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Tesla's "wolf" twice. Musk, you can have a snack

2022-05-07 21:12:0136kr

Last week, , Tesla buys Twitter The news of the was hyped up , It's surprising that , Musk is still Twitter A message was posted :“ Next, I want to buy Coca Cola Company , Add cocaine again .”

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Cocaine is a drug , It can make people feel happy or excited after taking it , However, dependency is likely to occur after a short period of use . Cocaine use can also increase stroke 、 miocardial infarction 、 Lung problems 、 Even lead to sudden death .

1885 year , The pharmacist John Stith Pemberton Invented Coca Cola , The original formula contained cocaine .18 Since the middle ages , Some Americans oppose the addition of addictive ingredients to patented drugs , So the amount of cocaine began to decrease .

The pharmacist John Stith Pemberton And Coca Cola

Drugs mixed in coke —— cocaine

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With the continuous development of scientific research , There is a growing understanding of the dangers of cocaine . until 1929 year , Cocaine is removed from Coca Cola's formula . If cocaine is really going to be added back , Not only will it be resisted , There are also huge legal risks . Although the US policy on cocaine is not as strict as China , But its harm to human health , Poverty caused by 、 Crime and other issues , All over the world .

Sure enough ,1 Hours later, , Musk tweeted and added “ I'm joking ”.

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This is not the first time musk has made such a black international joke .

2018 year 7 month , Musk tweeted that :“ The management is considering to pay per share 420 US dollar acquisition of Tesla , The company is ready to go off the market , Funds are ready !” face “ cocaine ” joke , You may be able to easily see through the absurdity , Laugh away . but “ Go to the market ” The tone and scene of the joke , We have to be vigilant .

After the article was published , Tesla's share price soared , After being proved to be a lie, it fell sharply , Experienced a roller coaster with ups and downs .

The securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) File a fraud complaint against Tesla , Then the two sides reached a settlement , But the condition musk needs to accept is : Pay a fine 、 Improve the supervisory function of the board of Directors , Tesla's internal lawyer will be reviewed by Tesla in the future .

Investors dissatisfied with the wrong information in the tweet also filed a civil class action , But it has never been solved .

This time “ cocaine ” event , I don't know whether the lawyer didn't supervise in place or musk deceived the lawyer , All in all ,“ Accept the review of internal lawyers before tweeting ” Our commitment has not been fulfilled .

two “ The Wolf is coming ” Let Tesla board the global hot search twice , But it's not very glorious .ESG The existence of , To some extent, it is also to prevent similar events from happening : entrepreneurs “ Hello ”, Let the interests of shareholders suffer .

ESG The rule is like this : When the enterprise is running , Not only to pursue return on investment , Also consider social 、 Interests of the environment and other stakeholders . This stakeholder, in addition to shareholders , And employees 、 customer 、 supplier 、 Creditors and governments, etc .

if “ Be yourself ” Is the goal of an entrepreneur , The price of Musk's behavior , Fell on tens of millions of investors . Share prices fell together , Investors' hard-earned money may evaporate .

stay ESG In the evaluation of rating agencies , Tesla is almost one of the most polarized companies , Across the highest and lowest levels .

MSCI The rating of more emphasis on the environmental impact of products , So Tesla is rated A.Just capital More emphasis on labor relations , There are problems with Tesla's employee safety , And there have been acts of retaliation against whistleblowers , So Tesla got 10% The lowest rating of . British FTSE FTSE Attach importance to the environmental disclosure of enterprises 、 Human resource policy and product quality , Think Tesla needs to improve in these aspects .Sustainalytics Think , tesla ESG The figures in the report have not been verified and audited , So the rating is not high .

From Tesla's business perspective , As an electric vehicle and clean energy company , It's in E( Environmental Science ) There are many contributions from the level , Such as reducing carbon emissions 、 Improve the utilization rate of water resources, etc .

But return to Tesla as a product company itself , It will also involve product quality and safety 、 Labor health and safety 、 Product design and life cycle management 、 Corporate governance and other issues .

First , Tesla has long faced disputes over product quality , Especially the battery design flaws 、 The solar panel is on fire 、 Safety problems such as automatic assisted driving out of control .

In the last year 4 On the first day of the opening day of Shanghai International Auto Show , A woman loudly defended her rights in the Tesla Pavilion , Jumped on the roof of the exhibition car with emotion , The reason is that Tesla's brakes failed and his parents were injured and hospitalized , But rights protection is not smooth . This matter has aroused heated discussion , Netizens leave messages one after another “ I am also “, To get the official attention and positive response .

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At the management level , Musk has always been part-time CEO And the Chairman , And Tesla has too many inside directors .SolarCity The acquisition , Put Musk on the cusp again .

Solar power system supplier SolarCity Founded in 2008 year , The founders are Musk's two cousins ,2012 Annual listing ,2016 Acquired by Tesla in . purchasing price 26 Billion dollars , The price is too high .

Then Tesla shareholders sued musk in 2016 Annual acquisition SolarCity when , Once put pressure on Tesla Directors , Force the board to 26 The purchase price of $billion and complete the transaction . Tesla shareholders asked musk to compensate up to 130 Billion dollars in losses .

until 10 Days ago, , Local time 4 month 27 Japan , The Delaware court ruled in Musk's favor , The tumultuous merger and acquisition case has just come to an end for the time being .

But the shareholders' crusade against musk , It doesn't seem to have ended yet . Shortly after the merger , California Teachers' pension and Hermes shareholder service company have put forward requirements for optimizing its governance : Tesla must be right “ Wannian board of Directors ” Rectification , Annual re-election of Directors .

Musk disagreed :“ These investors should buy Ford shares .”

Technological innovation and the resulting contribution to environmental protection , Can't hide Tesla from product quality problems 、 Bad behavior that ignores the rights and interests of employees , No matter how smart the decision-maker is, it is inevitable that there will be omissions , Absolute centralization of power , It's also an overconfident gamble .

ESG The report is not a whitewash of the partial subject's answer sheet , The company avoided substantive issues , In fact, he gave up a loan ESG Opportunities to fix problems .

“ Not a long heart ” Of , Musk is not alone .

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