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"The Chinese people will never forget"

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【 Zhao Lijian said that the Chinese people will never forget the barbaric atrocities of NATO 】

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian 5 month 6 When answering questions at a regular press conference on the th, he said , The Chinese people will never forget 1999 year 5 month 7 Japan , The US led NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , cause 3 Chinese journalists were killed 、20 Several Chinese diplomats were injured . “ The Chinese people will never forget this barbaric atrocity of NATO , Historical tragedies must not be allowed to repeat .”

He said , NATO calls itself a defensive organization , In fact, it has violated international law many times , Wanton war against sovereign states , Undermining world and regional peace , This has resulted in the death and displacement of a large number of innocent civilians . NATO blindly pursues “ Absolute safety ”, Five successive rounds of eastward expansion after the cold war , Not only does this not make Europe safer , Instead, it planted the seeds of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine , It led to the resumption of war on the European continent .

Zhao Lijian said , The cold war is long over , The common aspiration of people all over the world is to seek peace 、 Seek cooperation 、 Promote development . NATO led by the United States should make necessary adjustments according to the situation , Completely abandon the Cold War mentality , Stop provoking camp confrontation in Europe, even in the Asia Pacific and the world 、 Create tension , Do something practical for world peace, stability and development with practical actions .

source : Xinhua News Agency microblog

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