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Samsung lifestyle TV series: creating an ideal home with the beauty of Art

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Interior design master mark ・ Hampton once said :“ The comfort of every house , Visual perception is as important as physical function .” Good home settings include not only fresh colors and chic designs , More need to serve life itself . samsung Lifestyle TV series adhere to brand home Aesthetics , Combine creative art with cutting-edge technology , Provide consumers with intelligence 、 Comfortable use experience , Create a more artistic and comfortable home atmosphere .

Compact, portable, spin with Samsung, unlock with 100 Kind of Freestyle

Set projector 、 Intelligent sound and environmental lighting functions in one The Freestyle Samsung's accompanying intelligent projector is very popular once it is launched , Groundbreaking portable design can meet the screen needs of different environments .The Freestyle Samsung comes with only 0.8Kg, Simple cylinder shape , In order to meet the personalized needs of users , Provide coral powder 、 Forest green 、 Cream coffee and other color shell for users to choose .The Freestyle Samsung comes with HD image quality and intelligent correction function , And 180° rotate , It can provide square and clear pictures in indoor and outdoor scenes . With the help of translucent filter lampshade and environment screen mode, it can also provide ambient lighting , Add color to life , Add atmosphere to the party . In everyday life , Users can use The Freestyle Samsung comes with a projection tutorial or recipe , While cooking in the kitchen ; Or you can project yoga through it 、HIIT、 Meditation classes, etc , Free from space constraints, easy Fitness .

The color of the TV frame becomes thinner and more vivid

2021 year , Samsung pioneered The Frame Wall series TV , Adopt the design concept of artistic picture frame , When turned on, it was a TV , When closed, it looks like a picture frame in the gallery , Perfect integration with TV wall and living environment . TV standby , Users can set their favorite pictures and photos as wallpaper ,The Frame Wall painting TV will instantly turn into exhibition paintings , Let the family environment haunt the atmosphere of art . The custom border service also allows users to customize various styles of magnetic absorption TV borders according to their personal preferences , To meet individual needs .

Beyond elegant design ,The Frame Wall series TV is also equipped with excellent technology and high-quality performance .2022 The newly upgraded matte screen display can minimize the reflection of TV , Make TV more artistic , The viewing experience is clearer . Equipped with quantum dot technology , Through the color rendering volume of wide color gamut, the TV shows beautiful colors . The brightness sensor can detect the ambient light , Cooperate with eye protection mode , Automatically adjust screen brightness and hue , Present the best color rendering effect .

In terms of device mode ,The Frame Wall painting series TV is more ingenious , Users can choose a variety of practical accessories . The slim wall hanging rack can make the TV wall mounted and infinitely fit the wall , A variety of angles can be extremely beautiful ; The rotatable wall rack supports the rotating TV in horizontal or vertical state , Choose the appropriate viewing method according to the content . meanwhile , Users can also choose two ways of height adjustable base and rotatable floor support to install the TV on the ground . Multi unit mode , Matching multiple spaces , To meet the needs of personalized home decoration .

Fashion design is diverse, display picture TV brings a variety of possibilities for home

The Serif The TV series of painting scene is characterized by its exquisite “I” The profile design is different from other TV appearances , It is an artistic TV designed to improve the aesthetics of room design , Multi angle fashion design is equally beautiful no matter what angle you appreciate . The unique metal floor stand and unique design complement each other , Integrate into the home space like decorations . If space is limited , The bracket can also be removed , Place it in different positions of the room according to the needs , Adapt to more scenes .

The Serif Picture TV also has both appearance and function . Matte screen display can reduce the reflection of light on the screen , Let you enjoy watching content .HDR10 + Technology and wide color gamut color rendering volume analyze the picture frame by frame , So that the TV can present rich colors and clear pictures at different brightness levels . The new smart desktop brings new film and television interface layout effect , Let users get the content they want more conveniently and quickly . Besides , Including the picture series TV 2022 samsung Lifestyle Series TVs are equipped with the industry's unique white solar remote control , It can be charged by sunlight and indoor light , Reduce the use of disposable batteries , Energy saving and environmental protection .

With the blessing of convenient design and powerful functions , samsung Lifestyle Series TV will open personalized audio-visual experience for users . It can not only meet the needs of users for audio-visual and comfort , It can also maximize the beauty of the overall design . Whether users pursue a personalized lifestyle or want to feel art through their daily life , Show personal Aesthetics , samsung Lifestyle Series of TVs can bring unique home design and use experience , Help users unlock multiple lives style.

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