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The merger of Manji dessert and Xiaoman tea field is a replacement of the old and new sweet trend

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The popularity of Hong Kong Style desserts may have faded , But Manji dessert has found a new way .

According to the 36 Krypton reported , Manji dessert and new tea brands Xiaoman tea field Complete the merger . meanwhile , Zhigang group, the parent company of Manji dessert, also announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing , Jointly led by well-known catering group and new consumption Unicorn company . After the merger “ Xinmanji ” New stores will be opened in the second half of recent years , And the introduction of a new dessert concept .

It is worth noting that , The helmsman of xinmanji is Liu Zizheng, founder of Xiaoman tea field , He will be the president of Zhigang group and the co chairman of Manji dessert CEO. Xiaoman tea field in 2019 Officially established in , Currently only open 15 stores , And Manji dessert was founded in 1995 year . The marriage between the new tea and traditional Hong Kong dessert , It seems to project the old and new replacement of the sweet trend .

And xuliu mountain, which is disappearing in groups comparison , Manji dessert is in good condition —— At present, Manji dessert is in the mainland and Hong Kong 、 Singapore has nearly 300 All direct stores , Annual income close to 10 One hundred million yuan . And with the help of capital , The management rights of Manji dessert, which was once scattered and fragmented, have finally been integrated : Andaf capital (ADV Capital Partner) On 2021 year 6 In January, we successively completed the full record of Hong Kong 、 Mergers and acquisitions in South and East China , And integrated it in Southeast Asia 、 Hong Kong 、 Mainland stores and cross regional functional management headquarters .

But this is close to the peak of Manji dessert 500 Compared with every store , Perhaps the decline has shown .

Public comments show , At present, there are four first tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen , The number of Manji dessert stores is about 23、55、6、12 home , Another two-thirds of Manji dessert stores are scattered all over the country , Many have penetrated into Changshu 、 zhenjiang 、 Cixi and other more sinking cities . This is a well-developed 、 Mature brand , Just in a crowd of new tea drinks 、 The cake 、 Under the attack of new consumer brands such as baking , Today's Manji dessert , It may not be fresh for a long time .

picture source : Microblogging @ Full of desserts HoneymoonDessert

The golden age of Hong Kong Style desserts began with the opening of free travel from the mainland to Hong Kong .2003 After year , Mainland tourists flocked to , For the first time, they met the sugar shops in the streets of Hong Kong , Also brought back about the sweet dew of poplar branches 、 Mango Banji 、 Sweet memories of Hong Kong desserts such as double skin milk .

Just as Hollywood movies make hamburgers and French fries a new thing in the eyes of Chinese people , Hong Kong Style desserts are also very popular because of the popularity of Hong Kong Film and television culture in the mainland. They were born in 1980 to 1990 Young people in the s welcome . It's with flashing neon lights 、 Victoria Harbour 、 Like scattered skyscrapers , It forms Hong Kong in the external cognition .

Hong Kong desserts are heading north . Xu Liushan in 2004 Enter the mainland market in ,2005 year , Manji dessert is also here , The first store opened in Shanghai . In the land and gold of Hong Kong , The narrow storefront on the street is the first choice for dessert and sugar shops , It's just that there's no “ Sugar water culture ” The Mainland , It doesn't attract . In the first three years , Manji dessert only came out 6 stores .

until 2007 year , Manji dessert first tried to open the dessert store to the retail area of huihenglong, Shanghai Port , Provide a resting place for shopping consumers .

at that time , In China, , Shopping centers began to replace department stores and become the trend of commercial construction , Manji expands rapidly . since 2010 Year begins , Manji dessert has entered a period of rapid development .2011 The growth rate of nianmanji stores reached 100%, By 2012 end of the year , There are more than 200 A branch , Remove Hong Kong's 14 A branch and Singapore 、 Indonesian 13 A branch , Most of them are in mainland China .

The localized operation laid the foundation for the stability of Manji dessert in the next ten years .

Infinite creative Catering Management Co., Ltd ( Unlimited creativity ) It used to be an operating company in Manji dessert's main province , The team set up a central kitchen for Manji dessert planning , Get rid of the history of stores making their own products , The processing of all products has been standardized 、 Process .2013 year , The company also attracted the joint investment of Standard Chartered direct investment and Boyu capital .

For the old Hong Kong dessert brand , Manji adopts the fast food mode .

In the past, Manji liked to praise “ Hong Kong Style sugar water ” We should pay attention to health preservation , For example, eat fresh mixed fruit jelly in summer , It is used to clear away heat and relieve summer heat ; Turn to almond dew or stewed papaya in autumn , Take its nourishing and moistening effect . But now the full mind will be like a new tea , Regularly launch cheese Bobo cups with persimmon flavor 、 Beat a lot of frozen coconut and other new products , In addition to the traditional stew 、 In addition to sugar water, cake is also added 、 tea 、 Coffee and other categories , Customer unit price in 35 yuan .

picture source : Microblogging @ Full of desserts HoneymoonDessert

In marketing , Manji dessert has also kept up with the popularity of social media , In little red book 、 Tiktok and other platforms are in operation layout ; In terms of channels , Full of desserts in 2016 Take out was opened around the year , Later, I also tried to enter the commercial supermarket , For example, it has created a store for box horse fresh Honeymoon Express, The shop area is only 30 Square meters or so . These measures let Xu Liushan, his former opponent, retreat in slow response , The basic disk of Manji is still stable .

But it's like there's always someone younger , There are always fresher sweets being made .

The Xiaoman tea field merged with Manji has a history of less than three years , But by “ Cherry ” and “ Cup dessert ” Two selling points , Xiaoman tea field quickly became popular on social platforms . In little red book , Signature products “ Chelizi bomb ” It is the key object for many people to take photos and punch in . thereafter , Xiaoman tea field has also launched expensive fruits such as “ Qing Wang qingti ” A series of products that are selling points , The unit price of the product is 30 yuan .

As a whole , Xiaoman tea field is interested in the integration trend of desserts and drinks , Popular in recent years “ Drinks and snacks ” On the basis of , Use whole fresh fruit instead of snack feed . Compared with the new tea drink in the general sense , More like a removable dessert .

picture source : Xiaoman Chatian official account

The background of the rise of Xiaotian tea is also full of military capital .

Liu Zizheng, founder of Xiaoman tea field, once worked for private equity firm Warburg Pincus , LED or participated in Moby cycling 、Geek+ And other well-known projects . Check the inner eye Show , As early as 2019 year 12 month , At the beginning of Xiaoman tea field , Then you get from BAI capital 、 Perilous peak K2VC Millions of dollars of angel round investment ; To 2020 year 12 month , And completed the investment led by Yuanhe origin , Haishi investment 、 Meituan Tens of millions of RMB invested by co-founder Gan Jiawei Pre-A Round of funding ;2021 year 6 month 29 Japan , Xiaoman tea field announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan A1 Round of funding , This round of financing is from Zhongyuan Capital leads investment , The old shareholder Yuanhe origin and Shangcheng investment continue to increase .

This may also be one of the reasons why the founder of Xiaoman tea field became the leading figure of xinmanji . Combined with the rapid product innovation ability of new tea , Backed by a store system full of desserts 、 The central kitchen 、 Own factory 、 A new full record of many years of management experience , Maybe it can make up for the defects of new and old brands .

It's just how the new tea drinks should be integrated with Hong Kong desserts ? And when the homogenization of tea products becomes more and more obvious , The new dessert after fusion , How to avoid the fate of being copied quickly ; In addition, the growth rate in the new tea market has slowed down 、 With the increasingly fierce competition , How will xinmanji be successfully recognized by the market 、 Build brand barriers …… in any case , This marriage between Manji dessert and the new and old brands of Xiaoman tea field , Perhaps it is telling the passing of an era , And a new beginning .

The text comes from “ Interface news ”, author : Lu Yibei , edit : Ya Hanxiang ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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