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Isolated hotel is hard to save in the first quarter

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May day has not come yet , The tourism market seems to have ended the golden week ahead of schedule .

Destinations continue to “ Lie flat ”. Air travel vertical and horizontal big data display , This year, “ The May Day ” During the holidays , The number of domestic scheduled flights decreased compared with the same period last year 33%. The number of domestic travelers is expected to decline by about 80% about .

The hotel market is not optimistic . Where the data also shows , This year, the price of hotels in more than 51 cities hit a record 5 New low in , On the whole , The average price of Gaoxing Hotel decreased by 10% Above has 20 Cities , The average price of medium and low star hotels decreased by 10% Above has 16 Cities .

And in the just concluded first quarter , Affected by the epidemic , The hotel keeps switching between anti epidemic and self rescue .

In addition to the government's expropriation of hotels , Many hotel groups also provide medical staff 、 Express delivery, little brother, etc. provide accommodation services , Bear the social responsibility of fighting the epidemic ; At the same time , In the case of blocking passenger flow , The operating data of the hotel group in the first quarter fell into a downturn again , Have to face greater challenges of self-help .


Several hotel groups participated in the fight against the epidemic

2020 Years are hard ,2022 At the beginning of the year, it is still difficult for the hotel group to .

2022 First quarter of 2009 , The epidemic broke out one after another in many places in China , After March, the epidemic prevention and control status has entered a high level .4 month 28 Japan , Report at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council ,4 Since the month , The total number of local infected persons reported nationwide is more than 55 Ten thousand cases , Spread to 31 provinces 261 Cities . By 4 month 28 Japan , There are medium and high-risk areas in China 8+108 individual , So far Beijing 、 The epidemic situation in Shanghai is still in a tense state of prevention and control .

In addition to the continued pressure on the operation , Social attributes also determine that hotels need to take the initiative to undertake public obligations , To undertake the isolation needs and medical teams caused by the continuous and frequent occurrence of local epidemics “ retrograde ” Accommodation needs of personnel .

According to the annual report of Jinjiang Hotel , By 2021 year 12 End of month , Number of hotels requisitioned by Jinjiang Hotel in China 697 home .

According to Huazhu 2022 Operation announcement in the first quarter of , By 2022 year 3 month 31 Japan , Huazhu's 1299 The hotel was expropriated by the government as an isolated Hotel , Accounting for the total number of hotels in operation 16.5%( Not included DH).

The financial report of the first trip home shows that ,2021 In, there were a total of 744 The hotel was expropriated , For medical staff 、 Isolate personnel 、 Provide accommodation and isolation places for visitors and returning guests , By 2021 There are still... At the end of the year 215 The hotel is under requisition ; By 2022 First quarter , There are more than 1000 hotels requisitioned for the first trip home in China , For medical staff 、 Provide accommodation and isolation places for isolation personnel .

With the development of the epidemic situation , Especially the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai , Various hotel groups have increased their support .

By 4 Mid month , The Shanghai area of Jinjiang International Group has a total of 71 A hotel ,10345 rooms , For unified deployment ; Huazhu's 1715 The store was expropriated as an isolated Hotel , Among them, those in Shanghai 853 There are nearly 400 The house was expropriated ; The first trip is under the banner of Rujia 1300 Several hotels are undertaking “ Anti epidemic Hotel ” Role , Among them, those in Shanghai 400 There are... In this hotel 220 The house was expropriated , The remaining hotels give priority to the insured personnel .

The headquarters is also located in the Yangtze River Delta Junting Hotel ,2021 In, there are 15 The hotel has been expropriated as an isolated hotel by the government , For the medical staff who came to support 、 Provide accommodation and isolation places for domestic and inbound quarantine personnel .

3 The outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai in June undoubtedly poses a severe challenge to the operation of Junting Hotel . Junting Hotel 2022 The first quarter report pointed out that , While business travel activities are severely restricted again , Junting hotel has also significantly increased the supply of epidemic isolation hotels , Up to now , Shanghai Quanyu Hotel 、 All hotels in Jiangsu Province and some hotels in Zhejiang Province are engaged in isolated hotel business , Receive domestic and foreign isolated personnel and provincial aid units , All its hotels have not stopped production .


A dismal quarter

Huazhu group CEO Jinhui was in 2021 In the annual earnings conference call, it was pointed out that , The expropriation of the hotel as an isolated hotel is very important to help franchisees through the current difficult times , Especially the franchisees in the first and second tier cities .

Generally speaking , When the hotel was requisitioned as an isolation Hotel , Unified pricing by the government , The time limit of requisition is mostly not specified , In the previous report of global travel news , from 2020 At the beginning of the epidemic in, it was requisitioned as an isolation hotel. Up to now, there are not a few hotels .

At first, the hotel operator had objections to the requisition of his hotel as an isolated Hotel : Some people think it will affect the source of tourists , Others think it's a narrow escape , At the same time, there is disinfection and sterilization behind it 、 The existence of isolation, transshipment and even staff health and safety costs also makes hotel operators feel pressure . But as the epidemic situation continues to be severe , Hotel operators have to face the fact that : Isolated hotels can at least help the hotel survive difficult times , Keep going .

Take the Junting Hotel, which is small in scale and concentrated in East China, as an example , In the first quarter, a large number of hotels in East China were operated as isolated hotels , It has a direct boost to the operating data . Junting Hotel 2022 The first quarter report of , Average house price 350.2 element , Year-on-year decline in 8.20%; Occupancy 59.70%, Year-on-year increase 7.58 percentage ;RevPAR 209.07 element , Year-on-year growth 5.10%. Junting said , The increase in occupancy rate over the same period last year is mainly due to the significant increase in the supply of isolated hotels .

Picture source : Junting Hotel 2022 First quarter report

A recent report from southern weekend also mentioned , Some franchisees said that if they can continue to be an isolation hotel for inbound personnel for two years , Basically profitable , Because immigration personnel 、 Foreign students have a high ability to pay , Can accept higher house prices , And the source of tourists is stable .

Although isolated hotels can maintain the normal operation of some hotels , But most hotel groups do business with economies of scale . Only the comprehensive improvement of its hotel operation data , Group income can be more guaranteed . But in the of the epidemic “ do things sloppily ” Next , The operating data and profitability of most hotel groups in the first quarter are far from being used “ recovery ” To describe .

Excluding the expropriation of the hotel ,2022 In the first quarter of the year, Huazhu ( Not included DH) Occupancy 59.2%, Year-on-year decline in 7 percentage , comparison 2019 Years of decline 21.4 percentage ;RevPAR 132 element , Year-on-year decline in 4.1%, Restore to 2019 Year of 74.3%.

Picture source : Hua Ju 2022 First quarter report

If the first trip is like home, it means , Affected by Shenzhen 、 The impact of the sudden epidemic in large cities such as Shanghai , The national epidemic prevention and control measures have been comprehensively upgraded , Travel is rapidly cooling down , Among them, the revenue of hotel business decreased year-on-year 3.99%.

meanwhile , The first trip is like home 2022 The operating profit in the first quarter of the year was -2.76 One hundred million yuan , The loss expanded year on year 26%; Net loss attributable to parent company 2.32 One hundred million yuan , The loss expanded year on year 28%; The net cash flow from operating activities decreased year-on-year 47%. The first trip home means , Affected by the epidemic , Operating revenue is down ; At the same time, the number of hotels expropriated due to the epidemic increased , The recovery of requisition money is slow , As a result, the cash flow from operating activities decreased significantly .

Picture source : The first trip is like home 2022 First quarter report of

in the final analysis , The epidemic in many places is still the core factor impacting the recovery of the hotel industry . The first quarter has ended , Although there are still many hotel groups that have not disclosed their operating data , But on the whole , The hotel industry can still use “ the water is deep and the fire is hot ” Describe ; The upcoming May Day golden week is not optimistic , The hotel group is in 2022 We still need to fight the epidemic in “ A protracted war ” .

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