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Is it really not because your mobile assistant can be awakened?

2022-05-07 20:28:4536kr

When it comes to intelligent voice assistant , People will think of , The experience of being speechless by them .

After all, at this stage , AI people are really far away from intelligence .

I'm not afraid to be laughed at , Shichao a long time ago , Really used Siri To improve the efficiency of life .

Simpler , Just let him check the real-time exchange rate , Identify songs , Set a time .

Higher order point , Cooperate with the rice family App and iOS Quick instructions , Just say after work “ well Siri, I'm home ”.

The curtains at home will be closed , The atmosphere light will also turn on , Bluetooth audio also starts together .

EH , Sounds cool, doesn't it ?

I've been doing it countless times , Find out Siri Sometimes I really want people to give it two big fights , I gave up .

There is time to correct it again and again , I TM You can poke your fingers .

So with a lot of  iPhone The user is the same , Shichao now uses Siri Set a time or something , Others really don't expect this great intelligence .

but , Some time ago, we sent an article about network security , The message below makes me a little worried about this great intelligence .

—— We Hey Siri The cell phone reacts when , When there's no hi , Don't mobile phones always listen to the sounds around ?

Hoarse , It seems to make sense ?

If you don't listen all the time , How does it know I called him ?

Then I touched the official website of apple , Found them in Siri There are four words mentioned in the introduction copy “ be on call ”...

I'm more suspicious .

If it's really like what netizens say , The cell phone has been listening to us , Isn't that the thing of reading learning materials in the middle of the night? What you say every day is known ?

With this question , Shichao searched the Internet all day , I really found some statements .

Let me give you a conclusion ,iPhone I can hear you shout  Hey Siri, It's really because it's always listening to your voice .

But don't rush to spray , Hear the sound  ≠  He can understand .

It's like your dog can hear you all the time , But can he understand it all ?

To understand the problem , We have to move the time back to 2013 year .

That year Apple released iPhone 5s, Except for iPhone Stuffed with the latest  A7 processor , And added a little M7 Coprocessor .

You are familiar with A Family processor , yes iPhone Inside C position , Responsible for most of the work .

Coprocessor is equivalent to auxiliary , It's not hard to be responsible for some , But things that need to work all the time .

For example, in your wechat PK Steps , Acceleration sensor 、 After the gyroscope senses , Give it to the coprocessor to calculate .

The reason is simple .

Because the power consumption of coprocessor is very low , Even if you keep counting data , It doesn't affect the endurance .

If it's for  A Series processors do , The mobile phone is equivalent to waking up all the time , Early endurance TM Collapse .

in addition , compass 、 Pressure sensors are also the responsibility of the coprocessor .

here we are 2014 Apple launched Hey Siri After the function , Coprocessor has another task : Handle Siri Audio .

The microphone records sound , Coprocessor for identification .

therefore , The mobile phone is really listening to the surrounding sound all the time , To determine if you said Hey Siri.

The problem is coming. , Can the mobile phone understand the surrounding sound at this time ?

It is difficult to .

Let's stroke it first Siri The principle of recognition .

In the and Siri In conversation , The sound collected by the mobile phone will be sent to Apple Server computing , So what did you say , It's easy to know .

But it's triggering Siri Before , The phone has been collecting sound , The data is very large , If tens of millions iPhone Send all the data to Apple there , The server blew up long ago .

So trigger Siri Before , The sound collected by the mobile phone , It's actually calculated locally .

This calculation is complicated , Refer to the figure below .

Because Shichao is not a related major , Only a small part of this picture can be understood , Probably explain to you .

After your voice enters the microphone , After processing, it will be cut into many small audio , Then the coprocessor will calculate the frequency of these audio “ fraction ”.

Finally, add up these audio scores , See if it reaches you “ Hey Siri ” Sound threshold .

Once you reach , The coprocessor will wake up the main processor , The main processor will use a more accurate algorithm to determine .

Make sure you're shouting “ Hey Siri ” after ,Siri Will come out and clock .

To sum up :

The coprocessor constantly detects the surrounding sound , Confirmed as “ Hey Siri ” after , The main processor calculates it again and requests Siri The server .

After such a complex process ,iPhone To determine that it heard “ Hey Siri ”, You said it had to understand everything else , It's not enough to increase the workload a hundred times or a thousand times .

therefore ,Siri I can understand you before triggering , It's not realistic at all .

Is there a possibility , Whether you understand it or not , It just collects sound , Direct to Apple Well ?

Technically feasible , But in terms of endurance , Not really .

Do you think , If the phone keeps sending data out , That battery is bigger than your head , The endurance can't stand it ?

Even if the apple is sinister enough , Only sneak it when charging , Isn't it obvious that such a large amount of data traffic is sent to the head .

Seeing this, some poor friends will say , Are you washing apples .

Before, there was a foreign news saying , Apple passed Siri Hear an indescribable voice ?

I also went to check , The article is half the title of the party , The reality is not Siri eavesdropping , But the user accidentally triggered Siri,Siri Start listening , At this time, the user is doing something shameful ..

And apple in order to judge Siri How well you work , You won't be able to extract 0.2% Hand over the audio information to the human to view , Finally, I bumped into ..

Users can also refuse to share audio  ▼

Except, of course, Siri, There are other intelligent voice assistants , Most of them also monitor wake-up words through a low-power chip .

so to speak , These intelligent voice assistants ( Include Siri ) Before triggering , Be able to understand the surrounding sounds or upload all the sounds to the server , Whether from the level of science and Technology , Or logically , It's not realistic .

Is there a possibility , Under certain conditions , Voice assistant will quietly connect with Mimi , Eavesdropping for more than ten seconds ?

Not often people say , The forefoot just talked about a product , It appears on the online shopping platform , I wonder if the voice assistant eavesdropped on the chat .

In fact, Shichao thinks that this matter probably depends on the advertising alliance . They have a large number of user accurate portraits , For example, who likes the second dimension , I've been looking at daily products recently .

The products recommended according to the user's portrait are really accurate , Sometimes it happens that the front foot is finished , Hit your back foot , It makes people mistakenly think whether they have been bugged ..

We've also written about the advertising alliance before ▼

Of course , It's not that voice assistants don't eavesdrop , The possibilities are , But it's smaller .

And to say the least , In recent two years, with the implementation of China's relevant privacy law , Major manufacturers step up authority management , I think eavesdropping is less likely .

Think about it , Risking sanctions 、 Even the risk of breaking the law , Eavesdrop on the common people's words , Just to earn three melons and two dates , For any voice assistant manufacturer , It's not necessary .

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