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Sorry! Talk show actors insult college students on the spot

2022-05-07 21:06:49Sogou wechat


5 month 6 Japan ,
A talk show actor in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province was performing ,
Made slanderous remarks about college girls ,
It has sparked a heated debate among netizens .

according to the understanding of ,

The talk show actor's name is Yang Le ,

It's the talk show team “ Tang garlic shop ” Its artists .

In the video ,

When he interacts with the audience ,

Ask a student

“ Where are you being abducted and trafficked now ?”

Then he made a group insult to the girls in the University .

One netizen said ,

The script is vulgar ,

Take no quality as humor .

5 month 6 On the afternoon of Sunday ,

Yang Lefa video apologized :

It's true that there's nothing to hide ,

Willing to deal with .

And then ,

The official wechat of Yang Le's company also issued a letter of apology ,

The letter said that Yang Le was punished ,

The punishment result is that the short video platform apologizes and stops ,

Deduct all performance remuneration of this month ,

If this happens again ,

The show will stop indefinitely .

The punishment result of the relevant person in charge is

Deduct this month's salary , Internal criticism .

It is also called ,

“ Talk show actors have a stage

You can express your point of view ,

But we can't rely on this stage and platform to publish

‘ overgeneralization ’‘ Personal prejudice ’ And other inappropriate views ,

You can't hold your voice to hurt others .”


For Yang Le's talk show ,

Netizens expressed one after another :

“ vulgar ”“ Have been offended to ”




Pay attention to CCTV


edit : Wang Yi
editor : auspicious snow
source : CCTV network comprehensive China Youth Daily 、 Cover story


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