data table …… In the epidemic prevention and control work in the urban area of Hubei ,“ Intelligent voice outbound robot ” It has become the focus of many front-line epidemic prevention workers “ Good help ”, They can replace manual telephone follow-up and other work , Improve the efficiency of prevention and control , Reduce the burden of front-line personnel .

“ Front line personnel have been working with high intensity for a long time 、 High pressure struggle on all fronts of epidemic prevention and control , Manual troubleshooting is under great pressure . Using artificial intelligence technology can greatly reduce the front-line workload , Prevent manual omission 、 Effectively block the route of transmission , Improve the level of scientific and accurate prevention and control .” Xiaxin district chief of the urban area of Hubei fully affirmed that this time, the intelligent voice robot was used to conduct nucleic acid touch and arrangement for all staff .

Since the outbreak , The application of artificial intelligence has achieved remarkable results in epidemic prevention and control . IFLYTEK medical gives full play to the core technical advantages of artificial intelligence , Help Hubei improve the handling capacity of major public health emergencies , Improve the ability of epidemic normalization prevention and control , Accelerate the integration of medical treatment and prevention 、 The reform of disease control system combining peacetime and wartime and the construction of public health system focusing on strengthening grass-roots units , Help local health administrative departments build a long-term mechanism for sustainable epidemic prevention and control , Build a healthy Hubei .

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