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They were informed again because of this problem!

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  5 month 6 Japan , The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission launched may day 、 During the Dragon Boat Festival “ The four winds ” Special area for problem supervision and reporting , First notification 6 Typical case .“ The May Day ” On the eve of the holiday , The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission publicly informed 10 Typical mental problems in violation of the eight regulations of the Central Committee . Seize the important time node , Increase the publicity of typical cases , Release the overall and strict construction of work style 、 A strong signal to the end . Discipline inspection and supervision organs should accurately grasp the phased characteristics of style construction , From the height of stressing politics, we should carry out in-depth rectification “ The four winds ” Chronic maladies , Keep catching 、 Precise grasp 、 Firmly grasp , Continuously promote the construction of work style and achieve more institutional results and greater governance results .


   Grasp the source of wind decay 、 From wind to decay 、 The characteristics of the integration of wind and decay , Integrated discovery and governance “ The four winds ” And corruption .

Notified by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission 10 In three cases :

Some leading cadres have repeatedly accepted or taken the initiative to ask people with interests to provide high-end catering 、 Travel arrangements and other activities ;

Some have evolved from eating and drinking gifts to power and money transactions ;

Some have exchanged cups with the black and evil forces 、 shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm , To corrupt the Party style and the government style , Seriously infringe on the interests of the masses .

   A large number of cases show that , The degeneration of leading cadres often begins with eating, drinking and having fun , Extravagance and pleasure can easily lead to power and money transactions 、 The delivery of benefits . Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should deeply grasp that unhealthy tendencies and corruption are both external and internal 、 The relationship of the same root and homology , Adhere to the same investigation of wind and corruption , Both seriously investigate and deal with corruption behind unhealthy tendencies , Also dig deep and carefully investigate the style of work in corruption cases , Resolutely eliminate the virus that infringes on the health of the party .

   At present “ The four winds ” General problems have been effectively curbed , But under the high pressure situation, it has changed 、 New trends of stealth mutation ——

   yes , we have “ Don't eat public funds, eat the boss ”, Even hide in the internal canteen 、 Accept banquets in private clubs or internal places of enterprises ;

   Some use wechat red envelopes 、 Electronic gift card 、 Logistics, express delivery and other ways play tricks in means ……


   This fully shows that the problem of work style is stubborn and complex 、 It won't disappear easily , We must increase analysis and judgment 、 Grasp the characteristics of the law 、 Find and dispose in time .

   not to move or retreat 、 Scientific precision , Keep an eye on cadres 、 The crowd 、 Outstanding problems strongly reflected by enterprises , Identify different regions 、 Different fields 、 New manifestations and characteristics of work style problems at different levels , Keep pace with the times 、 Hierarchical and classified management . Pay close attention “ The four winds ” Budding sex 、 Propensity to 、 Covert issues , Strengthen the cooperation with functional departments , Increase supervision and inspection 、 Make an open and secret investigation , Seriously investigate and deal with eating and drinking in internal places 、 Illegal collection, delivery and consumption of high-grade tobacco, alcohol and tea , Firmly prevent “ The four winds ” The problem rebounded , We will resolutely prevent the old evils from being eradicated 、 New disadvantages arise again .

   formalism 、 Bureaucracy is the great enemy of the development of the cause of the party and the State , We must examine it comprehensively from the perspective of politics 、 In depth correction . The Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection firmly corrected formalism 、 Bureaucratic deployment 、 Clear direction . We should pay close attention to the implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee , Focus on discovering and rectifying empty slogans 、 Surface packaging 、 Flexibility, aliasing and other problems . Focus on inaction 、 Act in disorder , Resolutely investigate and deal with those who do not respect the law 、 Act recklessly and pass the buck without respecting the objective reality and the needs of the masses 、 be forgetful of one's duties 、 Non enterprising inaction . Focus on reducing the burden on the grass-roots level , Excessive rectification, inspection and assessment 、 Excessive marking 、“ Formalism at the fingertips ” Other questions . Timely study and judge formalism in serving the masses 、 The changing trend and law of bureaucratic problems , Accurately grasp its phased and regional characteristics , Constantly improve the rectification formalism 、 The pertinence of bureaucratic work 、 Effectiveness .

Party spirit 、 Party style 、 Party discipline is an organic whole

Party spirit is fundamental , The Party style is a manifestation of , Party discipline is the guarantee

We must deeply grasp the relationship between the three

Adhere to party spirit, Party style and Party discipline

insist “ Three No ” Push forward as one

Punishment and deterrence 、 Institutional constraints 、 Raise awareness and make one effort

Continuously enhance the effectiveness of supervision and governance

Improve the notification and exposure mechanism

Increase the protection against wind and corrosion 、 wind “ black ” Notification of intertwined issues

Keep the alarm bell ringing at important nodes

Continuously enhance the deterrent effect and social effect

Insist on building and breaking at the same time 、 strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors

Correct “ The four winds ” Combined with tree and fresh air

Let's be realistic and pragmatic 、 The new trend of honesty and integrity is constantly filled with righteousness

author : Li Juan
edit : Wang Danwen
proofreading : Zhang Yingnan
comic : Hangzhou Shangcheng District Commission for Discipline Inspection 、 Hangzhou Lin'an District Commission for Discipline Inspection


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