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Where's all the pent up urine?

2022-05-07 20:27:11Popular science China

Audit experts : Zeng Ling

Deputy chief physician of Gynecology of Tianyou Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University of science and Technology

Some time ago , A piece of news posted on Weibo has aroused heated public debate ——“23 A - year-old woman stayed in bed to hold her urine, resulting in rupture of the corpus luteum ”.

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Luteal phase is the second half of the menstrual cycle of women of childbearing age , The girl in the news report didn't do strenuous exercise , But because she held her urine for too long , After excretion, the bladder pressure decreases sharply , Induced corpus luteum rupture . Once the news comes out , It also triggered a debate about “ Hold back urine ” Discussion of behavior , People shouted that they would not dare to hold their urine anymore .

Where's all the urine ? The bladder serves as a source of urine “ Storage ”, It is one of the important organs of human urinary system . When a certain amount of urine is reached , This message is transmitted to the brain through nerve reflex , After the brain gives instructions , A series of muscles work together , Complete a normal urination .

Generally speaking , The bladder capacity of normal adults is 350—500 ml , The bladder volume of women is smaller than that of men , The bladder capacity of newborns is only that of adults 1/10. When the urine stored in the bladder is 150—250 Milliliter hour , The body will begin to urinate , Once this range exceeds 500 ml , Then it will cause pain due to excessive bladder tension . When the human body actively holds back urine , The urine in the bladder cannot be discharged normally , The bladder expands like a balloon , The urine that has been held back remains in the bladder , Even when urine accumulates excessively , It also flows back into the kidneys , Cause hydronephrosis 、 Terrible consequences such as damage to kidney function .

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Holding your urine is a dangerous action. The danger of holding your urine is in addition to that in the news report “ Easy to cause corpus luteum rupture ”, The first is the damage to the urinary system . If a person has formed the habit of holding urine , Then the following urinary system diseases will greatly increase the probability of finding him .

The mucous membrane in the bladder has certain antibacterial effect , If the urine that should have been excreted stays here too long , Bacteria also remain in the bladder , So as to reduce the resistance of bladder mucosa , Form urinary tract infection 、 Acute cystitis . in addition , Holding urine increases the pressure in the bladder , Some bacteria in the urine flow back into the prostate , Cause prostatitis .

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Holding urine also increases the risk of bladder rupture , The thinned bladder wall after expansion is impacted by external force or sudden change of pressure difference , It breaks easily . A lot of urine, nowhere to go , Enter the abdominal cavity , Cause a series of abdominal infections 、 Peritonitis and other terrible consequences , Even life-threatening in serious cases .

Caused by holding back urine “ Difficult to urinate , Every drop is hard to come out ” Urine retention is also “ Hiding anything ”, Excessive filling for a long time , Bring unbearable pressure to the bladder wall , The nerves and detrusors that control bladder contraction are easily damaged , The consequences are more serious for the elderly .

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In addition to causing great risks to the urinary system , Hold back urine and hurt “ heart ”. When people are holding their urine , The mood will gradually become irritable , A sharp rise in abdominal pressure also leads to a rise in blood pressure 、 Rapid heartbeat and other symptoms . Physical changes and psychological stress , The superposition of two factors is a signal of danger , Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases may have angina pectoris 、 Arrhythmia, etc , Even induce cerebral hemorrhage or massive cerebral infarction , Serious can also lead to sudden death .

Hold your urine for a long time and then urinate , The full bladder empties rapidly , It can cause vagus nerve excitement , Bradycardia 、 Blood pressure drops 、 Brain hypoxia and even brief coma , Fatal intracerebral hemorrhage .

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For the majority of gout patients , Holding back urine is a bad habit . Uric acid in urine leaves with the normal urination of the human body , It is also the main way to excrete uric acid . When uric acid in the body is on the high side 、 Long term detention , Uric acid in urine quickly saturates , In this case , It's easy to form gout stones , And accumulate to joints and other parts . More Than This , Long term hold urine can also induce poor urination 、 slow , Mental enuresis and many other problems .

Holding urine is so harmful , Why should I hold back the physical examination ? Said so much about the harm of holding urine , Maybe someone will ask : Then why are there many items when you go to the hospital for examination , The doctor asked us to drink more water to hold our urine ?

actually , When you hold your urine, your bladder is full , The bladder wall will also be clearer under medical examination instruments , And like uterine appendages 、 The prostate and other organs are located at the lower back of the bladder and the pelvic cavity is low 、 Deeper position , A large number of intestines cover it , If ultrasound wants to overcome the interference of intestinal gas , Directly to these organs , The difficulties .

A bladder full of urine , We can solve this problem , The bladder in the state of holding urine can push open the intestinal tube occupying the pelvic cavity 、 Raise the position of these organs , Make it appear . meanwhile , The behavior of holding urine in physical examination is only accidental , It doesn't last long , It won't do great harm to people's health .

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When you need to do a urine holding project , Half an hour before the examination , Take a sip while walking slowly 6 To 7 About a cup of water 、 coffee 、 Tea, etc . For female Gynecology B For the super check , The lower abdomen swells gently when you lie flat 、 In a shallow arc , Hand pressure can sink , And I can stand the State .

To have a healthier body , First of all, we should develop healthy living habits , Take care of our bladder , Do a good job in daily hygiene habits 、 Prevent bacteria from invading the urinary system ; Get rid of long-term sedentary 、 The bad habit of not drinking water ; Never think that holding your urine can exercise your bladder , When the urine comes, just listen to the brain .

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