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36 krypton's debut "micro vision intelligence" won tens of millions of a-round financing, and the 1.5um series high-precision crystal fixing machine has been successfully commercialized

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In recent days, ,36 Krypton learns ,2022 year 4 month , High precision solid crystal equipment manufacturer Slightly see Intelligent packaging technology ( Shenzhen ) The company received tens of millions of Yuan invested by cornerstone capital A Round of funding . before , Micro intelligence once existed in 2021 year 8 In June, we obtained the core gathering source Pre-A Round of funding .

Micro intelligence is 36 Krypton continues to focus on semiconductor packaging equipment enterprises , The company was founded in 2019 year 12 month , It mainly produces solid crystal machines , A kind of high-speed electromechanical equipment . The main task of the solid crystal machine is to divide the divided bare chip , Through eutectic or silver glue and other processes , Fix the chip on the substrate according to the designed position accuracy , At the same time, it meets the bonding strength 、 Heat dissipation and other requirements .

Micro vision intelligent focusing with high precision 、 Crystal fixing machine market with high complexity process , At present, the company has launched a number of solid crystal machine products , Its R & D and production 1.5um Level series high-precision crystal fixing machine has been successfully mass produced and officially commercialized on a large scale . The other two high-precision crystal fixing machines are expected to 2022 Small batch mass production in the second quarter of .

MV-15D Multifunctional high-precision crystal fixing machine

China is a big closed beta country , According to data from prospective industry Research Institute , Expect to 2026 year , China's sealed test market share will break through 4000 One hundred million yuan ,2020-2026 The annual compound growth rate will reach 10% about . However, the nationalization rate of sealing and testing equipment in China is very low , Almost all kinds of packaging equipment are monopolized by imported brands .

The whole sealing and testing process probably includes wafer cutting ( Dicing machine )、 Solid crystal (IC Crystal fixing machine )、 Welding wire ( Wire welding machine )、 Mold ( Molding machine )、 Cut reinforcement and form ( Molding equipment )、 electric current ( Electroplating equipment )、 test ( Test cleaning equipment ) Several links , among Crystal fixing machine 、 Wire welding machine and wafer grinding machine are the core equipment of packaging in the rear section .

according to MIR DATABANK Research report information in the database , China's solid crystal machine does not have no market space ,MIR  Research of Rui industry , LED The localization proportion of quasi solid crystal machine is as high as 90% above , however IC The localization proportion of solid crystal machine and discrete device solid crystal machine is low , Insufficient 10%. Solid crystal machine and other core equipment have been used for a long time ASM Pacific、 The European BESI、 Japanese companies such as Hitachi monopolize , On the two core indexes of solid crystal machine, precision and speed , domestic IC The accuracy of the crystal fixing machine is 10-15 um Between , Speed at 18-35K; And foreign capital IC The accuracy of the crystal fixing machine can achieve 3-10 um, Speed reached 30-40K.

Solid crystal machine has various packaging forms and applications , But advanced packaging 、 Tradition IC encapsulation 、 High precision packaging and packaging LED Packaging and other different fields have their own process requirements . As Moore's law moves to the physical limit , High precision 、 Packaging with complex technology has become a way to improve chip performance , Corresponding to it , Equipment manufacturers serving semiconductor packaging and testing plants , We also need to improve the process capability of our products in relevant packaging fields . This also provides development opportunities for China's semiconductor packaging and testing equipment manufacturers to a certain extent .

Micro intelligence CEO  Lei Weizhuang told 36 krypton , In the face of high precision 、 In the field of complex process packaging and other high-end cutting-edge customer groups , Our equipment R & D process is synchronized with the customer's process research process , It also plays a supporting role for customers and process research , This will help us to occupy the market in the future . In the general traditional sealing and testing field , The customer has mature and reliable equipment suppliers , The entry of domestic equipment will encounter great barriers .

The crystal fixing machine needs high-speed and high-precision motion control 、 Algorithm 、 Electrical and mechanical capabilities , But in China, high-speed and high-precision motion control 、 Linear motor and drive are relatively backward . Weijian intelligent has high-precision chip packaging technology 、 High precision mechanical operation control platform 、 High precision process module 、 A complete set of independent core technologies such as efficient and stable machine vision and algorithm .

at present , Micro intelligence MV-15D The multi-functional crystal fixing machine has been commercially verified and shipped in batches , The accuracy of the product is within 1.5um, High flexibility , More kinds of chips can be packaged . in the light of 15D product , company 2022 In, we will make every effort to promote the product in more industries 、 more Many guests Scale application of client . Lei Weizhuang told 36 krypton ,“ Our goal is to use 1-2 Year time , Complete the domestic replacement in the high-precision crystal fixing machine track .”

Besides ,2022 In the second half of , The company will also have two new products to complete mass production —— Specialized for industrial mass production customers MV-15H High speed equipment , and 0.5um Ultra high precision MV-05A.MV-15H precision 1.5um, It can meet the needs of large-scale mass production of specific chip technology , More efficient ;MV-05A The accuracy can reach 0.5um, Meet the application requirements of high-end silicon optical integration . According to Lei Weizhuang ,15H and 05A Both products will be available in 2022 Small batch verification was completed in the second quarter of 2013 .

MV-15H High speed, high efficiency and high precision crystal fixing machine


MV-05A Ultra precision submicron high precision crystal fixing machine

The three development directions of micro intelligent products are mainly precision 、 Speed and flexibility , Accuracy and speed are the two most important indexes in the field of crystal fixing machine , Flexibility means , Meet the process requirements of different chips in a wider range .

Lei Weizhuang said , Focus on the application expansion and R & D of chip packaging technology , This is the biggest difference between our company and other companies . Weijian intelligence has set up a special process research department , Accompany customers to study how to make better use of equipment to make chips , Become part of the process of supporting customer process improvement ,“ After all , Only know the chip packaging process and Application , In order to better know how to design packaging equipment .”

In the field of application , Micro vision intelligence has changed from the traditional optical communication market 、 Commercial lasers 、 RF power device 、 Aerospace, military and other markets , towards AR\VR、 High Power IGBT、 Laser radar 、mini-LED And other areas of expansion .

For the hot third-generation semiconductor materials on the market , Slightly intelligent 15C、15D The two products support the third generation semiconductor chip from the beginning of design , It can meet the packaging requirements of RF devices ; For the third generation semiconductor, another major application direction is the solid crystal of power devices , At present, Weijian intelligence is also in the research and development of related equipment 、 Verification in progress . Lei Weizhuang said ,“ We will run through high-power before the end of this year IGBT market , Build a complete equipment production line covering the third generation semiconductor RF devices and power devices .”

The sealing and testing equipment is the support of the earning ability of the sealing and testing factory , The whole client verification cycle is long , And customers are cautious about the introduction of new equipment . Lei Weizhuang said , At present, the company has completed process development and in-depth proofing for nearly 100 customers , And batch shipment to dozens of customers .

In terms of factory capacity ,2021 year pre-A After the round of financing funds are in place , Micro vision intelligence has established a factory , Increase the production capacity to more than 300 units per year , The delivery period of equipment can be reduced to one third of that of imported equipment .

After this round of capital increase , Micro vision intelligence will continue to vigorously cultivate the field of high-precision and complex process packaging equipment , Continue to develop new products 、 Application landing and practice of social responsibility and other multi-dimensional and comprehensive efforts , Let high-quality products go deep into broader application scenarios , Help strengthen the domestic industrial chain , Create a win-win story .

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