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Green shell eggs, Duyun Maojian, Rosa roxburghii... The "headlines of mountain goods" came into Guizhou to help agricultural goods go up

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5 month 6 Japan ,“ Mountain goods make headlines ” Walk into Guizhou , Opened in Tiktok e-commerce “ Flavor Guizhou ” Prefecture , Connect high-quality agricultural products with national consumers , Push Changshun green shell egg 、 Duyun Maojian, etc “ The goods from Guizhou come out of the mountain ”, Huanxin regional agricultural product brand . It is reported that ,“ Flavor Guizhou ” Online activities last for 7 God , to 12 End of the day .

Under the guidance of Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce ,“ Mountain goods make headlines ” Will join hands with Guizhou new farmers and small and medium-sized businesses , Give full play to the characteristics of e-commerce , Enhance the attention of the agricultural market with rich rural short videos and live broadcast content , Promote the sustainable development of agricultural merchants with special assistance and training guidance , Boost farmers' income with long-term large-scale operation support 、 Agricultural efficiency .

Guizhou is located in the southwest , Its unique climate advantages 、 The diversity of natural and biological resources , It has laid a prerequisite for the development of modern mountain characteristic and efficient agriculture . Changshun green shell eggs produced by free range breeding of laying hens under the forest , For National Geographic Indication Products , Rich in a variety of trace elements and vitamins ; Duyun hair tip is green 、 Fragrant and tender , It is one of the top ten famous teas in China ; Southeast Guizhou has “ Three days without acid , Walk through ” The said , The sour soup seasoning made by local people has become an indispensable flavor in Guizhou cuisine …… These high-quality Guizhou goods selected by history and market , Will be online “ Flavor Guizhou ” Prefecture . Besides , Rosa roxburghii 、 Honey plum 、 Tear the dried beans 、 chili powder 、 Edible fungi and other agricultural specialties in Guizhou , Will also be “ Mountain goods make headlines ” Long term support to expand new consumer markets .

In addition to the online special area to promote the quality of Guizhou goods , This event will also be launched # Mountain goods make headlines 、# Flavor Guizhou and many other Tiktok topics , Attract more high-quality talents and users to participate in the creation of short videos and live content , Show the rural scenery of Guizhou . Tiktok mall mountain specialty channel 、“ Shaking, in Popular list ” Theme list 、 Online entrance such as hometown specialty Museum , It will also launch a variety of Guizhou specialties , For the majority of consumers to choose . The Silk Road thousands of years ago , Qiandi horse Gang climbed over Congshan , Transport agricultural goods far away . Now , Guizhou goods take advantage of interest in e-commerce , Jumped into a consumer shopping cart thousands of miles away .

“ People enter Guizhou 、 Goods out of Guizhou ”, In order to help Guizhou goods export more pertinently , Tiktok “ Mountain goods make headlines ” The project team went to duodi village and county in Guizhou for agricultural industry research , Tap local characteristics of agricultural products and potential businesses , Access platform special services , And provide special personnel to patrol the site to help businesses grasp the quality control and delivery timeliness of goods .

Besides ,“ Mountain goods make headlines ” It also carried out special cooperation with China Post , Provide Guizhou mountain goods merchants with designated cooperation cloud warehouse and express fund subsidies and other support , Solve the problem of rural special output villages entering the city from the source “ First kilometre ”.

It is reported that ,“ Mountain goods make headlines ” It is one of the key projects of byte rural plan , Jointly created by Tiktok e-commerce and byte beating public welfare , Focus on the countryside “ people 、 cargo 、 site ”, Help local new farmers and agricultural merchants grow , Promote landmark agricultural products , Help the regional agricultural and specialty industries realize the transformation from “ Poverty alleviation industry ” To “ Enriching industry ” Further development of .

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