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Apologize late at night. Will rotten fruit stand in the way of hundreds of orchards?

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It was revealed that they cut fruit with spoiled fruit 、 Apples continue to be sold after they become moldy ,5 month 7 Early morning , A hundred orchards The official microblog issued an apology statement :“ I'm sorry , Betrayed everyone's trust in us !” Baiguoyuan, which has just been submitted to the Hong Kong stock exchange, rushed into the hot search .

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5 month 6 Japan , A popular science blogger released a video saying , When they secretly visited the Chengdu store of Baiguoyuan , It was found that some store staff not only graded the fruits in violation of regulations , Also cut up and sell the fruit that is about to deteriorate .

In the video , The staff of a Baiguoyuan store labeled all the small pineapples as more expensive big pineapples , Also called :“ No problem , Anyway, people have money .” And in another orchard store , The store is still selling beer pears that have been on sale for a month and a half . The shop assistant said , It's none of his business if something goes wrong , Who sells it is who's ,“ Other stores are older than us , Some for two or three months .”

Baiguoyuan means , The stores involved have been closed for rectification as required , And order the franchisee to suspend and re educate the employees involved in the store .

Baiguoyuan was founded in 2001 year , Is a collection of fruit purchasing 、 Planting support 、 Logistics warehousing 、 Marketing development 、 Brand operation 、 Store retail 、 A large chain enterprise integrating financial capital , Its retail stores are mainly “ A hundred orchards ” And “ Guo Duomei ” Two brands operate .5 month 2 Japan , Baiguoyuan submitted its listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Morgan Stanley is the sole sponsor .

Hovering at the gate of the capital market for many years , This is the third listing attempt of Baiguoyuan .2020 year 6 month 、2020 year 11 In June, Baiguoyuan proposed to HKEx respectively 、 Shenzhen GEM is listed . Now , Baiguoyuan chose to return to Hong Kong stocks IPO, And competitors Fresh fruit Completed A The first phase of counseling for the listing of shares .

Is pounding “ The first share of fruit retail ” A hundred orchards , In recent years, we have frequently faced complaints about the quality of products and services , It has also been questioned by consumers “ Suspected of selling smuggled fruits and fruits that do not meet the national food safety standards ”, stay 2021 The defendant went to court .

01 Last year's revenue exceeded 10 billion for the first time , A single business is highly dependent on

Compared with the outbreak 2020 year , The operation and performance of many enterprises have gradually improved in the post epidemic era . For example, Baiguoyuan ,2021 In, its operating revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time , achieve 102.89 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 16.2%. And in the 2020 year , Because of the epidemic , Its operating revenue is from 2019 Year of 89.76 Billion yuan down to 88.54 One hundred million yuan .

The revenue of Baiguoyuan mainly comes from the sales of fruits and other products 、 Royalties and franchise income 、 Membership fee income and other income . among , The sales of fruits and other products account for more than 97%.

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From the analysis of revenue composition , The income of Baiguoyuan mainly comes from fresh fruit 、 Dried fruit and fresh fruit , But it is still the sales business of fresh fruit that occupies the majority .2019 year -2021 year , The proportion of sales revenue of fresh fruits in the total revenue of Baiguoyuan is 96.5%、96.4% and 95%, It shows that Baiguoyuan is highly dependent on this single business .

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in addition , Although the revenue of Baiguoyuan exceeded 10 billion last year , but 2019 year -2021 year , The net profit of Baiguoyuan is only 2.48 One hundred million yuan 、0.46 Million dollars 2.26 One hundred million yuan , Gross profit margin for the same period 9.8%、9.1% and 11.2%.

The Research Report of Anxin securities once pointed out that , The maximum gross profit margin of fresh e-commerce industry is 30%, The average gross margin of the industry is 15% about . In the context of low profits , It is difficult for many enterprises to achieve breakeven .

It is worth mentioning that , Hundred orchards are in the process of development , The mode of open franchise is its distinctive characteristic .

The joining ways of Baiguoyuan include AB Two joining schemes , The total investment in opening a franchise store is 27.7–29.7 Ten thousand yuan 、8.5 Ten thousand yuan , among B The plan is less 6.2 10000 yuan for signboard equipment 、3 10000 yuan for information equipment and 10-12 The estimated decoration cost of 10000 yuan .

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At the beginning of entrepreneurship , Yu Huiyong, founder of Baiguoyuan, once said :“ I don't care how to open a shop , And not involved , Just tell me when to open , I'll just cut the ribbon , Just one , To open a chain store .” Yu Huiyong was also in 2016 Nian Fangyan , want 2020 Ten thousand stores opened in .

however , The expansion speed of Baiguoyuan has slowed down significantly . By 2021 end of the year , The number of franchise stores of Baiguoyuan is only 5134 home . Under the brand of guoduomei, there are 100 A franchise store , Mainly in Beijing . Guoduomei is a hundred orchards in 2017 A trademark obtained through trademark transfer at the end of the year .

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According to insiders ,“ Baiguoyuan is the largest fruit chain supermarket in China , At present, there are more than 8000 stores, and it is possible , They are multi brand , Some are orchards , Some shops are bought by their company .”

According to Zhang Yakun, a new consumer analyst at dolphin knowledge library , The franchise model itself has a common problem , That is, it is easy for each franchise store to fight for each other , Lack of team spirit , It is not convenient for the unified management and operation of the headquarters . That means , Several franchisees may unite to ask to take off the brand and start a business independently , Headquarters will not only lose resources , And lose customers —— After all, each franchise store has strong independence and autonomy , In stock 、 After some experience in store management ,“ Collective card change ” This kind of thing is very likely to happen .

《 Prospectus 》 Show , The number of closed stores in Baiguoyuan is increasing year by year .2019 year -2021 year , The new stores in Baiguoyuan are 928 home 、695 Jiahe 865 home ; At the same time , Closing stores are 166 home 、249 home 、379 home . Regarding this , Baiguoyuan said that the reason for closing the store was the poor management of individual stores .

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It should be noted that , Franchise stores are the main revenue support of Baiguoyuan , Accounting for about 80% of the total revenue . The rest of the income of Baiguoyuan comes from its own stores 、 Regional agents and online channels . If the 2021 In, Baiguoyuan joined stores to contribute revenue 81.27 One hundred million yuan 、“ A hundred orchards ”+“ Guo Duomei ” Total franchise stores 5234 Home computing , The average annual revenue of each franchise store 155.24 Ten thousand yuan , The daily revenue is 4253 yuan . If more franchise stores are not profitable or closed , The performance of the orchard may be affected .

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02 Kind of fruit PK Fruit sales ,“ A hundred orchards ” The dust of the trademark dispute has settled

Baiguoyuan has a single business structure , Mainly rely on selling fruit . But all the fruit sold in Baiguoyuan comes from the outside , There are few varieties of fruits produced by our own family .

So why don't you grow fruit in the orchard ? This is to mention a story about two years ago “ A hundred orchards ” Judgment in trademark infringement case .

Dongfang Xianglin apple base Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Dongfang Xianglin ”) It is a fruit growing enterprise , unfortunately , Its registered trademark is also “ A hundred orchards ”. Although not as famous as the hundred orchards , But Dongfang Xianglin “ A hundred orchards ” The trademark is registered before . therefore , Will open the fruit supermarket “ A hundred orchards ”, Go to court , The amount of the claim is as high as 9103 Ten thousand yuan .

After hearing the case, Quanzhou intermediate people's court held that , Baiguoyuan has no infringement , The reason is that both sides have “ A hundred orchards ” trademark , But the registration categories are different . Baiguoyuan is not an agricultural enterprise that grows fruit , But in the field of commodity circulation to provide fruit sales 、 A service-oriented enterprise focusing on processing and supporting services .

Although we won the lawsuit , But Baiguoyuan is not reconciled .

In order to completely get rid of Dongfang Xianglin “ A hundred orchards ” The threat of trademarks , Hundred orchards can be described as painstaking . thereafter , Hundreds of orchards follow the victory , Reverse intellectual property office applies for revocation of Dongfang Xianglin “ A hundred orchards ” trademark .

According to Jin Xiaoguang, Minister of difficult criminal and civil affairs of AIA law firm , There are three reasons to apply for revocation of the other party's trademark : First, the trademark registrant changes some elements of the trademark by himself , Such as the name 、 Address, etc ; The second situation is that the trademark registrant has no legitimate reason , No registered trademark has been used within three years ; Another situation is that the registered trademark has become Goods pass Use your name , There are no special signs , Then others can apply for the revocation of the trademark .

Judging from the content of the court's decision , The reason why Baiguoyuan proposed to revoke the other party's trademark is the second , That is, Dongfang Xianglin has not been used in three years “ A hundred orchards ” The trademark of .

however , The orchard didn't do what it wanted . Dongfang Xianglin provided sufficient evidence , It is proved that it has been used in three years “ A hundred orchards ” trademark , The evidence includes providing “ Hainan famous trademark certificate ” And media publicity, etc .

What's interesting is that , For the verdict , The orchard is not convinced . On the contrary, he sued the intellectual property office to the Beijing Higher People's court . last year 3 month , The Beijing Higher People's court tried the case in the second instance .

The Beijing Higher People's court also held that , Dongfang Xianglin company submitted the main evidence materials , To prove that the contested trademark is in 2015 year 5 month 24 solstice 2018 year 5 month 23 Actual use has been carried out within the date . So the judgment rejected the appeal of Baiguoyuan , Maintain the original judgment .

Lost the lawsuit , But Baiguoyuan did not give up its goal of opening up the upstream and downstream industrial chain .

According to Bao Yuezhong, chairman of Baum Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd ,“ Baiguoyuan has done quite well in the whole industry , In recent years , The front-end layout of the enterprise has thousands of stores , Some good marketing methods have also been adopted . At the same time on the back end , That is, the end of the supply chain , Around planting 、 The direction of origin has also made some related actions .”

2020 year , Yu Huiyong is accepting 《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》 In an interview , from 2003 Since, his main focus has been on the supply chain . The general direction of the orchard is , All fruits must be controlled from the source , From planting to sales terminal , The whole industrial chain should be opened up . The main direction of Baiguoyuan in the future is : Self developed , Farm OEM .

03 product quality “ dragging ”, The source of imported fruit is a mystery ?

Experienced a trademark dispute , Complaints from consumers are the dilemma that Baiguoyuan is facing .

On the black cat platform , The number of complaints about Baiguoyuan is up to 1200 More than one . The complaint includes the malicious consumption of the balance in the card by others 、 Store staff call at night to harass 、 The merchant who bought moldy and deteriorated fruit did not deal with it 、 Under the banner of three no returns and refunds , Restrict login and other issues .

Picture source : Black cat complains

According to consumer Liu Jiang , He is in 2020 year 9 I bought... In Baiguoyuan in June 17 More than ten thousand yuan of high-grade fruit is used to send to Guiyang Center for Disease Control and prevention 、 Guiyang Chengshan Charity Service Center for respecting, loving and helping the elderly donated . During the donation process, the fruit was accidentally found to be moldy and rotten , After that, we can know by querying relevant laws and regulations , The fruit purchased is suspected of smuggling , According to the food safety law and other relevant provisions , Suspected of not meeting the national food safety standards .

“ In the first instance , The customs declaration form and health certificate provided by Baiguoyuan company to the court are invalid legal documents , The original should be provided and stamped , Not a copy . And from which country 、 Which company bought the goods , There should be contracts , This contract also has to provide . Then the tax ticket for tax payment , None of this evidence was provided , There is no effective legal instrument .” Liu Jiang further pointed out that ,“ A formal hearing has been held , I won the first instance , Supported part of the appeal . The orchard is appealing , Will be in 5 month 12 The second instance was held in Guiyang intermediate people's Court on August .”

For this matter , The staff of Baiguoyuan brand public relations department said :“ After what happened , We have made a public statement . We are such a big enterprise , There must be no smuggling . In addition, the case is still under trial , You can pay attention to .”

In view of the exposure that the Chengdu store used spoiled fruit for fruit cutting , The news of Baiguoyuan's urgent apology , Zhu danpeng, vice president of Guangdong Food Safety Promotion Association, introduced , In terms of operation mode , A hundred orchards 80% Our store is a franchise store , This is a very big hidden danger . Chengdu is just the tip of the iceberg , take 5000 For many stores , Its overall operation and supervision are basically empty .

Zhu danpeng thinks , stay IPO Food safety and quality problems appeared on the eve of , It has a great impact on it , Whether in politics or policy , Capital side , If you go to the consumer side , This negative impact will continue to expand .

“ For consumers , You feel cheated . Because Baiguoyuan is positioned as a high-end group , What does this group pursue more ? The quality of 、 Service and brand tonality and sense of trust . Now there is this thing in Baiguoyuan , It also has a great impact on the stickiness of its fans .” Zhu danpeng further pointed out .

Chen Yinjiang, Deputy Secretary General of the Consumer Protection Law Research Association of the China law society, said ,“ Objectively , Baiguoyuan responded quickly , The rectification measures taken are also relatively positive , But the key still depends on the implementation . Only the management of each store 、 Supervision and training are implemented , By improving the relevant management system 、 Strengthen staff business training 、 Strengthen unannounced visits, supervision and spot checks and other measures , Effectively improve the food safety awareness of the person in charge of each store and all employees , Supervise and urge integrity, law-abiding and standardized operation , Provide consumers with high-quality and reliable goods and services , Can we really get the recognition of consumers and all sectors of society .”

This article is from WeChat official account. “ YEMA Finance ”(ID:YMCJ8686), author : Guo Jiajia , edit : Wu Lijuan ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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