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Thanksgiving mother's day, Samsung bespoke colorful platinum refrigerator dotes on mom with delicious food

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The warm memory of home is always accompanied by the dense and aroma of food , Blurred the busy figure of my mother , When we grow up, we gradually understand and appreciate our mother's selfless dedication . Mother's Day is coming , Cook in person to prepare the taste of love for mom , Even if your cooking is not exquisite , samsung BESPOKE Colorful platinum refrigerator can still be made of the freshest ingredients “ Care without deterioration ”. Wandering children who can't accompany their mother can also consider replacing the old refrigerator at home , Will Samsung BESPOKE Colorful platinum refrigerator as a mother's Day gift to send care and thoughts , Create a new food memory for mom .

Multiple combinations of colorful colors , Light up the young mentality

Liu Yuxi has a poem :“ Mo daosangyu is late , The sky is full of rosy clouds .” More and more elders are infected by the positive atmosphere of the times , Have full curiosity and exploration for life , Use bright colors to light up a vibrant life . Most refrigerators on the market are composed of black-and-white colors , In one way “ Don't go wrong ” The way of existence stands still in a corner of the kitchen , But Samsung BESPOKE Colorful platinum refrigerator with flexible colors and styles , To grasp accurately “ Moms ” Vigorous power without Twilight . This series of refrigerators have many specifications , Including single door 、 Two doors and cross doors . This year's new listing BESPOKE The colorful platinum lattice cross door refrigerator is spliced with the colors of halo white and halo powder to create a unique aesthetic feeling of alternating type and color , It also fits the mothers' love for bright colors . More Than This , samsung BESPOKE Colorful platinum refrigerator can be customized and combined according to actual needs , No matter how the family structure changes, it can “ Splicing ” Find the most suitable solution .

High end technology and minimalist operation , Multi effect improvement of use experience

although “ Moms ” The ability to accept all kinds of new things should not be underestimated , However, the rapid change of science and technology still causes the difficulty of product operation to a certain extent . samsung BESPOKE Colorful platinum refrigerator has found the perfect balance between high-end technology and minimalist operation , The whole space variable temperature design can realize refrigeration with one key 、 Free conversion of freezing , The precise control and preservation technology ensures more detailed temperature control , Users can use the micro freeze 、 Fresh ice 、 Fast switching between three modes of soft cooling , Lock in nutrition while maintaining a fresh taste .BESPOKE The colorful platinum lattice cross door refrigerator is also equipped with a professional frost free moisturizing independent three circulation system , It solves the problem of food flavor that gives Mom a headache , Make every time you open the refrigerator a harmonious smell , Every inch of ingredients is authentic .

Large capacity and flexible storage , Families store goods at ease

Mothers tend to hoard goods , Plus the impact of the epidemic , Let everyone realize the importance of large refrigerator . The choice of large-size refrigerator cannot be judged only by its capacity , We also need to consider the rationality of spatial layout . samsung BESPOKE The newly launched cross door refrigerator of colorful Platinum Series provides 620L Large storage capacity , Buy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables at one time 、 Dessert drinks 、 Fresh meat and aquatic products don't have to worry about storage . The specially set adjustable temperature zone can select the storage mode according to the food materials , No additional temperature setting is required , One click to select freezing 、 drinks 、 Fruits and vegetables 、 fish & meat 、 Soft freeze 5 A convenient mode , Meet diversity 、 Customized storage requirements . In terms of rational layout of space , The cross door refrigerator also uses the long and narrow space between the fresh-keeping drawers in the refrigeration room , A special tank filling area with appropriate height shall be set independently , Never waste every inch of storage space , While satisfying mothers' enthusiasm for hoarding goods , It also ensures that each food material can be stored in a dedicated storage environment , Truly achieve health and safety .

We are often used to expressing our love and Thoughts on Mother's Day , But the flow of love interaction runs through every day of life . Will Samsung BESPOKE Colorful platinum refrigerator for mother , It is the care that turns into real life care that protects the freshness and health of mother's every meal , And light up the leisurely state of life through bright colors , Write their own food diary .

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