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In the history exhibition hall of the Communist Party of China , There is a precious cultural relic in the collection —— A sewing bag slightly larger than the palm of the hand . Because of the age , The sewing bag looks a little yellow , But it was embroidered with red thread “ Mother's heart ” Three words are still visible .

母亲齐心给习近平缝制的针线包.( Picture source :《 Xi Jinping's seven years of educated youth 》)

1969 year , discontent 16岁的习近平背起行囊, Go to liangjiahe in Northern Shaanxi to jump the queue . When children travel thousands of miles ,母亲齐心亲手给习近平缝制了这个针线包, And embroider three scarlet letters on it :“ Mother's heart ”.7 Years of educated youth ,小小的针线包默默陪伴着习近平. until 1975 year , When leaving liangjiahe ,习近平把它送给了村里的伙伴张卫庞以作纪念.

“ The quilt he gave me 、 overcoat 、 Needle and thread , In that time of scarcity , I used it all . Only the sewing bag , I've always treasured it .” Zhang weipang said . Carefully preserved for a whole 38 After year ,2013 year , Zhang weipang donated the sewing bag to relevant departments .

A sewing bag , Connected to the heart of mother and son .

习近平在梁家河时, Qi Xin is working on a farm in Henan Province with his young son , The two daughters were also transferred to the production and Construction Corps . Care for your children with one heart , Go to Shanxi as soon as you have a holiday 、 Inner Mongolia 、 Visiting children in Northern Shaanxi , All the money saved was spent on travel expenses . It's a long way , There are often no seats in the car , She stood all the way .

1972 In the winter of , Together with children .( Picture source :《 Biography of Xi Zhongxun 》)

Qixin also cultivates and educates children with excellent family style . No matter how hard and tired life is , She puts her career first , Obey the organization ; She always keeps a simple lifestyle , The two sons grew up wearing the clothes and cloth shoes left by their sister ; Even in hard times , She still insists on paying party dues on time every month .“ Work well 、 Study well 、 Take care of everything .” Take this sentence as a motto ,也以此勉励习近平.

习近平走上领导岗位后, Write to him from time to time with one heart , Told him to be strict with himself , There are also family meetings ,要求其他子女不得在习近平工作的领域从事经商活动. Whether it's Fujian 、 Zhejiang or Shanghai , Every job ,习近平都在干部大会上公开表态: No one is allowed to use his banner for personal gain , And welcome your supervision .

video / The documentary 《 faithful 》

2001 In the Spring Festival ,时任福建省省长的习近平因公未能回家过 year , There was a call between mother and son . Qi Xin said on the phone :“ You have so much work , Work needs , Mom sounds very happy , The key is not whether you come or not , As long as you do your job well , Is the greatest filial piety to parents .”

她叮嘱习近平:“ son , Let me say a thousand words , I just want you to take your burden , Heavy burden , Pick it up , Never be careless , Never make mistakes . Your responsibility is greater than anyone else , But don't have a burden , Take care of your body , Safety first , Health is the most important , No worries , Put yourself in , Do a good job .”

Do a good job , Is the greatest filial piety . these years ,习近平谨记母亲的教诲. According to his colleagues at the local office ,习近平工作效率很高, But because things are too complicated , He hardly ever rests on weekends , Overtime every day .

Since the 18th CPC national congress ,习近平更是夙夜在公. There is a song in China , It's called 《 Where did the time go 》. that ,习近平的 Where did the time go ? The answer is ——“ It's all occupied by work ”“ Take on a job like mine , Basically do not have their own time ”.

习近平陪母亲齐心散步.( Picture source : The xinhua news agency )

习近平非常孝敬母亲, Even if the work is busy again , And spend as much time with your mother as possible . it is noted that ,习近平在发表2021 New year's greetings , On the back shelf is a picture of him and his wife Peng Liyuan supporting his mother together , Very warm .

“ The thread in the hands of a fond-hearted mother , Makes clothes for the body of her wayward boy . Carefully she sews and thoroughly she mends , Dreading the delays that will keep him late from home . But how much love has the inch-long grass , Reported in the apartments .”2015 Spring Festival reunion ,习近平深情吟诵唐代诗人孟郊的《 Wanderer, 》. He stressed that , Family is the basic cell of society , Is the first school in life .


Turn the clock back to decades ago .在习近平五六岁时, His mother once carried him to the bookstore to buy Yue Fei's comic book .“ After buying it back , She told me about being loyal to the country 、 The story of mother-in-law's stabbing words . I said, , Stab the words up , What a pain ! My mother said , It's pain , But I remember .” Xi Jinping said ,“‘ repay the country with supreme loyalty -- patriotism ’ Four words , I remember it from then until now , It's also the goal of my life .”

writing / To mound
edit / Zhong Qi
dubbing / Jing Xuan
drawing / Shaopeng
source / The People's Daily 、 The xinhua news agency 、《 Xi Jinping's seven years of educated youth 》、 The documentary 《 faithful 》 etc.

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